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dear friends, i watched on TV couple weeks back the report, 'The last Hart attack,'
by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, i started eating that way, very low fat, and all my RLS disappears. it feels so good now.


for RLS, put a bar of soap between your sheets. it works for leg cramps and RLS. I didn't believe it but figured what could it possibly hurt? Has worked for me for 6 months. Doesn't matter what kind of soap although Dove and Dial seem to be the most popular, wrapped or unwrapped. Doesn't matter.
I wish you all the same good luck I have had.


I have big bulky muscle bound legs. They hold great strength. The problem is they never shut down... I am 32 this problem started for me at the age of 7. I would awake at night screaming and crying with agonizing pain in my legs. This intense pain is nearly imposable to describe in words, but it was in every fiber of my entire legs. My dad said that it was growing pains and showed a deep sympathy. As an adult this leg problem is no longer painful. Now it has turned into a feeling that I would far rather replace with pain. I wouldn't trade it for the growing pains that I felt as a child but I DO beat my legs with my fists for relief. I have recently moved on to a carpenters hammer (no lie). I beat myself in the legs hard with a hammer for hours some nights. Sure it is hard to walk the next day but it is better than the feeling that the nerves in my legs are being pulled. I recommend the hammer to anyone who is brave enough to try. If you hate your legs as badly as I do then you don't have a whole lot to lose. I often imagine how relieving it would feel to have my annoying legs ran over by an automobile. Maybe I will try that next! If anyone wants to hit my legs with a sludge hammer I will gladly let them.

Tony Reynolds

I've been reading through this forum for some time and thought it time to join the posts:

1st what didn't/doesn't work for me:
Iron supplements.
Tight fetal position, too big @ 220lbs.
Magnesium supplements.
Chiropratic Treatment.
Vitamins (B12, E, etc...)

2nd what kinda helped:
Requip / Ropinirole
Mirapex / Pramipexole

3rd My Cure:
Iron Infusion

History: Genetic (Mom, Sisters, and both of my children.) As a child I would suffer from leg cramps to point I would cry and couldn't sleep. My Mother would rub my legs to help get me to sleep. As an adult I wrote my sleeplessness off as insomnia, not realizing what exactly was going on. Then in '90 I had multiple GI bleeds that sent my Hemoglobin plumbeting and my RLS through the roof. My RLS was 24/7 and my arms began to suffer badly as well. My family care physician put me on Requip & Mirapex. Both had some success but side affects were also plagueing me.

Then... my doctor referred me to an ocologist/hematologist. As soon as she met me her comment was: 'I'll stake my reputation on the fact that your RLS is tied to your Iron deficiency.' I explained that I had been on iron supplements for over 6 months. We scheduled an Iron Infusion immediately and within 48hrs of the treatment, I was cured and sleeping like I never slept. That was Oct '09, I had my 2nd infusion today. It looks like this may be an every 6-12 month fix for me...


BioFreeze works amazingly. PRoducts like bengay should work too, although I havent tried them. I use biofreeze, the smell bothers my wife, but the restlessness subsides...and sleep follows.


Hi guys. Finding this site has given me hope that I don't have t rely on pills all th time, so thank you everyone very very much.
Okay. So th thing is i've had rls for 5years. I'm 16 now. I don't get why it's so severe. I don't drink coffee, nope, no alcohol, no smoking. Not anaemic, no one I know has it. Not genetic, coz I know caucasians are more likely t get it. I'm singaporean.

Anyway this yr I googled 'uncomfortable sensations in legs' and was shocked t find there was actually a name for this shit. Problem is my parents REFUSED t believe me. At all! my dad is a doctor. But he refuses to believe me. Makes me think he's useless sometimes.

5days ago I went t a neurologist (stupid parents finally believed me after an article on it came out on a medical mag) and he prescribed me 0.5mg clonazepam. I can finally sleep without desperately twisting my legs in awkward directions for 1hour. But I can still feel it bubbling underneath. Like, not enough t bother me but still there.

So i'll really like to get off the pills. I get th notion that whatever doctor I consult is gonna shove me with more pills. I've tried going to a tweena (uhm, chinese chiropractor?), chiropractor, blood test... Nth. As I said i'm asian and it's apparently not common here.

Out of 5years of sleep th only night I could truly sleep was when my mum was massaging my legs th entire time until I fell asleep. Unfortunately, no one is willing t massage my legs.

So please please tell me what I can do other than pills. I'm still young, I don't want to rely on pills all my life.

So far, i've found no remedies. Stretching definitely helps -for awhile. Th best way i've found is to do as much of a split you can do and stay like that for as long you can endure. But it's terribly shortterm.

Anyone can help me? Please email me-

And keep fighting guys it's th WORST shit ever. I'd rather have pain, actually. At least you can deal with pain.

God help us all.


I used to suffer from occassional RLS but since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea over a year ago I have had 0 problems. I received a CPAP machine that has truly changed my life for the better. If you are a snorer, wake up tired and with migraines you should ask your doctor abt whether you may have sleep apnea. Just a theory...

Mike P

I've tried countless remedies people are saying on here. Cherries, Bananas, Magnesium, Iron (which helped some). PLEASE don't tell me exercise. I'm an avid Spinner and typically burn 1000 calories in an hour and then used to come home and have RLS that night (a few hours later). My father had it bad and most of my siblings have it too. Recently, I started taking Astaxanthin (derived from algae). It is an anti-oxident that has ten times the strength of BetaCarotene. My 'twitching' as my wife calls it used to keep her up about 50% of the nights. Now that I take Astaxanthin daily (10mg), I would say I have had maybe two RLS attacks in 3 months (down from like 45 before in that time span). It is pronounced 'Asta Zanthin'. You can get it fairly cheap online. Also helps bursitis, blood pressure, stamina, joint pain and MANY other ailments. I love this stuff.


Finally something worked for me. I've had restless leg syndrome for several years. Tried many things, nothing seemed to work. A couple of weeks ago I told about my problem to my masseur and he said this is because my bladder meridian is blocked. He showed me the points on my calf and told me to massage them. He told me to press them hard untill I feel the pain, to massage it clock wise eight times and than backwards eight times, than release, and repeat. I did it for 15 minutes. And this unbearable feeling just vanished. I still sometimes feel like it's coming, but I quickly do the maasage and it goes away. The bladder meridian goes through the middle of your calf. Google bladder meridian and you will find pictures where the points are. Good luck.


I am a soon to be 49 year old male.

Have had RLS for years.

2 things made it worse...caffeine and/or alcohol.

I didnt believe it until I stopped them both.

Make no mistake, I still have symptoms but much, much less severe.

I take .25 to .50 mg xanax most nights to settle my leg down. Its mostly my left leg that gives me the most problem.

Dr perscribed Sinemet a few weeks ago but after reading up on it, the side effects & augmentation, I decided to stick with the xanax.

I dont have insurance which is why he didnt give me one of the other, newer drugs.

Im a bit disillusioned about the meds even the side effects. Was hoping to cut out the xanax but I think its better than the alternatives. At least for now.

I miss having a half dozen or so beers occasionally, but it made my RLS much, much worse for days afterwards.

So now I hardly drink at all. Dont miss the hangovers either !

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