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Gail Kessler

If I take 1200 mg of calcium a day--600 in the am and 600 at bedtime--I don't have problems with RLS. Sometimes I have to take the pm dose earlier in the evening if I'm lying on the couch watching tv.


I commented here in the middle of December 2012 (about a page back). I am the now 52 year old that has slept on the floor for the past 25 years because the hardness of the floor against my leg muscles offers relief. Even then I do not get to sleep until in the wee hours of the morning. Reading this site, I have tried some things and can now tell you that taking magnesium, potassium, and zinc do not work. I tried tonic water because I read that tonic water contains quinine and that quinine used to be prescribed for leg cramps. After the tonic water did not work, I read that tonic water does not contain enough quinine to actually work. The next cure was a bar of soap in the bed, and that just makes the dog sneeze.

One night I took my wife's prescription cough syrup that contained hydrocodone. I took about 50% more than her dosage (I am bigger than her). Miracle of miracle, I went to bed, closed my eyes and woke up six hours later. My first night's sleep in 25 years and in a bed to boot. I was so happy that I did not know how to act. I used up the cough syrup and then went to the medicine cabinet and found all the old bottles of prescription pain killers. They not only relieved the pain in my legs, but they made me drowsy as well. I was not worried about addiction because I want to be addicted to sleep. Now I have used up the old prescriptions and am facing another sleepless night. I am almost ready to cry knowing the misery that will come tonight after several weeks of sleeping like a human being.

Oh well I am finishing my tonic water night cap and finding a bar of soap.

Good Night


I drink 6 Drops of Lugol's Iodine mixed in 4 oz. of water- it stops the restless legs completely and instantly. If I eat too much food too close to bedtime, it does not seem to work quite as well, but it still helps. I wonder if it kills some kind of bacteria that hangs out in the stomach lining. Sugar and starch and wine all seem to make restless legs even worse, it probably feeds the bacteria!

Warning, you should find out first if you are allergic to Lugol's Iodine before you try it. I learned about it in Hulda Clark's alternative healing books. I am not a doctor, just want to share what works for me because I know how desperate it feels to lie there in the dark with jerking legs.

If I am out of Lugol's Iodine, I get some relief sometimes with AlkaSeltzer with aspirin. I think that for me, there is a chronic bacteria problem that comes from eating dairy foods and then stays there and thrives if I eat the wrong carbs. I don't know if is safe to keep taking the iodine every night forever, so I started on the specific carb diet and I am cutting out all dairy now. Then I will see if I need the Lugol's less often.

Note: Lugol's is not regular iodine, and it is a not a brand name of iodine, either. It is a strong solution that the pharmacy can order. I don't have a prescription, though. I just ask at the counter. Please don't try regular iodine, I have no clue what that would do to a person. Also, lease make sure you are not allergic to iodine, it is extremely unsafe if you are. Try the AlkaSeltzer until you can get Lugol's.

I've also seen some Lugol's on the internet, but it is so weak that it takes around 14 drops to work. It is not as effective.


Glad I found this site. I have been suffering from RLS for the past several months on and off. Reading about the dopamine levels being lowered really helps me. I was diagnosed 10 months ago with Tardive Dyskensia, which was brought on by a Bi-polar medicine I had been taking. They explained that it had lowered the dopamine in my system. Since the TD diagnosis if have developed plantir facitis and RLS. At one of my physical therapy appts, the receptionist told me about placing a bar of soap at the foot of my bed. This does work most of the time, but no always. I'd like to lay down now but have had the horrible sensations behind my left knee for the past 3 days. Going to try some tea now and see. Can't wait to try the other suggestions.


I kid you not! On a long trip home, my legs were driving me crazy! I grabbed the Tylenol, took two and then literally inhaled a cherry tootsie pops. The bag had been sitting on the floor board and apparently had gotten warm so when I opened it a flood of aroma came tumbling out. In less than 30 seconds my legs quit moving! Totally still! The Tylenol couldn't have reacted that quickly. I agree it is in the nerves in your brain, not in your legs that produces symptoms as I have experimented since with different smells, Vicks, Bath and Body Lavender hand cream and others. While these are only quick fixes, lasting an hour to 3 or 4, I know if I'm without my Mirapex all hope is not lost! Good Luck!


This may sound strange, but ithis really works when I am having a particularly bad night. If my husband is awake, I suggest we should make love to which he his response is always a positive one. The natural 'feel good' hormones released during a climactic love-making session as well as the energy put into the entire act, can knock me out. Once the cuddle hormones kick in after the fact, I fall into a deep 'coma-like'sleep. If you don't have a partner to help you out....get creative. I couldn't be more serious, this helps me EVERY time.

peter m

I recently went to a doctor and ask about rls which i have had off and on for years, He said try SCHWEPPES INDIAN TONIC WATER,?? I thought yea right,??
I don't know how or why but it works.
Its not expensive you can get it at any supermarket.Try it,I mix it with 2 BEROCCA effervescent tablets, tonic water tastes yuck,carefull mixing it empty the bottle out and leave about 1/4 bottle of tonic water before dropping in BEROCCA effervescent tablets,then pour back in the 3/4 of the bottle.I don't think vitamin B with vitamin c has anything to do with the results,I hope this is helpfull.

No Longer Restless.

After reading all the ways to help rls, I decided to start at the top and try them all. Last night was the first time I did not have symptoms! I am 5ft 3in and weigh 121 lbs. I am handicapped and limited in my abilities. I cannot walk and have limited use of my arms. I have diabetic neuropathy, coronary artery disease, iron anemia, deficient calcium, vitamins D, B12, and folate. I started drinking herbal tea, 2 cups per day and one at night that contains camomile, rosehips, and red hibiscus. I ate two salads containing savoy, dried cranberries, and unsalted sunflower seeds. I ate two homemade (healthly) oatmeal walnut cookies with dark chocolate chunks. I took a hot milk bath (foaming Calgon). I took 7000iu Vitamin D, two B12, One Folate, and two calcium, zinc magnesium (combined) capsules. (I had lab work first to check my levels. They were extremely low). I did some simple leg lifts and bends and then I put on a pair of pantyhose to go to bed. I did not drink coffee or alcohol. I upped my water intake. I wore sheer-to-waist, not support or control top. (Men trying this would need queen size and would need to cut part of pant for comfort.) I had one can of soda with caffiene early in day (before 8PM) and drank 2 glasses of diet tonic water (which contains quinine). Slept with 2 hard couch pillows, one under feet, one under knees. Kept head lower than heart and feet. Not sure which factor worked, but it DID work! Hope this helps someone. I am curious about the 'soap remedy'. Do you just put a bar of soap in the bed down by your feet? Reminds me of the old wife's tale of putting a knife under the bed during labor to 'cut' the pain. Does this work? How??


i donthave one yet.My rls startedwhen i was pregnant
then after each pregnancy it went
cant remember when it came back oh yes after my seizure tablets didnt stop it anymore. went on sinemet a few years back but after a few months they started having bad side effects so ihad to stop
soi have epilepsy and i prefer to not take adrug to get relief.I get minearoundmy ankles
and iteven wakesme at night. so anyone with rls and epilepsy thats found relief pleasse let meknow.cause my rls is keeping meawake at night and i need my sleep somi dont have seizures. i do have low iron and low in vitiamn d. ty.

dieneke chan

Restless leg syndrome solved by eating food minus chemical additives. Organic food is for us the solution, good luck!!

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