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Remedy for restless leg syndrome is Magnessum take one to two when it starts and it takes only half an hour and it will go away.


I have suffered from RLS for a few years now and as I get older the symptoms have been getting worse and happening nightly. I also have this weird inflammation in my feet which may be contributing to the RLS. So far the best thing I have found is Unisom sleep gels. This helps me get to sleep eventually. I tried Aleve and Advil PM but found these to cause further inflammation in my feet. I also drink a glass of orange juice and found that relaxes me if I am kept up with the RLS.


Working with the idea that RLS may be caused by accumulated static electricity in the brain, I tried standing barefoot on the basement concrete floor for about five minutes before going to bed. The floor is cold but you get used to it. It's been a few days now and I haven't had any more RLS.


I discovered an herbal supplement called Protandim works with my restless legs. It is astounding because I've had RL for over 20 years and it just made it disappear.


I have suffered from extreme pain in my arms and legs. I found the ONYL thing to help is to take 200 mg of Ultram at 1700 hours. Then, at 2000 hrs I take Lexapro 40mg, an Latuda 40 ms. Then at bedtime I take 100 mg of seroquel.
The trick seemed to be taking the Ultram at 1500 before the ceepy crawling starts, then waiting four hours for the other stuff to start working
this regimen has help when nothing helped . I plan to stay on it when nothing else helped.


Hi there, Don't worry about reading all the other remedies of how to get rid of RLS. I have your answer to cure Restless Legs for ever. I found this e-book from a guy in USA who figured out eating DAIRY is the trigger for Restless Legs. It is like an allergic reaction, if you are allergic to peanuts & you eat one peanut you have a reaction same goes for RLS & DAIRY. Don't believe me, give up Dairy totally for two weeks & prove it to yourself. At first it was hard but now I have found alternatives. I am 36 and have suffered from Restless Legs since I was a kid and this is the best thing I have ever done.

Tony James

I suffered from restless legs now I do not, I found my cure but do not know if it would be the same for every one, it is all down to what I eat and when.
I no longer eat anything after about 9.30 pm. Then just before bedtime with my last cup of tea I have a small round of toast ( Bread) because of my condition I am a coeliac my bread has to be re heated so I toast it.
I find this works every time.
Prior to this (discovery) I used to wake up every night at 2am legs very hot and the usual twitching, I would take a gaviscone tablet sometimes 2 if it persisted and that would work every time.
It will not work taking medication before the event only after, why I do not know.It would appear to me that my personal condition is to do with the acids in the stomach, A few things I can tolerate are, a glass of sherry, and a chocolate drink.
I hope this helps someone, best of luck



Has anyone noticed that a Full Moon really makes your legs worst? I am 49 and have had problems since I don't even remember when. I to found this site at 3am, and the Shoe Laces are helping? Thank You who ever started this post. I really thought I was alone with this Crap!!!! Someone PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Conley

By far the best medication I have found for restless leg syndrome is Neupro skin patches which allow rotigidine to gradually move into the blood stream over a 24 hour period. Unfortunately this medication was taken off the market not because of any ill side effect but because the active ingredient leaked through a membrane on the patch. The company solved this problem and now the medicine is available (at high cost) all over the world except in USA. The FDA refuses to allow it. Does the FDA know something the rest of the world does not? I doubt it. The FDA may have other nonmedical reasons.

Gail Kessler

If I take 1200 mg of calcium a day--600 in the am and 600 at bedtime--I don't have problems with RLS. Sometimes I have to take the pm dose earlier in the evening if I'm lying on the couch watching tv.

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