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I have really bad RLS and i find if I lie down on my back with my legs in the air up against a wall or something it helps a LOT. I usually stay like that for 30 mins or so. depends on how bad ur legs are. Just be careful. if u stay like that too long your legs may go numb!


I have had RLS for almost 6 years now, I'm 32 years old and I get them every night till 4/5am b4 I manage to sleep. That is until now, well the last 5 days that is, and here's how.
I avoid eating after 6pm including tea, coffee more importantly I drink a glass of pure carrot juice from a juicer machine (not blender) every evening about ten pm. I also drink apple and pear juice sometimes I even mix it all up into a large glass and drink it, I would love to see if it works for anyone else. As I say it's been 5 nights and I'm sleeping with out RLS which for any one who suffers from it knows is a god send!


I have had RLS since I was in High School. I am now 45 and finally got it diagnosed when I was in my early 30s. I have been on Klonopin and Gabapentin for years. I tried some new drug and Levodopa but they didn't work. I am sick of being a slave to prescription pills so I have started researching other remedies. I am weaning off the Klonopin and Gabapentin and taking a Stress formula B comple vitamin, more Vitamin C, Iron. Potassium and Magnesium. This morning my feet started tingling g and it was awakening the crawly tickles in my ankles and knees so I decided to try the bar of soap remedy. I rubbed the soap one time over my feet and placed it on my feet and in 10 minutes everything was gone!! I'm also going to try the tonic water as it has quinine in it. I'm so happy that I will be pill free!!!


Please try abdominal massage. It worked for me quite well. It is done like that. Press your abdominalquite hard and deep. Search for spots that hurts. And hold it for 30 seconds or more. And repeat it as many times as you can. You have to find for yourself which part of your belly to press in order to feel the relieve. I think for me it was somehere a little bellow a belly button to the right and to the left. But I do the massage of the whole abdominal area. You can search on youtube CHI NEI TSANG and you will get the idea of how it is done correctly.


Hi everyone, just wanted to share a recent helpful treatment for RLS. I had this vibrating massager and I use it on my legs before bed or during symptoms for a few minutes and it works like a charm. I'm so happy haven't had symptoms for a while now.


My RLS has been getting worse every month even though I take clonazepam and mirapex, lyrica (fibromyalgia) and cymbalta!
Out of desperation one night, I rubbed on some menthol type gel for aches and pains (almost any type will do, like Bengay or blue stuff) I didn't want to get the gel all over the bed so i dug out a 'knee Brace' that I pull up above my knees where it hurts most. A MIRACLE FOR ME!!
It works very well( most of the time)!! I now use two, one above the knee, one below. I just bought new ones at dollar plus, for my arms which are affected also. NOW...THE BEST THING IS that I bought them in the DOLLAR STORE!! They are dark blue, tube shaped , (U PULL IT ON OVER YOUR FOOT UP TO YOUR KNEE) and stretchy @ 6 inches high and maybe 8 inches around. The name on the label says SIBOTE SPORTING GOODS. I bought 2 of each type....all different sizes for calf or thigh. For me, this is a life saver.
My mom suggested putting saran wrap around the area and then putting on the brace. I might try it if things get worse..
Questions for anyone:
Does Mirapex help anyone?
Did anyone think that they were getting Parkinsens disease...i read that the symptoms are similiar.
What type of doctor do u use?

Thank u all for sharing your really helps me a lot!! I didn't know that others had this same problem and how badly if affects your lives..God Bless.

B e z

Restless Leg Cure = marijuana. Plain and simple. Eat it, smoke it. It's everywhere! Or take horrible prescription Meds that destroy your liver etc.


HI GUYS. I've been taking medication, and here i am to report on my own experience.
I take 0.5mg of clonazepam (also known as clonotril) every night about 1h before i sleep.
1. seeing a neurologist and getting medicine may be a prob
2. the meds make you so drowsy it's scary to conk out asleep anywhere anytime with no recollection of what you were doing. I've found myself awaking the the floor many many times.
3. it doesn't work if you don't get enough sleep (in my case) or are stressed out. i guess caffeine and alcohol also apply.

my best solution is to get someone to massage my legs till i fall asleep. but i feel bad for bothering my dad.

so, i guess to lessen the impacts SLEEP AT REGULAR TIMES. no naps, no caffeine, no alcohol, try to exercise. sleep is most important i feel. the other remedies vary from person to person.

some background info: I'm 17 yrs old, no idea how i got RLS, had it for... 5 years now.

keep up the good fight everyone!

you can contact me @ if you wanna rant or whatsoever.


hot tub at bed time, stretching or tightening of muscle in the restless area, walking (or pacing).However sometimes you just can't beat it and can only wait for it to subside. somewhere I heard the episodes last an average of 20 minutes but find that to be grossly untrue. Anyone who has suffered from RLS knows that. Have been dealing with this since 8:30 and is now 1:00 am.


I have suffered with RLS since I was 7 but did not discover that it had a name until I was in my 20s. The one thing that often helps is to tie a sock around my foot tightly. As tight as you can get without cutting off the circulation. Now I'm in my 30s and it is getting close to unbearable, and not just at night but much of the day too. Sometimes the sock isn't enough anymore. It also travels into my hand when it gets bad, and I end up with two socks tied on my food and one tied on my hand. Sometimes a very hot bath at bedtime helps to relieve it and also helps me to sleep faster. I'm thinking about going back on sleeping pills just to knock myself out so I don't have to deal with it all night. I'm so glad to hear the many ideas for remedies and I will certainly be trying some of them. Good luck everyone!

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