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I notice my RLS when I'm with other people much more than when I'm alone. So I get to drive other people crazy, which is nice. :(

I've decided that is because I can move around without noticing as much when I'm alone so I don't notice the symptoms. It gives me more trouble trying to sit still when watching tv or in the movies or on a plane then in bed. At bedtime I go a good lotion application and rub my legs hard, and I can sleep through the night.

I've noticed alot of comments on here about magnesium, and alot of comments about no msg, so I'm going to try adding those to my vitamin regimen. The sugar link seems obvious, yet, difficult to give up but I will pay closer attention to that, now. The dairy connection is really interesting and something I would never have noticed. Lots to think about, thanks so much everyone who took the time to post here!


I'm sitting here at the airport waiting for my next flight and seriously regreting i had the Root Beer served on the last flight. My legs are creeping and crawling like crazy. I've had RLS since i was about 10 years old and I'm 43 now. My brother and mother both also have it. My brother takes Requip with some success. I don't like taking drugs because of the side effects.

I've discovered through extensive elimination diet experients how to completely eliminate RLS for myself. I have found that it's tied to refined sugar and some other refined carbs. I've been off all added sugar including corn syrup, brown sugar, cane sugar, ' fruit sweetened' etc for several months now with great success. Basically my diet consists of fresh or frozen veggies and fruit, chicken and fish (unbreaded and not fried). I am usually pretty disciplined cutting out junk or processed food and i don't struggle with RLS at all as long as i stick to the strict diet. I also have sleep issues, acid relux and Chron's/Cholitis that i'm managing well without meds. I'll post about those soon as well. Ted


I was convinced I was going to have a sleepless night last night, as I'd had a hard go at the gym, was stressed, and could really just feel the 'fizzing' feeling building up. Pleasantly, I didn't - I guess it's one of the following. Might not be. Worth a try, right?

So here's my three-point plan for addressing RLS:

1. Dry skin brushing. I've just started this, you can find instructions online. I didn't start it for RLS, rather for skin benefits, but there are some people out there who legit think it helps. I did this about four hours before bed, after the gym, but you can try it sooner before bed, or to alleviate symptoms once you have them.

2. Heavy blanket. Some others have suggested this one. What it says on the tin - a heavy blanket. Really heavy. If you don't feel like you're lying under a cow, it's not heavy enough. I'm in the UK, so this works better for me - if you're in Florida I guess you're SOL. Maybe weighted straps, or something? Restraints? Leg weights? I know this sounds ridiculous, but RLS is dreadful and frankly I'd try anything once.

For when all else has failed:

3. Dead-arm yourself. Really. Thump that sucker. I'm not some troll laughing at the idea of people all over the world, furiously punching themselves on my advice - I've done it myself when I get really desperate. I give each limb a good thump right in the bicep or the calf, and after I've stopped writhing in pain (seriously, I really do mean crack yourself one), the 'fizzing' (I always think of it as a fizzing, with me) just stops dead and I can go to sleep. It's honestly remarkable (and if it doesn't work for you, apologies - I really do suggest this in good faith. Ymmv!).


I use essential oils. You take a base. I use sweet almond oil, but you can just go to the kitchen and use olive oil. You can get essential oils on Amazon or in the cosmetic section in Whole Food, or in almost any store on N. Halsted in Chicago. Probably other places, too. I use marjoram and basil. But if you don't like the smell or it doesn't work, you can try other combos. What you're going for are (and while this makes perfect sense, it makes me laugh every time) meat tenderizers. If you would rub it on a roast, rub it on your legs. Oil form, not spice form. And if it doesn't work, at least you're well seasoned.


Stop eating Dairy completely try it for two weeks and your restless legs will be gone forever, that is until your eat dairy again. Just like a peanut allergy if a person with a peanut allergy eats one peanut they react. Same thing with a restless legs person and dairy, our bodies are allergic to Casein which is in dairy. I had RLS all my life but it is now gone. But has to be completely dairy free if you are desperate enough like I was take the two week challenge and prove it to yourself. IT WORKS


This REALLY worked for me it is about figure eight motions. Everyone knows how a skater makes a figure eight.. Well basically you want to do this standing up or sitting down¡K.stick your LEFT ARM ONLY straight out to your side and in the air (like your trying to fly like an airplane) make a figure eight motion. Make it as wide as comfortably can 15-20 times, 3-4 times a day. One of those times should be right before bed. The same goes for the left leg you can do it sitting or standing make the figure 8 with your LEFT LEG ONLY. Both the arm and leg figure eight should be done side ways not up & down. (DO NOT do this with your right leg or arm). If rls acts up at night do the exercises¡¦ again. Hope I explained this well, this has really worked for me within 4 nights I have tried EVERYTHING, soap, baths, crying ect¡KOnly drugs worked for me but who has 12+ hours to sleep a day?? Give it a try¡K please let me know after a week if it worked Thanksƒº and goodnightƒº zzzzzzzzzzz, finally!


DRINKING WATER ALL DAY TO BE WELL HYDRATED AT NIGHT stopped my chronic RLS--for now. I put a 64 oz. pitcher of water out in the morning, finishing it by 8 PM. Water is worth a try. My whole body is happier!


I read 14 of the 22 pages of remedies and I haven't seen my favourite yet: French's yellow mustard (and yes, it HAS to be French's!) I walked in on my partner's grandmother having a serious charlie horse one day and she asked me to fetch the mustard and to make sure it wasn't dijon, just yellow. I thought it was the weirdest request ever! I brought this up to my own Nan and she said, 'Of course, that remedy is as old as time!' o.O Nobody told me this and I've been a RLS sufferer for years! That same night I got up, grabbed a tbsp and jammed that mustard down my throat. Blech!! I gotta tell ya, it REALLY does work! Even my sister who weight trains pulls out the French's mustard when she feels the spasms coming. I just wish this remedy could jump to the top of the list since it's a non-drug and costs pennies. I'm curious to hear of others success. Good luck, folks, and get some sleep! :D


My doctor had me drink tonic water while I was pregnant and had RLS. It tasted terrible, but I guess it worked for the time being.



I can now sleep the entire night undisturbed.

I have had RLS for at least 50 years. My mother had it, some of my siblings have it and some of my adult children have it. Over the years I’ve used several of the prescription meds – Sinamet, Parlodel, Neurontin, and Requip. They all had side effects that I couldn’t tolerate. So I decided to look for my own solutions. I have been retired for several years, so I have the time to do my own research.

Here’s what I learned. There is a category of food additives called neurotoxins or excitotoxins. They are glutamates that affect the nervous system. The most well known excitotoxin is MSG (monosodium glutamate), Other additives are converted by processing into glutamates. All excitotoxins should be eliminated from the diet. We need to eat unprocessed foods only. Even tiny amounts of excitotoxins will aggravate RLS. In addition to RLS, excitotoxins are involved in some of today’s maladies that we never heard of years ago, such as fibromyalgia. Also some conditions were around but not as prevalent, i.e. migraine headaches, joint pains, etc.

Read all food labels. Do not buy anything with the following additives. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Give it a try for a month. When I first eliminated all these additives, I slept soundly for seven straight hours on the second night.

Other Names for MSG

Monosodium glutamate
Hydrolyzed “anything”
Autolyzed “anything”
Natural flavor/flavorings
Caseinate (sodium or calcium)
Yeast extract or nutrient
Seasonings, Spice
Commercial soup or sauce base
Soy, wheat, whey protein
Soy, fish, or bean sauces
“Anything sulfite”
Malted barley flour
Malt extract
Corn byproducts: corn syrup, dextrose,
cornstarch, citric acid

Commercial processes used today to manufacture MSG weren’t in use until the 1960s. There’s nothing “natural” about the MSG in wide use today. Aspartame (NutraSweet®) is another widely used excitotoxin.

Keep in mind, though. It’s almost impossible to avoid additives 100 percent. Sometimes we eat out, and don’t know what’s in the food. Some items, like deli foods, are wrapped on the spot, so you don’t know what’s in them. In those cases, if I’ve been good the rest of the day, I might experience some minor twitches toward morning. On occasions when I’m tempted by something really yummy, and I ignore the additive content, I can count on a really bad night.

Oh, BTW, in addition to the above, I isolated a couple of other surefire triggers of RLS, namely, acid foods such as lemons, raspberries, tomatoes, etc. milk, too. Also, if I need to go to the bathroom and ignore the call, it will trigger my RLS. Because of that, any time I go to the theater, I go to the washroom at intermission, whether I need to or not. Otherwise my legs will go crazy for the second half of the play.

I go through the entire day with no episodes. I used to have a siege every night between suppertime and bedtime. My nights are now relatively undisturbed. I might get small twitches a couple times each night, but it's not unusual to sleep 4-5 hours with nary a twitch. The twitches are shortlived, and usually if I get up and go to the bathroom I can return to bed and after a short wakeful period I can return to sleep for a couple of hours. It feels so weird to have my legs completely at peace. Usually even when they were'nt 'active', I could still feel a very slight tingle.

Every now and then when I succumb to temptation, I pay. Last week I had a little can of V-8. A little while later my legs started up. Lasted about 1/2 hour. The culprit? Listed among the ingredients was 'natural flavors', which is an alias for MSG.

Since anybody on this forum is probably computer literate, you can do your own research by Googling the words ‘excitotoxins’or ‘neurotoxins'. Better to use the designation ‘excitotoxins’, because the links will bring up food additives. The word ‘neurotoxin’ also brings up a lot of info on mercury and lead poisoning and other environmental toxins. Read some of the links that come up and you’ll be shocked.

If you're really interested in this, don't go out and buy a lot of new foods. Instead, for a couple of days try just having natural proteins that you already have at home, like eggs, meat, fish, fowl, plus cooked fresh veggies and salad with just oil and vinegar. Maybe some bread and butter or peanut butter, but check the ingredients first. Keep it as pure and fresh as you can. That should be sufficient to test the theory. If your RLS abates, then you'll know excitotoxins affect you. If not, it didn't cost you anything.

So, in summary….don’t eat anything with excitotoxin additives, watch out for acidic fruits/foods, and don’t ignore nature’s call.

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