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Use peppermint oil! I'm a 23 year old lady, and have RLS severely. I have it nitely for hours in my legs and shoulders. I rub the oil on my lower back and shoulders and once the peppermint oil starts feeling tingly, I am calm and my RLS stops and I fall asleep! It's wonderful! I wish you the best of luck with this remedy, I know how awful RLS is!


CHIROPRACTIC!!! I had suffered from RLS all through-out my teens. I often relied on Gaba, which does seem to relieve the symptoms for the most part. I then started to work for a chiropractor and was getting adjusted regularly. In the 2 years that I was receiving regular adjustments, I didn't experience RLS at all! I no longer work for the chiropractor and haven't been getting adjusted (financial reasons)...and RLS is back! *tear* I've reverted back to using Gaba, but it's just not the same! I liked it better when I didn't experience it at all!


I have suffered for years and like others I have found that quinine definitely works but they stopped selling in the US and possible heart side effects. Now using Percocet and it works but wears off during the night. I have been taking Magnesium for months with no improvement. Also check any of your other medications, Certain medications that may aggravate symptoms. These medications include antinausea drugs (prochlorperazine or metoclopramide), antipsychotic drugs (haloperidol or phenothiazine derivatives), antidepressants that increase serotonin, and some cold and allergy medications-that contain sedating antihistamines. Still I am thinging like others it is tied somehow to weight and back pressure. Good Luck


Run in place for 4-5 minutes. Then it is gone. I am,able to crawl back in bed and snooze.


For me, sleeping on a bed with any metal in it (coils!) makes it very much worse. I've bought a new mattress and sleep a lot better.

Going off Paxil was for me, as for someone else on the forum, an important (if far from easy) step. I now take cipramil which still causes some akathisia (with these medications, that's often what it is - but it's a condition very similar to RSL, and sometimes indistinguishable from it), but considerably less.

Iron is important to take IF you have (slight) anemia. If you don't, beware; taking too much iron carries some grave health risks.


I have suffered with restless leg for many years -- even since childhood really and I'm now 36. My mom and sister and also late grandmother suffered from it as well. I am almost convinced, as another reviewer wrote, that it is related to lower back strain of some kind. Why? Because I tried an herbal oil remedy called 'Nightime Leg Calm' which is sold by Nature's Inventory. It's organic and completely natural. You rub some of this rosemary and other herb scented oil on your LOWER BACK and it creates a warming sensation. Your restless leg will disappear. It's only temporary and there have been one or two occasions when it didn't work for me. But most of the time, it works extremely well and I am able to sleep without a problem. I tried applying regular heat to my back but that doesn't work. I think the oil acts as a kind of muscle relaxer and calms whatever strain is causing an electrical pulse of sorts to shoot down your legs. I took an RX for this when I went on my honeymoon four years ago because I we were flying to Hawaii and I couldn't imagine being trapped on such a long flight with restless leg. The stuff backfired on me -- it worked great at first but then my body had what I found out is called a 'rebound' reaction where I needed more and more of the drug to get the same relief. It was awful. So I quit cold turkey. Now I just suffer with this and use the oil. It was terrible during my pregnancy. I also get it into my arms and upper back if it gets really bad. Try this oil -- it's only like $12 a bottle so if it doesn't work for you, no big loss. If it does -- you'll be sleeping like a baby. I hate the fact that doctors look at you sometimes like you're nuts when you tell them you have RLS. I pray somebody figures this out and finds a cure soon!


Here is my story after reading the comments posted recently on this site. I now know what has been causing my RLS.

I've tried diet, calcium-magnesium-sodium supplements, and exercise and they provide no dependable relief. My RLS is due to inflamed nerves in my lower back. I’m not going to call it a pinched nerve because I’ve had one of those and fortunately this didn’t take nearly as long to clear up. My symptoms are just like what all the other writers describe. Until the last four days, I have woken up several times each night for the last month for at least an hour with the twitching and anxiety in my pelvic area down to my feet. RLS has been a problem for me the last 15 years. It comes and goes unexplainably, until now.

I think my main problem is that I sleep on my back. Combine that with a hard stool (not necessarily constipation) pressing on the inside and voila: a distressed lower spinal area. To prove my theory I did a test. I laid in bed on my back and waited. Within about 10 minutes the RLS symptoms started to appear. I immediately stood up and the symptoms went away almost instantly. It was repeatable. This proved to me it was not diet, minerals or serotonin related.

If you have what I have, when the symptoms appear at bedtime, immediately stand up. Do not try to work through it as it will only further aggravate the nerves. After the symptoms go away, lay down and find another sleeping position. I practiced on an Aero bed to find the sleeping positions that would work and various mattress pressures. I now realize that sleeping on my back is out of the question during a flare-up.

Avoid any exercise in the gym that pushes your spine up against a pad (i.e. leg presses). I'm sure I'll be able to do these again once I'm fully back to normal.

I've been taking a steady low dose of aspirin for a few days, not to relieve the RLS symptoms, but to relieve inflammation and help the nerves start healing.

Other writers have mentioned magnesium-citrate. My guess this works, not because of satisfying a magnesium deficiency, but because it is a laxative that softens the stool pushing on the inside of the spine.

I’ve been drinking a warm beverage (milk or water) to loosen things up before bedtime. I drink several glasses of Gatorade in the morning and afternoon to stay hydrated (softer stool). I believe this helps counteract the drying affect of coffee and alcohol. The Gatorade powder mix is affordable and easy to mix at work; it is a good substitute for soda or that extra cup of coffee.

I tried 5-HTP for serotonin and it had absolutely no affect.


I have had RLS for 35 years. I discovered about 2 years ago, for myself, it is directly connected to dairy/milk products. If I avoid plain milk products (milk, ice cream, whipped cream, butter, cheese cake) within 6 hours of going to bed, I rarely have the RLS symptoms. Fermented milk products do not bother me such as aged cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, etc...
I love ice cream, so I will sneak it as a treat, but always before 4:00 pm. No treat, before bedtime, would be worth RLS when trying to sleep.
When I do eat/drink milk during the day, I notice more restless energy in my muscles, but it is a jittery jerky energy, not smooth and controlled. Thus I avoid milk before playing golf. Milk can add 10 strokes to my game guaranteed.
I generally drink almond milk or soy milk now. They do not taste the same, but the benefits are worth it.
No need for medicine and it's side effects to stop my RLS. Hope this helps you!


Having suffered from RLS for many years, I have finally found something that helps.........I drink my Aloe Vera Gel morning and evening, take regular exercise and on the very few ocassions when it bothers me I massage the calves of my legs with my Aloe Heat Gel and this gives great relief


Ok, RLS has a couple of main causes, such as medication. Antihistamines, like diphenhydramine, doxylame, dramamine, etc; along with sleep aids, and ephadrine are the major deviants. Heat does help, so does going to bed a lot earlier, the second u get a little tired-that way your limbs don't have the chance to catch up to your mind's tiredbess. But i'm pregnant at the moment, and sleep is almost rare now, my RLS is now descending me slowly into madness! I'm going to ask my Dr If magnesium will be safe right now, and i'm looking for any new remedy as well. Help, I need sleep now more than ever!

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