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Hi! I've had restless leg syndrome for about 7 years now. I broke my leg three years ago and had to use Vicodin. I discovered that Vicodin not only reduced my pain but relieved the restless leg syndrome completely. I'm ashamed to admit that I continued to use one tablet of Vicodin at night for the past three years until I couldn't get it anymore (don't ask). After one day of not taking the Vicodin my RLS returned. I did not want to take any of the medications for RLS because I have read that they only last for a few years before you build a tolerance. I tried magnesium, iron, vitamin b complex, apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, etc and none of it helped. I finally went to a chiropractor and told him I needed help with RLS. He performed a quick test by asking me to straighten my legs out and put my chin to my chest. He asked if I felt any tightening in my legs. I told him not only did I have tightening in my legs but in my lower back as well. He told me that I should not have any sensation in my legs while putting my chin to my chest. He suspected that I had a bulging disc in my lower back (I had no xrays to show him so it could not be confirmed). I agreed to see him once a week for back adjustments and traction for four weeks. I'm happy to announce that after my third adjustment and traction session, I no longer had any issues with RLS. I'm hoping this is going to rid me of this problem. I'm sure I will have to continue seeing the chiropractor for a while and do the daily stretching exercises he recommended. I hope this helps other people!


Hi, I've been researching the Restless Legs Syndrome on the web all day, as it has been a problem in my own life as well as in my Mother's and my Sister's. As I understand it, the problem does not originate in our legs, but in our brains, due to a shortage of the hormone Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for communication between the brain and the muscles. It appears that our leg muscles are responding to a wrong message from the brain ...? The root of the problem may lie in an iron deficiency which can be remedied with an OTC supplement. Another possible OTC product is the neurotransmitter Seratonin, in the form of a natural supplement called 5HTP. For years I have managed my RLS condition in a 'muscular way' which I believe did alleviate the RLS irritation: Lying on my stomach on my bed, I let my head and shoulders hang over the edge of the bed, their weight stretching my lower back. I believe that this stretching exercise creates the effect of releasing 'squashed' nerves 'stuck' between my vertebrae (a very amateurish description, I know). As we get older, the cartiledge between our vertebrae gets thinner, right, creating less space between ...? This may explain the fact that RLS gets worse with age (I'm 63). Perhaps this stretching (alternatively hanging) exercise could help more RLS sufferers. I hope so ... My blessing!


RLS stinks! It is agony to feel that need to move the legs all the time. I would get into big trouble at school while growing up and having teachers always telling me 'Stop bouncing your legs!'

I tried just about everything I could (without going to a doc because I hate docs) and nothing worked. The best solution I found up until a month ago was to sleep with my feet pressed against the bottom bed rail. As the fire inside the knees and calves would start, I could press my feet hard into the bed rail and that would let me experience some relief until my sleep pills (valarian) would kick in all the way.

One day I was doing some research on natural mood medications and found a site talking about the experimental use of nicotine in non-smokers to help anxiety issues. So I decided to use the 1 mg nicotine mint about an hour before bed so I could see if my mood was better.

I was amazed that night because I did feel much better. So I kept doing it for about a week. Then I realized that not only was I feeling better with my mood, but the RLS had STOPPED!

I decided to stop taking the nicotine before bed and just take it periodically at work when needed, but within two days the RLS was back!

So now I am back to taking that small amount before bed and WOW does it help!


I have had RLS for years and like most people on this site, it gets worse as I get older. I have found that Iron does help slightly and I also found in Wal-Mart a medication called restful legs, but my dose has gone from 3 tablets to sometimes 5...I have also tried the sleeptime tea and husband has cancer so my moving in bed continuously is extremely bothersome to him as well. I think I will be trying the Magnesium Citrate next..Wish me luck:)


Alternately massage deeply up the down the Middle of the Back of each calf with your thumb for a minute, then let it rest while you massage the other letting the circulation regulate again. Repeat this 4-5 times always letting the circulation regulate between massages.
Note: if some one else massages your calves it is important they stimulate Only the Middle of your calf.
This will relieve RLS. symptoms nightly.


I have suffered restless legs since a child, which I tolerated into my 40's before it became a significant problem. My most recent med was mirapex, which helped but I had side effects only slightly better than the original symptoms. I recently was advised by my chiropractor to take a good quality Magnesium Citrate from a health food or nutrition store. With some experimentation I have found a dose of 400 mg every morning with breakfast has given me near complete relief. I have been off mirapex for three months and have far better control. I do find if I work outdoors in the heat I need one additional capsule. I tried drug store magnesium oxide but had lesser results at double the dose.


I am 51 and have had RLS since at least my early 20s. I did not know it had a name until about 10 years ago when someone in my office was diagnosed with it and then I looked it up. Bottom line is that I do not like doctors. My solution is that I sleep on the floor. I start the night in bed with my wife, but after about 30 minutes, I sleep on the floor beside the bed. I find that the hardness of the floor pressing against the muscles in my legs gives me some relief. I have a blanket and pillow down there and have not spent a whole night in a bed in over 25 years. Thinking back on it, my father never slept in a bed either. It is not perfect and I do not really fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning when exhaustion takes over, but it is how I saurvive.


I have discovered that when my body lacks potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, I get RLS. My sister had it also. I found that if you exercise or drink a lot of water, these minerals are eliminated from your body through sweating or urination. Other things such as diuretics, like caffeine, meds even other vitamins can also cause a loss of these vitamins. Some people when they take potassium, get energy and can't sleep, so you might take the potassium earlier or try different types, which also makes a difference


Hi. I've had restless legs syndrome on and off for years. One thing I have tried which helps is VALERIAN ROOT tablets which you can buy from health food shops. Another thing which can help is DRY BODY BRUSHING with a bristle brush. Start on the soles of your feet and use long slow brushing up your legs. Good luck everyone. I understand how horrible this syndrome is.


I've had this darn RLS for as ling as I can remember, 12 or 13 I guess (28 now). As i get older it gets worse. I suffer from it every darn night (awake now at 2:30 am California time). Since I lost my job and have no health insurance and can't afford to buy some, a doctor visit is out of the question. Finding this site has been a godsend. I'll try each and every one of these remedies if I have too. Thanks everyone for your input and its good to know I'm not the only one crying my eyes out because they can't sleep.

These are a few things that i have tried in the past and used, and get fairly consistent results, but not always. 1st is leg stretches. I would do calf and thigh stretches, stretching to the point of minor pain, doing it in an alternating manner for about 5 mins. This usually works for me about 70% of the time. 2nd is I have...well HAD, this chamomille tea, called nighty night tea for kids ( I have a 4 year old son who used to refuse to go to bed at night). It's in a blue box and has a cartoon owl on it looking like he is about to pass out. That works great too, about 65% of the time. Any relaxing tea can be used, and if you have the money, stop by Teavana and get yourself a custom blended relaxing tea. 3rd is get up and walk around for about 10 mins. The symptoms should stop, and if your like me, your going to be soooo tired to start with, that after you walk around, your going to fall asleep fast, before the symptoms can flare back up. And 4th, well this works FOR ME 100% of the time, is some good sex. Problem is that your partner is most likely going to be pissed if you wake them up at 2:30am and not really in the mood. And in my case since I have symptoms every night, that could be problematic as well. 5th is I grab my body pillow, put it between my legs, and then draw my legs up to my chest as far as is comfortable. This technique unfortunately though only works for me about 40% of the time, if that.

I look forward to trying some of these new remedies and hope others find this goldmine of info useful. DEATH TO RLS!!!!!

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