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Restless legs were driving me crazy and keeping me awake at night, especially after a day of hiking. I found instant relief with a product called Natural Calm - it is ph balanced magnesium citrate. A tablespoon in a cup of hot water and it immediately stops it. I have to wonder if this problem isn't just some sort of deficiency or imbalance state.

Craig rankin

Omg I have been suffering with this for years and never knew there was a name for it or other people that suffered from it,I feel so lucky to have found this site and many others like it to help me with my rls,I havnt tried taking any vitamins such as iron etc but so far whenever I get the horrible feelings I get out of bed and squat and do my best to fully use my muscles and exhaust them,this usually works for me but taking vitamins daily would sure be easier.


Listen to me, your legs are an extension of your head... right.. please relax your mind from any problems, bad situations, worries, troubles, etc. You do not need anything but the tools you were given to subside and eliminate the uncontrolled movement that you do not desire.


I have been a long time RLS sufferer. I found through a diet of no carbs stopped it cold. Plus losing wieght,lowering BP, and getting rid of chronic heartburn. I use to bang my legs together to stop it but that really started to hurt and wake up my wife. If I have more than 60g of carbs in a day,I'm pretty sure i'm going to have an attack that night.


I've had RLS for about 38 years and it has progressively gotten worse. Over the years I¡¦ve tried to find a cure/treatment. RLS, as I understand it, is caused by a lack of iron or in some cases, the body has sufficient iron but the particular cells in the brain that produce the dopamine (neurotransmitter that facilitates the limb movement) do not absorb the iron (same with Parkinson¡¦s). It seems to me that this iron absorption problem is similar to aspen trees here in the Rockies. In mid-summer, many of the aspen trees start to turn yellow caused by the lack or iron. Iron can be added to the tree but they have a difficult time absorbing it. In some cases holes are drilled into the tree trunk and iron plugs are inserted to get the tree to absorb the iron. Don¡¦t try drilling holes in your legs ƒº
I have placed rusted metal tools in apple cider vinegar for a few days in order for the vinegar to remove the iron. This works pretty well for removing light surface rust. The vinegar gets really nasty but put this nasty vinegar on the yellow aspen trees and it helps them recover, i.e., they can absorb the broken down iron. So could it be that if iron in our bodies could be broken down, could these cells absorb it better? After thinking about this, I Googled RLS and apple cider vinegar to see if there was anyone on these discussion groups that had gotten some relief from the apple cider vinegar and I did find some hits although they did not make any connection with the iron. I tried drinking some apple cider vinegar and did not get any noticeable improvement. Later, I tried rubbing the vinegar on my skin as I was convinced that the vinegar should work. I did get significant relief from this application. My theory now is that the vinegar works best with the skin application as it is absorbed into the blood better than through the stomach.
This may be of some help to some of you. I would advise taking the iron and mineral supplements and trying apple cider vinegar.


I've suffered with rls for about seven years. I use a percussion massager with some success. But the absolute best remedy is marajuana. I don't usually keep it around but when I do it means absolutely no rls. Plus you get to sleep fast.


I have RLS, but did not realize what is was until it became the illness du jour.

Most of the time I have to wiggle my legs for a few minutes before I fall asleep, then I will usually fall asleep. But as I have trouble sleeping, I've been taking OTC sleeping pills for a few years. Now I've learn the antihistimines they use make RLS worse! But without pills, I can't sleep at all.

One night I woke up and felt like my legs were on fire. I knew that Calcium and Magnesium helps the muscles relax, so I took some Cal-Mag Fizz in some juice, and within an hour got relief.

I also have problems with Anemia, so I have to be sure to take Iron suppliments. However, I don't take B Vits make me nauseos, even if I put them in a smoothy.

I tried Hyland's Restful Legs, didn't do a thing for me.


i either take a steaming hot shower. or just stick my whole leg in steaming hot water. something about the heat relaxes my muscles. and the after that no more pain.

Allison Witcher

I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for years. Finally one day a few years ago it occured to me that maybe if my legs were restless I should fatigue them. So, whether I'm in bed or on a plane, when my legs get restless, I find a way to fatigue them. Sometimes I just stand against a wall and lower myself to an almost sitting position. Hold this pose for as long as possible. Your quadriceps will start to burn. Hold it for as long as you can stand it. Rest for a minute and then do it again. I have found that this fatigues my muscles and I almost always have immediate relief. At night, I can usually go right to sleep after doing this technique. Sometimes I just stand next to my bed and bend my knees enough to engage my leg muscles.

If I'm in a movie theater or on a plane and I can't get out of my seat, I just lift my legs (one at a time) so my foot is several inches off the ground and hold that for as long as I can stand it. It may take a little longer this way, but it still eventually fatigues the muscle and relieves the restlessness.

Let me know if this works for anyone else!


Ok. I have what I would term mild cases of RLS and nearly every night. In the past, it happened while on roadtrips or in an airplane while I was tired. Now it's progressed to nearly an everynight occurrence. Last year I was having chronic headaches and tried different things. Finally a neruologist prescribed gabapentin (600mg) to take one each night before bed. Well that actually does the trick for both headaches and RLS. I think most of the headaches were due to anxiety and stress. I've been trying to layoff of the gabapentin so now only taking 1/2 pill ea night. Talked to the doc about it and said there's got to be something more natural for my nervous legs so he suggested Melatonin. Started taking some of that rather than the gabapentin. First night or two it didn't do much good, but I think I'm starting to have some success with being able to get sleep through the night. The neruologist also suggested some iron supplement so I'm starting to pop that. Believe he stated that the melatonin helps regulate some sleep patterns, and I think he said the iron will help possibly help curb the headaches.

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