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I read the many treatments of subscribers to this website. I have had RLS for 50 years. Started on Mirapex about 5 years ago but I have to increase the medication as time goes by. I know that I get RLS when I become anemic. My doc orders Iron for me, I.V.about twice a year. One good treatment is apple cider vinegar. Drink 2 tbps. in water or rub the vinegar on your legs. You can also order Caleb Freeze organic liqued from their website.The liqued has apple cider vinegr, garlic and ginger in an 8oz. bottle. It does wwork. When I get desperate I put Thermacare heat pads on my legs. The heat will last for 8 hrs and stops the RLS.


There is a supplement called calcium penetrate that gets rid of my rls completely. You have to take two pills for first week then you can go down to one. It starts working within 30 minutes with amazing results.


This obviously may not work for some but I thought it worth sharing because for has done wonders and is so simple. I read somewhere that it was due to the temperature change in your feet. Well I always have had cold feet and anytime I would get into bed, they would soon heat up. Now every night I go to bed and keep my feet out from under the covers and haven't had a RLS encounter for months. I hope this helps someone. Would be interested to know if it does. E-mail me at if it does


I've had RLS for many years. It is a horrible disease. The freaky feeling and jumping legs can make you feel like you are going crazy. I've been on Mirapex for years. It offers some relief, but does not eliminate the problem. If I'm late with or miss a does, life is unbearable. My physician told me that RLS is a neurological disease most likely related to an imbalance of either seratonin or dopamine. So many people don't understand the suffering that those of us with RLS experience. Many say it's all in our head. Those people are insensitive jerks. I don't know how to prevent of calm our problem, but I wish everyone luck with whatever remedy works for them.


I have had rls since i was a kid and i found that popping my ankles works instantly.point toes down then up until your ankles pop.It may take a few tries to get them to pop but it really works.


I have suffered from severe restless legs for 35 years. Just for context, i might have 3 non sequential nights per year where I suffered no symptoms. In the past 3 years, the symptoms have gotten progressively worse, starting again in the morning and reoccuring during the day any time I try to rest. Needless to say, I had not had more than a few hours sleep for years.
Almost 2 months ago, While doing my usual twisting and turning in bed trying to get relief, i hapened to turn to my side and into a tight fetal position, really stretching and holding my knees into my chest. this stretched the back also. I felt relief after holding the 'Fetal Stretch' for about 2 minutes. I assumed this would be short term, as all movements and stretches have been in the past, but i was nistaken! the complete relief lasted for approximately 24 hours!
I have now been eliminating my RLS symptoms using this 2 minute stretch about once per day for 45 days now! I now sleep through the night! I can go see a movie without annoying everyone around me!
Please consider telling other sufferers to try my Fetal Stretch! it has changed my life!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

John Green

I have RLS too and had it for 20+ years. I was a runner and about 20-21 years ago I stopped running due to bad knees. I gained weight. I began having leg problems that later I found out was RLS. 5 years ago I had open heart surgery and lost 34 pounds, my RLS disappeared. By last year I had gained about 12 pounds back and my RLS returned. Subsequently I lost about 15 pounds and my RLS disappeared again. So, the people talking about back pressure or pressures may have hit the cusp of the problem. When I was heavy I had problems, when I lost the weight I also lost the RLS symptoms.

Sam Lesko

For restless leg syndrome take pure coconut water, (NOT THE COCONUT MILK) This is water from green coconut. It is available at Whole Foods and other natural grocery outlets. It really works.


I have the hereditary type of RLS, which is typically more severe than acquired, and ran into this forum about midnight last night....(I would rather have been sleeping though).

My RLA was pretty well managed on Klonepin for the last 30 years, though my sleep patterns steadily got worse and I needed to increase the dose several times and add Codeine. The Klonepin caused severe depression and the high dose made me very sleepy in the day. I have been off for six weeks now, withdrawal was terrible.

I take D-Ribose for AMPD1, a hereditary muscular disease that causes the muscles to cramp and fatigue very easily. Roughly 5% of the Anglo population is a carrier of AMPD1. This and several other muscular diseases that cause severe fatigue during work/exercise sharply increase severity of RLS.

A very hot bath before bed sometimes puts me to sleep before RLS sets in. Snow is a real treat, as walking barefoot in snow for a while calms the legs very well. Since we seldom get snow, I have head&neck ice wraps made by Medi-Temp, and wrap one around each leg just below the knee.

The kitchen counter is the ideal height for stretching calves. Put your hands on the counter and one place one foot 4' back - then lean down to the counter to stretch that calf.

I wish you all a good nights sleep :)

Phyllis A

My RLS is so severe that it actually causes distress in my arms. I'd rather have pain that the RLS so I wrap my feet in ace bandages so tight for about 1/2 hr then comes the pain, and RLS has calmed down

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