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3 Months ago, after going through the remedies on this site, I gave up Chocolate and Coffee. They seemed to be a common factor in many submissions. I had experienced RLS as pain, every night, for many years and am now 100% cured. Yes, totally pain free - it feels great! I often say a silent Thank you, when I wake up in the middle of the night and my legs aren't aching, to those who took the time to share on this site.


My RLS kicks in from time to time, and will destroy my sleep cycle and leave me incredibly frustrated, pacing around crying from exhaustion but unable to keep my legs still. Like many of the people here, I combine remedies. I take a few spoonfuls of blackstrap molasses for the iron and take slow release magnesium during the daytime. I think having enough of the right vitamins and minerals in your brain is critical so I also took up taking a multivitamin. I also take an Epsom salt bath before bedtime when I'm worried my RLS will kick in. It helps relax my muscles and also has magnesium....I'm not sure there is enough quinine in tonic water to make a difference, but I also drink tonic water and keep soap in my bed!!!!


My doctor told me that there are recent studies that 800 mg of Vitamin E every night has been shown effective against RSL. Since I've been doing this my twitching has disappeared and my RSL is much better. I have one 'bad' night every few weeks when it used to be every night.


restless leg syndrome - i suffered from this for years - my daughter told me to put a bar of soap into my bed and leave it there - it worked - when the soap isnt there the rls comes back - i aso keep a bar in my car and in my pocket if i am working on the computer for long periods of time - sounds crazy but it works......good luck


Marijuana is the remedy. This is the only thing that has worked for me.


My wife has rls . We found that
TONIC WATER helps ! it must contain
quinine ! it taste aweful but seems
to work and is relately inexspensive

Ron n Karen


I am a 38 year old female and I have the more severe case of RLS. It only use to be in my legs but now it takes over my whole body. Sometimes, when i wait as long as i can before i start my 'fish out of water' shake, it starts to feel like its taking over my lungs/breathing!I can still breathe but it gives me a feeling like i cant breathe right. (hard to explain what it feels like) I am on medication (ROPINIROLE) but its not working. I am curious IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY SPINAL PROBLEMS? I am just throwing this out there because i had back surgery and my RLS got way worse than before. I have no remedy for anyone! The only thing i can say is: i have taken hydrocodone, not for any pain but to fall asleep and it has been the only thing that works. (not a good thing to be taking) I couldnt tell you if it took it away or just knocked me out fast so i wouldnt know it was there. Just knowing that i have not lost my mind and there are others out there going through the same hell makes me feel like there might be some hope left. I am not sure how much longer i can go through this. Dr's have a way of making you think that your only trying to get drugs. At this point, i will do anything to be able to have 6 full hours of uninterrupted sleep. My children need me and i can't even function half way through the day.. Thanks for listening...

Casey Lehl

I am a 28 y/o male, I have rls really bad when I take anything with diphenhydramine in it. Well, last night I had to take a couple tylenol pm's because it all there was and I got rls really bad. I finally took a womens multi vitamin and in 30 minutes I was out, for the whole night.





this is for rdl restless leg syndrom, this may sound weird but i tried it and it worked wonders for me. put a bar of dove or ivory soap under ur sheets down by ur legs . no more rdl my mom said she tried it and was also amazed.

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