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I use a wrap that I bought that wraps around my calf . whatever is in it truly works. My husband was ready to kick me out of bed. I wouldn't go with out it. I even carry it with me when I travel in the car and my legs start to jerk.


Hi all, I have suffered from RLS and know how bad this can get!
I am a strong believer in natural remedies, because it seems all now that all doctors want to give you is a quick fix and hand you a prescription to get rid of you fast!
So I suggest making a list of natural remedies and from there is a trial and error.
Right now, this is what works for me:
- a multi-vitamin (especially one with a decent amount of calcium, magnesium, zinc)
- learn to relax
- and a bar of soap under the sheets! (for aromatherapy)

this has helped my case a bit but am searching for other remedies along the way. If anyone would like to discuss RLS feel free to email me:

happy hunting to all~ Jenni


I've been a sufferer for many years.. tried drugs but the side effects out weighed the cure.. I started stretching due to patellar tendinitis and found that stretching hamstrings, quads and calf muscles almost eliminated RLS... I am not a pill taker and hate being a Guinea pig.


I have suffered for ever with RLS. I prayed about it, and the Lord said sip
Dill Pickle Juice. If your RLS starts,
take a sip of pickle juice. It usually stops right away.I believe in prayer and it worked.


I've suffered from RLS off and on since I was a pre-teen and have found it unbearable at times, especially during pregnancy. The best remedy I've found is to take a freezing cold bath before bed. The water is just deep enough to cover my legs. Even though it's about 5-10 minutes of serious discomfort, it leads to hours of sleep and it doesn't involve taking any pills.


I am a 50 yr old woman that has suffered with RLS since my early 20s. It runs in my family and none of us have ever found a 'cure'. I have discussed this with my family doctor for years (his wife also suffers RLS) and have tried all of the prescriptions recommended. Some I couldn't take due to side effects - others just did not work for me. I found this site several months ago and made some notes of remedies from others. I combined some of these suggestions with some of my doctor's recommendations and here I am 9 weeks later saying that I have found relief FINALLY. I wanted to share in hopes of maybe helping others - it takes several weeks to see improvement but stay with it and maybe you will also see results. I'm sleeping!! I take Calcium Magnesium with D (3x daily), MegaVita Gel (2x daily), Vitamin C-500mg(1x daily), Slow Release Iron 50mg (2x daily), Astaxanthin 10mg (1x daily). I would advise checking with your doctor first though (especially regarding the Iron). Hope you're sleeping soon.

Dawn Hemming

I have have been successful at keeping restless leg at bay by doing three things: take magnesium every day, and completely avoid gluten and sugar. I have suffered from RLS for eight years. I have been able to control it completely if I follow the three thIngs. When I cheat, I have problems!


I find that if I fall asleep when I am tired the RLS stays away. It is when I force myself to stay up after my body says 'go to bed' that my RLS kicks in to high gear. I know this isn't possible for everybody, but it's something to shoot for!


Top Notch Cure for Restless Leg Syndrome before bed time or when you get it.

Eat a stalk or two of raw Celery.

Works for leg cramps.
Good for heartburn also.

I practice what I preach.


The best thing I have found for my twitching legs (I have periodic movement disorder while awake and asleep as well as some rls) is to use an athletic brace on my ankles. It is the kind that crosses in front of the ankle and applies pressure there, I got them at Walgreens. It has really helped me as pressure seems to be the thing that makes me be able to relax and sleep. Sometimes I go to the couch because I can wedge my feet up against the back of the couch if I don't have by braces on. I also take 3 200 mg tablets of magnesium and a multivitamin w/iron, which has taken a good sized edge off of my problem, but the braces have made the most difference of all. I really feel for those suffering with this, its hard for someone who doesn't have this to understand what it's like.

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