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As all of you, I too have suffered from rls for most of my adult life. The only solution so far that works for me is quninne , with that being said, it is not prescribed in the USA any longer. You can order it from Canada, ot drink quinne water if you can stand the taste.I have tried prescriptions that work but only for a short while then I am back to square one.


I've suffered from restless legs for at least 30 years and also had leg cramps as a child. It became progressively worse after I retired to the point that I was unable to stay in bed more than 2 hours at a time. It was especially bad on the days when I worked out with weights at the gym. I was on lots of natural supplements seeking some kind of remedy, but I was still unable to relax at night. I had to stand up to watch TV. One day I was talking with a young, muscular man who works at Natural Grocers about natural sleep aides and described my symptoms. He asked if I had ever tried magnesium. I said that I was taking calcium/magnesium supplements 4 times per day but thought, perhaps I was overdoing the calcium as I also get lots of calcium in dairy products. He explained that calcium helps muscles contract while magnesium makes them relax. He suggested that I up my magnesium intake with Ionic Fizz. From that day on, I have discontinued the calcium/magnesium supplements and use the Ionic Fizz before bed at night (it dissolves in water). It has completely stopped the restless legs and I sleep like a baby. I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. I hope everyone suffering from restless legs will give it a try! I feel overjoyed with my new 'normal' life!


My daughters used to get growing pains quite a bit and I found that rubbing mentholatum (Vicks) on their legs helped. One night when I got a particularly bad case of RLS I thought why not? It has helped most of the time for me since then. I just rub a bit on where it is affecting me (usually the top of my feet and lower legs) It dosen't have to be slathered on. Just a little bit. The soap under the sheets did help me too but eventually I became immune to it. Might try it again. Has anyone ever tried pickle juice?


This site's information is VERY helpful! I also find that Restless Legs are not a problem if I eat enough blue-green algae products....especially the acidophillus and enzymes. The AFA type (from Simplexity Health) has all the vitamins, minerals and trace minerals our bodies need to get rid of lots of dis-eases and feel great. (I've eaten it for almost 20 years!) I also wonder if RLS is related to Candida Overgrowth. Thanks, everyone, for the natural remedies and organic resources.


Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by pinched nerves in the spine. The aggravated nerve is what causes the legs to jump. I have had RLS since my teens and discovered that I also had a pinched nerve that dated from a horse-back riding injury when I was 13. I lived for 20 years with a pinched nerve and RLS and chronic pain. I tried everything: acupuncture, massage, medicine, home remedies, exercise, general chiropractic and it really didn't help. However, I discovered the Atlas-Orthogonal method of chiropractic a few years ago. I no longer knew what to do with this condition because I was getting zero sleep. AO chiropractic is really the only method that is of any use.

The Atlas is the very top bone in your spine and when it is not perfectly horizontal (orthogonal) it pinches the nerves as they leave your brain and enter your spinal column. Since the nerves carry messages to all parts of your body, if the Atlas is out of alignment and is causing an impingement, it can affect EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM in your body (digestive, nervous, muscular). I now know that if my RLS is acting up, I am out of alignment. I visit my AO chiropractor and I am FIXED!!

Atlas Orthogonal is a chiropractic specialty, and very few chiropractors are trained or equipped for this treatment. You can find a doctor here:
If you don't live near one, it is worth driving or traveling to one. I am telling you, it really saved me.


sometime if it gets real bad i just jump in my tub, make the water as hot as you can take, and stretch while im in there. this worked for about the first 9 years. dont know why it doesnt work anymore though


I have had restless body syndrome and insomnia for probably 30 years thanks to my mom AND dad. Went to the doctor about 10 years ago when I found out it was a real syndrome. I have been put on anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, etc meds and nothing seemed to work. Three years ago we moved to NC and I began seeing a new doctor. He put me on Percocet, 1 before bedtime and I have not had a single episode since. Also I sleep like a baby. I seriously cried tears of joy and relief.

Mrs. Gibson

I have had RLS since I was a teenager, probably lovingly given to me by my father. In my early 20s' I started taking Mirapex and am now having to increase the dose because it doesn't work as well. I am also attempting to get pregnant and can't take Mirapex if I do get pregnant. I have recently tried accupuncture, it started working but it really did hurt and left bruises. I think I am now going to try the Mag Citrate/Potassium vitamins and maybe some reflexology? Anyone have any other natural remedies that does not involve needles?

Barry Buchter

Actually I found somethings that might help. One doctor said to put soap between your box spring and mattress. 2 -4 non scented plain bars of soap. It worked for awhile but then stopped. I did notice that if I turn the air on in the house and have a fan blowing on my legs it helps a lot and gets rid of it about 98% of the time. The temperature thing usually helps when my R.L.S. really starts to kick up, which is usually every night. Try it and see if it works on you. It probably depends on the person.


I was told by an ER nurse years ago to drink mineral water for relief of RLS. I've been treating with it ever since. I can now go as long as 3 months or so, and when it comes back I buy another bottle of mineral water drink it over say a 3 day period and its gone again for a period of time. AHHH relief.

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