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I was reading for the past 3 nights I've been up with rls and insomnia due to ssri withdrawal. I read about using cold wet towels then read about a weighed blanket. Well I recently purchssed this fairly big, covers my snkles to thighs, cool mat for dogs. Think it's a as seen on TV item. It's both cold and heavy and works. Just need to lose the insomnia now. I just want to sleep good luck to all


I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome on and off for about 22 years. My legs tend to feel like they have the flu - achy. It has been so bad that I can wake up crying. But then it will go away for so long that I forget I ever had it. A couple of years ago my chiropractor retired and I went to a new one with the chief complaint of RLS. He treated me for about a month and the RLS was gone. Coincidence? Then I moved to another state and although I have a new chiropractor I don't think he is nearly as good as the old one. The RSL got to be worse than ever!!!! My only salvation was that Advil gave me relief. But taking 8 Advil to make it through the night can't be good for you. So, I was again out of state and went to a different chiropractor and again the RLS is almost totally gone after 2 weeks. Coincidence? I don't think so.

So, my advice is:

1. Get a good recommendation for a chiropractor.

2. Don't go to one who uses a 'drop table.' A drop table is kind of a wimpy way to go.

3. Give it a few weeks.


I get restless leg syndrome when I don't eat right, so the only way I can get back to sleep is to get up and eat 1/2 to a whole banana. I can never be without bananas. I would never get back to sleep if I didn't have a banana beside my bed. It is horrible. Did you know bananas not only have potassium, they do have protein. I am also allergic to any artificial flavors....that will cause restless leg syndrome. I can't have coffee or tea at night that will cause it too. Hopes this helps someone.

Dick Carlson

Well - I too have read all these pages. Thanks so much for the information. This is a great crowd of information. I have had severe RLS for the past 3 months - no sleep at all. I would spend hours a day researching RLS on the internet. There are many good information sites. Pretty good info here.

I read that Black Strap Molasses could help and it did. But the solution was a higher dose of Iron Supplementation, specifically Chelated Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate). Along with Mg supplements - RLS - Gone! Here's a good resource for the Iron connection and RLS


I use my regular body lotion and the cheap icy hot stuff, from Dollar store. I mix them together (I use 3/4 bottle lotion and 1 tube of generic Icy Hot. I lotion up when I start to feel it coming on. It goes away almost instantly. YOu may have to play around with the mix but it works every time. Good luck!


SALT is the culprit here guys!! Greatly reduce your salt and add in the magnesium and potassium supplements. Within a week I was nearly cured. Salt sucks then potassium and magnesium from your body. It is all explained really well at I know for myself I always want the thorough explanation as to why I am doing something. Yes I had to download the info and pay $39 bucks I think. Worth it. Or skip that and just take my advice!


I am taking 2400mg of schisandra berry every night before bed. It is the only thing that has worked for me.


I suffer from rls occasionally. When ever it occors. I take one baby asprin. Symptoms go away within 20 minutes. Works every time for me.


I've often felt that my restless legs were a result of pressure on nerves in my groin from fecal matter. So I googled "abdominal massage for constipation" on you tube. When one or both legs begin to have symptoms, I lay on my back and do an abdominal massage to move the "poop" along. As I do the massage, I usually feel some relief in the particular leg or legs just from doing that, but finally realized that after I did that for a while I started sensing some relief. Most of the time after several minutes, the restlessness would subside enough where I would just fall back asleep. I didn't realize that it was working for a while until it dawned on me the next morning that I had had only one episode that night and after the massage it was relieved to the point that I slept the rest of the night. Just know that it takes a while for the nerves to calm down once you've taken the pressure off that area by massaging the poop past that area. Your legs my continue to tingle even after you stop the massage, but it finally calms enough to fall back asleep. I haven't been able to determine exactly how long it takes before the restlessness calms down and I go back to sleep...because I go back to sleep. I just know that in the morning, I realize the episode didn't keep me awake for hours tossing and turning.


Teaspoon of mustard helps me. Relief is almost instant.

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