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Ok. After 8 years a result. Lye flat on stomach. Imagine an upside down Jesus cross. On your back from tail bone up to neck and across the waist line. Get the Vicks out and get the wife to massage/rub up the tail bone and across the waist line. You will notice little bumps as she rubs the Vicks left to right along waist bone. And also feel some veins being pressed above tail bone.

It's worked for me. Please please try and submit your results. I want to test this on as many rls suffers as poss to see what the results are

michael lyness

Started taking Magnesium tablets,one a day(half morning and night.) restless legs relief,(which comes in a spray.)and using compression bandages above the knees.These have eliminated my restless legs completely.Works for me and I hope and pray that this remedy will work for your readers.Feel that I am getting my life back again.Good luck & best wishes to all.


I have recently found out it is whenever i eat after 4 pm. Found out by accident after trying a new way of eating. Eg main meal in the morning then I'm not hungry until about 2 then having a normal lunch and maybe a piece of fruit later before bed...... It makes sense. Food is energy. Tie a dog up for long enough without exercise and see what happens. I can't believe after my whole life 41 years and suffering as a small child with the same thing that it's that easy for me. I'm awake now with severe RLS because I was talked into going to a late BBQ dinner and I ate... Sure enough it's so severe I've just come in from walking the streets after trying a hot shower, Voltarin rub. A remedy a phillipino friend gave me that has menthol in it.... it's now 3:37 am...... And have to be up with the kids by 7. Hope this helps everyone. Sometimes the changes we make take less effort than fighting the symptoms. RLS symptoms take s lot out of you especially when sleep is involved.. I also now don't stress that it's night and I should be sleeping. Let's face it your not going to get any sleep anyway so I folded the washing or cleaned the toilet. All the things I hated doing but may as well now I'm awake... All the best everyone with this awful awful symptom..... Happy cleaning. X

Jo C.

I've had RLS for 15 years now,i take Ropinirole for it and it takes awhile for it to kick in. Went online for home remedies for RLS read 363 comments most said ivory soap in socks worked for them, i was skeptical,today was a bad RLS day. I tried the ivory home remedy today within minutes my legs were better. Made me a believer it really works. Thank You


I've been reading through all of these remedies and I'm shocked I haven't come across my family's generation long remedy for RLS.

I won't be wordy, you people need SLEEP, you're going mad, your legs hurt from flexing all damn night. You look like shit and you're grumpy all the time. I know, I've been there.

Go to the grocery store. Find the canned fruits aisle. Canned RED TART cherries IN WATER. Eat them, drink the juice (water) as well as the cherries. Eat them in the morning, afternoon, whenever - they will give you peace, I promise.

Another option, if you have the extra crinkle, buy pure tart cherry juice; this is like that pure cranberry juice that taste like hell. If it's tasty, you got the wrong stuff. It will be expensive - that's one way to know for sure. A bottle is usually about $12-20, but it lasts and it WORKS.

Start with the canned cherries (I eat about 1/3 of a can per day for guaranteed relief) and go from there. At $1.50-3.00 a can you cant beat it. (And the canned ones actually aren't too bad)



I'm nightbeat. I'm back. I forgot where I had posted this message. I just now found it. My natural diet is still working. No excitotoxins=no RLS. I will welcome any discussion or questions.


garcinia cambogia works well for this


I have a question.. I have tried just about everything that has been mentioned and nothing works. I take a super hot shower and it stops however it's back as soon as I get out. Doctors here won't listen to me about it.. is there anything I can tell a doc to make them listen? I am tired and would ovw to sleep.


I'm looking for quick and easy home remedies for restless leg syndrome. Joe Blake said a bar o. Ivory soap/ will Irish spring work?

Joe Blake

Two very simple, silly solutions have provided relief to virtually everyone who has tried them. I offer them here. I know they are silly. But consider them harmless in execution and may work immediately:
1.Bar of Ivory soap. A bar of soap placed in proximity to or in contact with the legs provides IMMEDIATE RELIEF of restless leg symptoms. Other bars of soap are also effective.
2. Aloe Vera. After trying numerous gels which provide a cooling sensation(menthols) or a warming sensation(icy hot), some restless leg sufferers now apply aloe vera to their legs a couple of hours (or less) before bedtime. Aloe vera also provides IMMEDIATE relief. Do not wash it off. Simply apply and leave. Try to find 100% Aloe(typically clear, must be ordered online, sometimes available at Walgreen's).

Perhaps these methods could be called the placebo effect. But, I suffered restless legs for decades, and soap and aloe vera has provided years of relief. Furthermore, they represent no harm to the user, are inexpensive, and at most would cost an afternoon of time.

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