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12 Home Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis


I put my Ulcerative Colitis into remission with the SCD diet and later on the anti-fungal diet (Doug Kaufmann).

I would not have been able to do this without my wonderful holistic doctor.

I share my story, treatment, etc on my website: www. mycolitisstory. com
in the hope that it helps other UC sufferers.


Work with your doctor. He/she wants you to get better; at least mine does. Atkinson or south beach diet (no carbs) also helps. 20 sufferer of UC. And always, prayer. Call upon His name, He will answer.


Cinnamon tea with honey aloe vera crush drink zinc and castor oil cream for outside ulceration and immodium tablet when needed to stop diarrea this stopped the bleeding within 3 weeks


Real (not fake) extra virgin olive oil has a powerful yet under estimated anti inflammatory called oleocanthal. Not only is EVOO good for you but it works great on UC. Take 3 desert spoons per day every 8 hrs without food and you should be able to cut them meds down. If you get a peppery, fruity taste and the cough inducing throat burn you have good oil, if not throw it away as it won't work. Plain olive oil will not work either, good luck....

Steve Lord

Judging by these emails from a man , Speedi, who read my post about this on the internet, who has a severe 20 year history of ulcerative colitis and put into remission over night by the following method, and by my identical result with my autoimmune colitis, you should be able to put your ulcerative colitis into remissison overnight. My chronic inflammation actually disappears in ten minutes of doing this.

Simply put your hand, one hand is fine, in a similar position they use in tai chi, qi gong and falun gong, which just happens to be the same position the fetus puts his hand(s) in, that is, up chest or clavicle high, whatever is most comfortable,arm bent at the elbow, like a boxer holds his hand(s) or like you were holding a microphone to your mouth,You dont have to make a fist, you can, hold that hand reasonably still, nothing in your hand, like a fetus does. ANywhere from the sternum to the shoulder. You can walk around like this, sit or if you lie down, always lie on your back, and place your fist on your upper chest, with your fingers curled into a loose fist so that your whole flat palm doesnt lie flat on your chest/ Sleep that way too. Make sure your hand remains resting on your upper chest that way all night while you are lying on your back.

In addition make sure you dont have any electronics on which will block the effect so turn off the tv, radio, computer, put your cell phone a yard away from you. Take your watch and rings off, a la the fetus.Hopefully your adjoining neighbor wont have his flat screened tv on which can affect you via its radiation even from a distance of 15 feet.Just try it anyway and see. Try that one evening and overnight and if that doesnt get the job done, let me know here and I can add a couple of additions that should do the trick.but I dont want to make it too complicated in this poste

Dont eat any microwaved food or drunk any milk for this experiment, they are hell on autoimmune diseases. Let us know what happens, and if it works, I can suggest a much simpler way which the South African refers to that duplicate this without thte hassle of holding your hand up
email:Here are Speedi's emails.

> wrote: Hello Steve

I have read an article written by you about the fetal cure

Is this some sort of joke or is it real?.

Where did you learn about this technique if it is indeed not a hoax?

Should I place a piece of cotton wool in both ears or just one ear?

I have been suffering for colitis for more than 20 years and I am prepared
try anything that will free me of this dreaded disease.

Second Email.

> wrote: Hello Steve

I did the fetal cure last night and the results were amazing. I was
suffering a
severe flareup with my colitis during the last few weeks. I was having
about 20
bowel movements of watery and bloody stools.

I placed a cotton ball in my right ear and then sat in the dark for about
hour. I then went to bed with the cotton ball still intact in my ear. I
got up
this morning and changed the cotton ball and then took a shower with it.

I only had one bowel movement today. There was no blood in my stools My
had a better formation though still watery. My abdominal and back pains
gone. Yes colitis is a autoimmune disease. I would appreciate it if you
let me know what to avoid with colitis.

I would the address of your webside by searching google for a cure for

P.S : Can you tell me how you came to know about this wonderful cure?


Third Email

> wrote:Hello Steve

Day 3 report.

All my symptoms of colitis have disappeared except that my stool formation
still not normal. I have noticed that my hayfever/rhinitis has completely
vanished. I have been a hayfever sufferer as long as I was suffering from
colitis. I will meet my mother in law on Saturday and I will ask her what
of arthritis she has.

P.S : Can I post your website on other IBD message boards. I have suffered
such a long time and I really feel sorry for others who have been
from this disease. Not everyone will try this cure but there must be other
desperate people like me who are willing to give it a try


Forth email:

> wrote:Hello Steve

Sorry that I was not in contact with you during the last few days. I was
feeling so well that I decided to take a little vacation into the
mountains. I
would have written to you but unfortunately I did not have access to the

I have been literally pigging myself during the last few days. I was
making up
for all the good foods I denied myself for years. Foods that irritated my
colitis. I can eat anything that my heart desires now

I am still using the cotton ball. My stools are getting more formed by the
I have an enormous amount of energy. Another thing that I noticed is that
sleep much more better with the cotton ball and I am not waking up very
like I previously did.


PS, I dont know if any of you are taking immune suppressive drugs for your ulcerative colitis, but if you are , of course this method of stimulating immunity wont work.Also note that this method increases circulation which is good except in doing that it makes any meds you are taking as if you took a small higher dose, thus risking overdose if the drug you take is real close to being a toxic dose, including tylenol or acetaminophen. Consult your physician first.

Steve Lord

Steve Lord


Cabbage juice immediately relieved my pain. I drink 4oz of it a day , on empty stomach. Use an organic cabbage , 1/4 of a raw cabbage makes about 4oz of juice. Raw cabbage juice is an 'old ' remedy for ulcers and I found it worked for my flare up w/ UC. As everyone stated, I am also careful with my diet and stress level. Limit sweets, fried/processed foods, etc.

Too much time on the toilet

I have severe Ulcerative Colitis effecting my entire colon. I have been suffering from this nightmare for over 10 years now. I have been hospitalized many times. I have had many different types of nasty medications. The only time in the last 10 years that I felt really well. And felt really good, not to forget mentioning that my weight stabilized. Was when I followed a yeast free and sugar free diet. I also was taking psyllium with bentonite and capriol mixed with water each day. It is a very hard diet to follow, especially when other people do not understand why. They think you're being fussy or rude or suffering some eating disorder! I slipped from my diet and now all the pain, bleeding and running to bathroom have come straight back. So guess what! As of today I am back on my diet at no pizza, no piece of cake, no plate of pasta or sandwich is worth feeling like poop!

I also recommend drinking lots of water, room temp not too cold, gentle exercise like walking at a faster pace, yoga, swimming (as long as not right in the middle of flare up). Anything that takes your mind off stress!


I take one 500mg bromaline a day but what really helps is eating 2tsps off blackstrap molasses a day. These two things clear up my flare ups fast.


After a few years of only receiving mild (but expensive!) relief from Asacol/mesalamine, I have found the following to be significantly beneficial:

1) Psyllium - Key ingredient in products like Metamucil. I think it works because it acts like a sponge/gel, absorbing a large percentage of whatever digestive products (stomach acid/pepsin/?) that are causing/aggravating the ulcerations in my sigmoid colon.

2) Melatonin (!) - This one is a bit of a shocker and I only discovered by accident after a dozen years of suffering.

But it has had a *profoundly* positive effect on my symptoms.

A very small number of research papers on Pubmed indicate that Melatonin helps increase the output of bicarbonate in the small intestine.

If true then this might be consistent with the stomach acid/pepsin theory discussed above - increased bicarbonate induced by melatonin would neutralize the stomach acid/pepsin.

This is *definitely not* the theory of UC causation that the medical establishment adheres to (although they don't have much in the way of answers themselves - they have a range of theories and mostly an eagerness to push costly prescription meds).

Both psyllium and melatonin have few if any side effects, so I urge long-time UC sufferers to at least give them a shot.

In my experience, psyllium dropped my pain level 50% and melatonin 90%.

I can still tell something is going on 'down there' but the pain is 90% gone and there are 90% fewer bloody stools, cramps, etc.

Note: Working under the stomach acid/pepsin theory, I tried bicarbonate (Tums, baking soda) many years ago - it didn't help.

I'm not sure why, but it might be that digestive juices (acid, pepsin, etc.) at a *latter stage* of the digestive process are actually causing/aggravating the UC.

So simply neutralizing the initial stage of digestion (in the stomach) is insufficient - the bicarbonate has to be introduced *later* in the process.

Which is what melatonin does.

Please try both psyllium and melatonin - I feel that I have lost 12 years of my life that I didn't have to.

If I can spare another person similar suffering then perhaps my painful experience has been worth something.


I have been suffering for over 10 years now. I agree with trying home remedies over medication, although I haven't found one that works. Don't take Prednisone. This steroid is okay short term, but it has severe side effects if taken long term. My hair fell out. I bruise very easily. A small scratch turns into a horrible scar. You gain lots of weight and it effects your nervous system. Then sadly as soon as you stop taking it. The bleeding comes back. The Meds don't work. I was on a ton of different medications and none worked. I will say that watching what you eat does help.

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