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I stopped drinking diet coke and 2 weeks later I noticed my legs were calm. It's been 4 nights now that they,ve been calm. I have not drank a soda, diet or regular for 2.5 weeks. I drink tea with stevia in the raw and lemon.


I used to eat chocolate every night , then decided to go on a health kick. My RLS has more than halved, now if i could only reduce the remaining half.
ps does anyone else sometimes get a tingling sensation in their toes? just wondering if this is part of my RLS or another issue, has only just started in the last couple of days.


i've had restless leg syndrome for a few years and can for the most part stretch before bed and ignore it. recently it's been so bad!!! so i googled home remedies and found this page, then found a video from Dr. Oz, found it helpful. you'll have to youtube it because i can't post it here. basically his remedy was more iron and soap under the sheets(lavender/all natural). he said stay away from the three 'c's: chocolate, coffee(caffeine in both of these), and alcohol. Good luck!!


sounds mad i know, but i recently started getting rls and i was told to try a mug of horlicks before bed and yes it works.
If i dont have horlicks i usually get rls within minutes of being in bed.
I can go weeks without it, but i second i feel it coming back a mug of horlicks does the trick.


I tend to get RLS at night, watching TV. Found a remedy that works every single time. I simply get up and take a shower. The action of washing my legs and feet, using a soapy washcloth, in between the toes and every square inch of my feet & legs always completely gets rid of the restless leg syndrome. Plus I'm clean!!


You can try privic spray it will calm your legs at night when you have RLS


Masturbate! It works and is enjoyable!

If you are too prude, try Epsom salt bath


I have terrible rls. It has gotten worse over the years it seems. I have tried so many things to see what contributes to it, becuz I can go days and weeks without it.
The only thing that works for me is exercise. When I have it- I do rigorous lunges and squats til the muscles burn (but u have to push to your threshold) A good 5 minutes of leg burn can calm my legs and relax for the whole night. Good luck to all


This really isn't a 'remedy' but a connection I've noticed in my own experience with RLS. I have had it off and on for several years but didn't know what it was until the past year or so. I've spent many a sleepless night. Suddenly, I went for months without any symptoms. It just stopped. What had I done? Well, the only connection I could make was caffeine! I had stopped caffeine...sodas,coffee,tea...because of a medication I had started taking that could cause kidney stones. I increased my water intake dramatically... at least 3-4 8oz glasses or more a day. Was supposed to be 6-8 glasses but 3-4 was good for me. I didn't drink tea,coffee, or pop, not even caffeine free. The sympoms of RLS disappeared. Unfortunately, I developed a kidney stone anyway and had to stop the medication. When I did, I had been without those beverages so long, I started back drinking them...sometimes caffeine free but usually it didn't matter. I would drink either. Then BAM! Here came the RLS symptoms. Last night was the worst in a long time. I am ready to ditch the caffeine again. Even caffeine free doesn't mean totally free of caffeine. So, I am going to give it try again! It works for me. Maybe might work for someone else. Nothing else causes the symptoms for me. Good bye caffeine!


I have restless leg syndrome. My mother has it, and her mother had it too. I also have it in my arms. I keep a bottle of peppermint foot spray or biofreeze handy. I spray my legs and whatever else is bothering me, and it always works! I've also used muscle creams such as Ben gay or deep heat. They work too, but I prefer the spray because it's less messy!

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