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This works! I was hesitant to try it but my doctorsuggested it to me. Take 3 magnesium with bone health each night. You can buy these at wal mart in the vitamin section. I take them each night. It is unreal how they work!!!


I came upon this website this morning seeking out ways to subside this hell I am in so I can go to sleep. I have been up for 2 days going on 3 now. I've been taking generic Requip for about a year and it has helped so much. Well, I lost my Cobra coverage. I went to get my medicene filled the other day thinking well it will be more but it's generic so...Well slap me in the face she said $190.00. I wanted to say are you f'ing kidding me, but I politely said just put it back there's no way. So I guess going through withdrawal has made it worse. Ok what I'm getting to is this. I started having severe panic attacks when a few years ago. I fought it for a long time and finally let my dr precribe Paxil. Well the panic attacks stopped and this started. Mind you I just put this all together after reading someone else's post about Zoloft. I take Zoloft now because the RLS got so bad I thought the Paxil was making in worse. I had it when I didn't know there was a name for it. Mine is in the bottom of my foot. I realized today this crap started when I started taking the anti-anxiety drugs. I have decided to wean myself off of Zoloft to see if it has any affect since I've had to go cold turkey off requip. I have tried SO many of the things people have said worked for them. A new one I found today was the lady talking about an electric blanket. Hot water has always helped for me so, it's ok to laugh, I have duck taped a heating pad around my foot and it's working. I am so ecstatic I had to write this in hopes that it will help someone else.Luckily 9 times out of 10 it is either one foot or the other so this is a better option for me than burning myself alive under an electric blanket. I am hot natured and this heating pad is annoying but this is the first relief I've had in days. This is a disease I would not wish on my worst enemy. No one knows what it's like unless you have it. I am so miserable. Well I have been, I'm feeling so good now I might actually try to go to sleep again. I may not wake back up for a few days, seriously I have been without sleep that long, even with 10 mgs of Ambien a night. Those of you with RLS know, sleeping pills shmeeping pill, if you are restless you are not sleeping no matter what. I am posting my email in case someone wants to talk. I wish I had someone to whine to that KNOWS...auntie-m @ triad. rr. com


I cut potatoes out of my diet and the restless leg stopped in about 4 days. Don't know why, just glad to be able to sit still.

Leah (Oregon)

Last evening was the worst my RLS has been to date. I've decided it started about 2 months ago when I began a low dose of Zoloft for my anxiety. It comes and goes so I haven't thought much of it. It certainly has disrupted my sleep and is more than annoying, it's absolutely torture. I've tried the heating pad, Advil, muscle relaxers and the like. I've read all of the blogs and remedies on this site. I think it definitely depends on the individual, but after reading all the blogs here last night, I felt I had to share. I was pretty desperate as my husband rubbed my legs to help me get drowzy enough to sleep. Then it dawned on me. Acupuncture! I had had it in the past for other ailments and it worked amazingly well. So I remembered the can of tennis balls in the garage. I put two under my back, at the small of my back where the two little indentations are, and I slept through the night!! The pressure on the area that the RLS seemed to stem from, was just the ticket! Maybe it was a placebo effect but who cares? I slept! No yoga poses and stretching on my floor at 4:00 a.m. It may not work for everyone, but I thought I must at least give another possible remedy to this very annoying disorder. Hope I can help someone.


I have an unusual remedy that works for me every time. I lie on my stomach to sleep and place a padded lacrosse ball (rolled up in the toe of a sock) just inside my hip/pelvic bone - low (to the right or left side of my lower abdomen depending on which leg is bothering me.) The restless leg sensation seems to originate from this spot and the deep pressure relaxes me and stops the sensation so I can sleep. Keeping my legs warm also helps.


Hi...I have also discovered that heat helps with my RLS symptoms. In researching the problem I discovered that RLS can be caused by taking Elavil (Amitriptyline) which was prescribed to me to help me with nerve pain, sleep problems, depression, etc. The benefits of taking Elavil were better than having RLS. SO...I started with a heat pad and then decided that an electric blanket or electric mattress pad does the same thing! About an hour before turning in, I turn on the electric blanket to high. When I crawl into bed I switch the temperature to a 4 and just keep it there for the rest of the night. Amazing results! If you're a bath person taking a warm bath will definitely help here. Personally, I'm a shower person. If I need to travel I will just take a hot pad or two with me to help with the symptoms. The irony here is this summer we will be running central air conditioning and I will be using an electric blanket for RLS. LIFE!!! Always throwing us a curve ball!!!

Diane Blalock Bundrick

This is not so much a remedy as it is a fact. That fgact is other medications cause cause or even worsen RLS, seroquel ansd benaryl to name a couple


A real good bit of advice for my other RLS brothers and sisters: Do NOT let them put you on Ropinerole. You will become an addict. If you miss a pill the restless legs will come back on you tenfold. It became restless body syndrome. If I did not take the pill on time even my arms and head would begin to move. To get off of it took me two months of gradually shaving away at the pills - and even then i would have to stop at times at certain levels. This may be a great drug for Parkinson's - but PLEASE tell them NO if they give it too you for restless legs. If I could sue them I would. It was so bad I made sure to carry some with me everywhere in case I got stuck somewhere without them. Imagine your worst restless leg feeling - then imagine being somewhere where you cannot move so the pressure builds until you feel like screaming. This was how it felt if I did not take it on time. I have had a year of misery and arguing with the doctor and had to come off of it by myself. Then for weeks after my restless legs were very bad and have now gradually gotten back to where it was to start with. DONT TAKE IT!!! Now I am working on vitamins and exercise which is making it liveable. But stay away from Ropinerole. It will make you feel like a junkie.


This may sound odd, but I am being serious. Although I haven't been troubled with this condition for a while I have suffered with restless legs in the past and it used to drive me to distraction. I found that having an orgasm stops it. For me that horrible gnawing feeling always felt like a build-up of nervous energy that needed an outlet and an orgasm does seem to provide that. Sorry if it sounds unorthodox but if it helps anyone then I don't mind people thinking I'm weird.


I suffer from RLS and sometimes when things are slow at work. My legs start tingling like crazy. So I use tape. I roll the tape rolls back and forth to keep the leg stimulated.

You will need two rolls of packing tape.
Place each roll under a foot and gentle rock back and forth this will keep you legs busy at work.

I am still search for a trick that works at home...

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