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I have just recently begun being plagued with RLS. It's been horrible. Not much sleep lately. Last night was really bad. I was very tired but had to keep getting up and did not sleep. Until... I laid on my back with pillows under my knees. I then laid a heavy icepack on top of my ankles and then, feeling that some extra weight would be helpful, I piled a bunch more pillows on top of that. I quickly noticed some relief. Enough to fall right to sleep.


Hey guys'and gal's I have tried a supreme magnesium supplement called Natural Calm by Peter Gilliam, It works great! I take 625 mg a day only after meals.It keeps my restless leg under control and helps my body in other ways as well.It is reasonable in price. Get the flavored or it is a bad taste. I get raspberry flavored.You can't take it if you are on blood thinners. I take a little water in a cup (plastic]and microwave the water for 15 seconds.Just about 3 to 4 oz. is all you need put the calm in the hot water to dissolve it. then have some cold water about 4 to 6 oz. to pour on the calm after it dissolves.Do not put the calm in till you have heated the water first. Keep all meds at least 1 hour away for safety.Hopes this helps some of you my friend you can find this stuff on line at any heath food provider! God Bless you all! Johnny


I have been diagnosed with RLS and for years have suffered until my sister told me I needed to wear compression socks because my ankles stay swollen. I bought Mueller toe out compression socks, wear them at night and when I am at home, swelling is down(almost gone) and pain is gone. I still take Requip also just to be on the safe side but the socks convinced me my pain in legs came from the swollen ankles. My sister taught me a valuable lesson, don't treat the problem but find the cause. Now I am looking for reasons my ankles are swollen! I am looking at a medication I take.


Hi I have suffered RLS for now 11 years, I am 37 years old. At the start I didn't have it for very long maybe a couple of times a week, for a few months at a time, and then would stop and repeat. For about 3 years I had no feelings in my legs at all, (meaning you could stab my legs and I wouldn't feel it) doctors couldn't explain why. I ended up getting the feelings back a few of years ago with so much pain its not funny. They put me on medication. The medication has made me feel like I'm not hear at all and it doesn't even help with the pain and jerking of my legs. So I stopped taking it because what's the point of taking something if its not helping. I rarely sleep and I'm in sever pain 24-7 even after stretches, hot baths, rubbing my legs, I get about 15 minutes relief.
The doctors have diagnosed me with severe RLS. If anyone can help me I would be so greatly appreciated. I have looked at the suggestions and will try some of these.


This treatment method works so well I will share this with other RLS sufferers. My RLS symptoms have worsened over the years and are severe. I recently discovered how to use the CP Relief Wand for my RLS. It works great and I sleep well all night, every night.

Over 20 years, my RLS symptoms have worsened and RLS drugs make me sick. At first, remedies like tonic water, dietary supplements, and mild exercise before bedtime, certain lotions, hot baths, and massage worked well. The awful creepy crawling feeling, leg jerking, and pain-itch of RLS was easily managed.
Over the years my RLS grew worse and my physicians ran out of non-drug ideas. I began to focus on the RLS symptom areas and what to do. These symptom areas were stationary but at times certain areas became more active than others. I was able to get sleep by doing toe-heel push-ups and deep knee bends before bedtime. I was also able to use a powerful motorized barber shop vibrator with the hand pad pressed firmly against each RLS nerve center. Sometimes I would find relief by applying intense pressure or hitting the leg jerking trigger nerves which left bruises. Often I would exercise at all hours of the night.

Recently I discovered how to use the CP Relief Wand for RLS. It is intended for general pain relief but works extremely well for my RLS. I press the Wand against each active RLS trigger nerve before going to sleep. It deadens each nerve in less than a minute. It is without a doubt the best remedy that I have come across. There are no side effects. I use it every night and I sleep perfectly well all night, every night. When using the Wand I moisten the skin but I don’t use the gel pads. Instructions for using the CP Relief Wand for RLS can be found by web searching “How to use the CP Relief Wand”.


Years ago I read about a remedy for RLS that has always worked for me. You must hold your legs still. It will drive you crazy, but don't move them. I find that there will be a couple of waves of needing to move but then it subsides and within a few minutes it's gone. Try it - I hope it helps.


Water...yep good old H20 works for me. I do have a prescription for Pramipexole which I take at night but I hate taking it during the day. It makes me restless, yet tired at the same time as well as extremely irritable. If I start to get the 'creepy crawlies' at work I fill up my container and down at least 12 ozs. Yes there are times when I feel like I'm water-boarding myself, but it works. Pramipexole alone at night doesn't usually work. I often drink at least 20 ozs of water before turning out the lights. The trade off, of course, is that I get up several times during the night to pee. Better that than not sleeping at all!!


My grandmother has suffered from RLS her entire life and has taken every prescribed medication and nothing has worked permanently for her. After reading through a few pages of these home remedies she decided to go with the Vicks chest rub and it immediately took the spasms away!!!


I have not severe twitching at night but around the clock burning, crawling and stitching sensation all over my body. It became worse and worse over the years. Even in my crotch. It is like being MOLESTED 24/11! It is HELL, it is absolute hell.

Quality of life? There is none. I go to bed and hope not to wake up in the morning.

It is not that it just tingles, bites, burns, and itches. Each of these actions are sending lightening bolts into my brain. This is the worst part, the pressure that this takes on the brain.

It is like a open wound that never heals inside the head. And it starts immediately when I awake. I can't relax my brain anymore. It is so bad that suicide is on my mind. It is like Chinese water torture only with stuff biting into my nerves.

Hot bath or shower helps only ten minutes or less. It makes you very sorry being born.

I have a difficult day job and I can't afford taking pills that make me drowsy.

My gut feeling is telling me that sauna could help but I have none close by. I decided to cut all sugar and junk food out of my diet, maybe I am getting somewhere.


After about 15 yrs of restless leg syndrome suffering I have found that the best treatment is the prescription medicine Neupro skin patch (3-6 mg). Only drawback is cost: about $275 per month with medicine insurance plan.

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