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Atuhuura Sarah

Am 24 yrs old, i've had RLS ever since i can remember, well yesterday i tried sleepin in my really tight socks and i had the best sleep ever, i used to joj a bit every evennig and i wud sleep without having to move my legs , turn and try every possible position in order to sleep, am too lazy to do that now days but it helps. My God i wud rather hav diarrhea than RLS coz atleast with diarrhea u knw after some time u will get better. Huuuu


restless leg syndrome remedies at home.
Massage with Ayurvedic Mahanarayan Oil and put a compression bandage before going to bed. This works for me. I sleep very well after this.


Ok. After 8 years a result. Lye flat on stomach. Imagine an upside down Jesus cross. On your back from tail bone up to neck and across the waist line. Get the Vicks out and get the wife to massage/rub up the tail bone and across the waist line. You will notice little bumps as she rubs the Vicks left to right along waist bone. And also feel some veins being pressed above tail bone.

It's worked for me. Please please try and submit your results. I want to test this on as many rls suffers as poss to see what the results are


Sit in a posture of Vajrasana for 3 to 4 minutes, its a magic and your eyes will start to close automatically and lay down slowly in the bed by your side.


Passion Flower Tea

Works great for spasms and relaxing muscle. (RLS)


I have been battling RLS for over 14 yrs and have taken Mirapex which only made it worse and Klonopin which really has helped. Not only does it stop the symptoms but helps me sleep as well. When I'm having my really bad nights I'll also grab a bar of soap and put it down by my knees. I don't know what it is about the bat of soap and I was very skeptical at first but it actually works very nicely!


Kratom powder. I have had this my whole life. I am 29 now. This powder works amazingly. Or you can get the liquid shots called 'vivazen' not a good taste but it will do wonders for you. It will also make you feel pretty nice.


I've had restless leg syndrome since I was a child and have tried all sort of remedies, medication without success. It takes me about 1 to 2 hours to settle down in order to sleep. Just recently, I found something called Lorna Vanderhaeghe MagSmart 200 mg(in powder form) I was skeptical at first but willing to try. 1 capful with 8 oz of ice water and a bit of your favor juice at 10 pm each night I was able to have a restful sleep without feeling my leg go crazy. I found 1/2 cap did not work, the twitching and crazy feeling was there, but with a full cap it work. It's only been a week for me using this product, but I'm using it until it doesn't work, but I hope it will forever. It's so nice to be able to sleep comfortably. I hope this will help someone also. I know everyone is different. I would give it a try. sleeping much better ...


If you are averse to seeing a doctor as I am, here are some survival techniques. No matter how tired, do not sleep in - I have to be up no later than 8:00 AM. No naps during the day and no caffeine after noon. Take up to 1,000 mg of Ibuprofen before bed. Ibuprofen does nothing for the RLS, but at least it takes away other aches and pains. SLEEP ON THE FLOOR. The hardness of the floor pressing abainst the muscles in my legs, gives me some relief. I am 54 and have not slept in a bed for close to 25 years. If I do all of this and am VERY VERY lucky, I can be asleep by 1:00 AM if I go to bed at 11:00 PM. However it is a crap shoot and very often I am still awake til around 3:00 to 4:00 AM. RLS is a medical condition and if the definition of a home remedy is something that you can do without a prescription, then there is no home remedy for RLS.

Restless in AZ

I hate RLS it effect me multiple times through the month. The pain that I have comes and goes after a very restless night and after being up for over 24 hours with only 10 minute cat naps here and there. I tired a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar and it worked I think I will start taking two shots a day one in the morning and one in the evening épée fore bed. I wish there was a cure for the RLS. I will try the soap bar technique where you put a bar of soap at the foot of your bed. If the ACV does not work consistently. I hope this helps some who might be up in the middle of the night trying to find some relief and solutions.

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