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I have edema(eodema)swelling of the legs and RLS.My record,8 hours walking too painfull,sit RLT up walking again, sit RLT. Over and over and always a night. Tried EVERYTHING. I now take ANTISTAX and MSM POWDER(Google it you'll be surprised what it can do) Unbelievable 2weeks later I have 8 hours sleep,without walking!Feel a new man. People cannot believe the change in me. I have no business connection to either product. I live in Cape Town
I'm NOT a doctor but if you want you can email me and if I can help I will.


I know this is going to sound crazy, but just try it. I was up reading this page, as I was crying because my RLS has kept me from getting more than 3 hours the last 3 nights. I came accross one that said to put vix on upper feet and lower legs. I'm willing to try anything. Unfortunately, o don't have vix. Out of desperation, I grab my little tube of almost smells the same, right? So I rub it on my upper feet and lower legs, I also rub it on the bottoms of my feet and put socks on. Low and behold, instant relief! I'm really hoping this works long term for me. So far, so good. Good luck!

Patricia (Patty)

After hearing about putting soap in bed (sounds goofy I know) helping so many people, I decided to give it a try. I slipped a small bar of soap in my sheets, and to my amazement slept peacefully for the first time in years! After doing some research online I found lots of people who said this had been a lifesaver, but no medical reason as to why it works. I'm not asking too many questions though, cause all I know is I'm sleeping like a baby and can actually relax at night! I've hear that dove and ivory don't work, but haven't tried either so I can't really say. Also, my friend bought a soap like product in some type of pad and said it worked wonders, but I have to find out the name, it was rlspad or wonderpad or something like that. Best of luck to all!


after suffering restless legs all through 2 pregnancies, and being unable to take any prescription drugs, and having tried every other remedy and suggestion, i have found the only thing that worked was peppermint leg gel when applied at bedtime. I used a specific brand, but i'm sure they'd all do the same thing! The cooling and tingling feeling appears to distract from the RLS. good luck


I don't have a remedy, but here's my story.. I started taking a generic of Prozac about three months now, it has done wonders for me, but I give all the glory to God about that. Anyway when I go to bed at night it usually get RLS, not only in my legs, but in my arms also ( arms may be worse than legs in my situation. ) its a side effect from the medication.. Usually if I get up & set in a chair as I am now, it goes away. One night I even had it in my back!!! But the benefits far out way the negatives!


I have had RLS for years and been to several doctors that gave me a bunch of different pills mainly for depression which i didn't have. I tried the magnesium, didnt work. tried heating pad, it helped. vicoden,and percacet worked great but lost insurance, and was worried cause they are narcotics. but finally found a doctor that after 4 times begging for something... anything. She gave me gabapentin 300mg it helped and with heating pad i could finally sleep then she uped me to 600mg at bedtime and i have no more RLS. and it is inexpensive, ask your doctors. trust me will do miracles.Oh and works great on my cronic lower back pain also, can acually get out of bed and walk natural instead of hunched over and in pain.


In my opinion, I agree with those taking magnesium for relief. I take 500 mg of magnesium and 1,000 IU of vitamin E daily. If I don't, I suffer for it at night. As a 60-year-old woman, I also take 2 1,200 mg pills of calcium daily for osteoporosis prevention. When it was discovered that I had a low vitamin D level, I was put on 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily. My advice is to start with the magnesium and adding the E if the magnesium alone does not help. Get a blood test to check your calcium and D levels before you take them. I had always taken calcium; but when the D was added to the calcium, magnesium and E, it further improved my symptoms. This is what has worked for me personally. I wish everyone a restful sleep and to be symptom-free, so that you can enjoy your life, family and friends.
P.S. ALWAYS tell your M.D., D.O., homeopathic healer, specialty providers, etc. ALL of your supplements and medications. Side effects can occur with all kinds of treatment modalities.


I have RLS as far back as I can remember. I didn't get help until 10 years ago, when my husband was counting my 13 kicks between kicking sessions a night. I know for sure, Sugar, SALT, chocolate, wine w/ sulphites makes it so bad. I can have one drink here and there otherwise its hell all night long. I do take a low dose of Mirapex everynight before bed. It does work as long as I don't have a bad carb day. Yoga helps alot and a walk everyday! good luck, its not a good diasease to have! also, RLS people have problems with assimulating Iron. I take slow fe iron every morn. w my multi vitamins for breakfast,


Never, ever assume that fasciculations (muscle twitching) is RLS. If you start to experience any strange sensations in your legs i.e. calfs, seek professional advice first. Over 80% of patients diagnosed with M.S, M.D,'s and ALS had, for months, even years, assumed they had RLS. Consultants at the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow are seeing this more and more frequently thanks to self diagnosis due to Web Sites and Forums. If you can describe your symptoms as :- tingling, pins & needles, crawling, creepy, bubbles, pin-pricks, dots, insects under my skin,(to quote but a few) then be aware that these are also signs of something more serious. If you go on to describe muscles twitching to the point that you can actually see your skin move then please speak to the people who are qualified to help you. Do not assume, because some stranger on a web-site with similar symptoms has been diagnosed with RLS, that this is what you have. Do not trust your life to a P.C. We are here for a reason and we are trying to get this message across on as many websites as possible, to as many people as possible. Sadly, so far, almost 50% of our postings are being removed before viewing. A lot of fasciculations are quite harmless and we are not here to scare people, just to make people more aware. The remedy for twitching, annoying, jumping legs is quite simple:- 300g of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (commonly known as Epsom Salts) in a hot (but comfortable) bath, every day for a week then every 2nd day until you can cut down to twice a week. If this gives you no relief then please seek professional help.


First offthat this is a forum for people with RLS to support one another iswonderful.
It's hard to describe it to someone without it and sometimes they don't understand how much it affects your life. I've found that taking ibuprofen or tylnol pm bfore bed helps me alot but my RLS feels like an achiness mixed with a pulling. When it's really bad I pull my knees up under me to fall asleep. I think it cuts off my blood supply to my legs a little and numbs them. I've had symptoms of RLS since I was a little girl and just was (finally)diagnosed at 30. My DR put me on Mirapex but I've heard bad stuff about it. Also I'm on Celebrex and heard SSRI's can increase the symptoms so I'm terrible right now!

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