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A mixture of Lime juce and Seltzer water about 1/2oz Lime juce to 5oz of Seltzer water work well drink it 15 min's befor bed and it relives the Restless leg Syndrome


I have developed a natural remedy for RLS. I have been free of RLS for almost a year now, and my legs feel amazing.

Basically there are 4 stages to recovery. The first, and most important is the healing of the inflammation in your legs that is causing the RLS.

Here are the 4 steps to a FULL recovery ...

STEP 1. Stop the Spreading Inflammation in its Tracks

STEP 2. Encourage the Repair/Replacement of your Damaged Cells

STEP 3. Encourage the Healing/Repair of your Nervous System
(nerve cells frayed from prolonged inflammation)

STEP 4. Prevent Inflammation from Reoccuring

Less inflammation = less RLS. This is as universal a truth as you will ever hear in regard to Restless Legs Syndrome.

This is not a 'personal' cure that is only going to help a few. This will help EVERYONE that is willing to try it out.

It doesn't matter what sort of heavy duty drugs you're taking for your RLS. You don't need to go off of them. Eventually your inflammation will lessen and you'll be able to wean off at your own pace.

The best way to heal the inflammation that is causing your RLS is to load up with as many anti-inflammatory herbs as your budget will allow. Curcumin, Ginger Root, Cayenne, St. John's Wort, Licorice Root DGL, Devil's Claw and Skullcap are good ones.

Also, to enhance the healing, take a high quality Cal/Mag,
Iron, Zinc, Omega 3 and Vitamin B12.

It sounds like a lot, but you will not regret the effort when you start to see the results.



I discovered a cure for restless legs about 10 years ago. I would get up and pace the floor forever, but it seldom worked for very long. It occurred to me that my legs wanted something to DO, so using my background in bodybuilding, I took the shortest and most direct route, and came up with this sure-fire solution. It has never let me down. I got a two foot piece of 2'X4' and kept it under the bed. When the problem started up I would get my piece of wood (a thick book will do in a pinch, but you want the 2 foot piece of wood for stability reasons)and put it in front of the dining table. I stand putting my heels on the block with feet apart (for stability; your're probably tired, right?) I put my fingertips on the tabletop for balance and SLOWLY squat down as far as I can, keeping my head up and back flat, and return to the standing position. Pause a second and repeat, doing as many repetitions as you can do. The key is to squat down as far as possible without causing yourself low back pain. If you can only go halfway down, that's fine. If you can do deep squats, then do what your body is capable of. Don't use the tabletop to help raise yourself back up; make your legs do the work. While you may only be able to do 5 or 10 reps to begin with, work up to 20-25 reps, 1 or 2 sets max is all you're going to need to do. I find one set of 20 reps squatting down to my heels does the trick for me. Give it a try, it's fast, cheap, and believe me, it WORKS.


Thank God this is finally recognized!
I went for so long without anyone understanding (including doctors) what was going on with me!
I was told several years ago to try a Dove Soap bar at the foot of my bed under the sheets. It actually works quite well. I also have started the standard magnesium and potassium remedy. Prunes seem to do the trick the best...yummy!! (does double duty too!)

Bernie West

I drink tonic water, with quinine when my legs start to bother me. It works for me.


There was nothing more relieving than finding out that this thing had a name! It was too hard to explain to anyone. So glad I'm not the only one.
I noticed that mine seemed to be induced primarily by antihistimines, which ironically I'd take to help fall asleep, and a prescription anti-nausea medication (promethazine) that is sometimes given after surgeries, ALSO given to me to help me sleep! It took a long time to notice the correlation.
I started taking Xanax a few years ago to treat the insomnia. I've only had a few episodes of RLS since then, because the medicine relaxes your nervous system. This has either countered the effects of the meds causing RLS, or it allowed me to replace the drugs that caused it.

The only thing that helped me when an episode of RLS would come on, (besides pacing for an hour or two) was HEAT. A hot bath always did the trick. Lately I haven't been able to do that, so last night the RLS came on around 11pm and at 12am I put a heating pad under my thighs and one over and turned them on high. I also grabbed one of those vibrating massagers and ran it up and down the front and back of my legs. Relief! Not perfect... but helped a lot. I'd never thought to use a massager, but I was desperate and it ended up stimulating my muscles and nerves in a way that is similar to moving and walking and rubbing them.

C in Colorado

My husband started suffering with restless leg syndrome this fall. It was very distressing and kept him awake every night. He did go to the Doctor and even though they don't know what causes it, he prescribed over the counter Magnessium supplements and that has completely taken care of the problem. He is taking one Twinlabs 400 mg.capsule a day and no more problems. I can see on the web that many Doctors are trying to make a buck off of this and I'm glad our Doc sticks to simple solutions. Give this a try and save yourself from this distressing mineral deficiency.

M. L. Warren

I’ve had RLS for more than 10 years. For years when I would lay down at night to sleep I often would have spasms running down both my legs into my toes causing them to curl, every 30 - 45 seconds. My RLS was so bad that the spasms would wake me up if I was asleep. The only way to relieve the spasms was for me to take a brisk 30 minute walk (in cold and warm weather I had to go walking in the middle of the night). Three years ago a friend who had serious muscle problems in his leg was directed by his doctor to take some vitamins along with his prescribed meds to help fight muscle spasms. Those vitamins were Calcium Magnesium and Zinc. My friend suggested I try them. I went to Walmart, purchased a $7.00 bottle of 250 pills and have been happy ever since. Both vitamins are combined into one pill. The name on the bottle is Calcium Magnesium and Zinc (Bone Health). I took the suggested daily dosage of 3 pills and within 1 week my RLS stopped. I know this is the exact substance that cures my RLS because over the years of taking the vitamins I have discovered that I can skip a few weeks of taking the pills before my RLS starts to come back. At that point I resume taking the vitamins and the RLS goes away the next night and stays away until I again have a gap in taking the vitamins. Since my dietary habits are poor, I feel good in taking a vitamin that also cures my RLS. Happy – Happy – Happy!


I take three times daily 5 tablets of Brewers Yeast for Restless Leg Syndrome. In addition I also take Vitamin B and Magnesium.


With having restless leg syndrome, I have noticed that if I am stressed or have had alcohol, caffine, alot of sugar,if I am dehydrated, or if my legs are cold or confined this aggrevated the condition. What helps me is by drinking alot of water and taking calcium, magnesium and folic acid. Also before bedtime to help my legs relax is by taking a hot shower or bath and this also helps me fall asleep a little easier as well.

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