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We have medical marijuana in this state, WA, and it has always served me well. Lately I have had to add Clonazapam. Wil try other remedies but the THC is magic


I'm 29 and have had rls for ever, but after I had to have my little toe amputated after 5 failed surgeries and 3 manipulations my rls had became quite intense, as to be waking me up at night. I had to have a sleep study done where they actually had to give me a pretty heavy sleeping medication to get me to sleep because of my legs, but they had actually found out thatmy case is one of the most extreme cases that they have ever seen as it doesn't only involve my legs but rather my legs, arms, feet and hands if not on medications. But recently my dosage of mirapex hasnt been working, as im having difficulty again. Its so frustrating, and i Have tried all of the home remedies, nutrient suppliments and nothing is working! To make matters worse, we Have moved to another state eger i have yet to find a new doctor and i have ran out of my medication. I have been trying everything short of going to the er because mine will cause me to not be able to sleep because of how intense this is! I have not been able to sleep in 2 days because of this and im so worn out. I just know that if i was to go to the emergency room, they would look at me weird and think i was inane even though i have all of my med records to prove this condition. i know a lot of people think this condition is rediculous but it is very real and can run your Life if untreated! Im also here to say that with extreme cases like mine, exercising actually does nothing for improvement, as i walk 4 miles a day and has no effect what so ever on my condition! Otc drugs like the ones you can find at walmart, dont work for me either, i do not know if its because they are to weak but its been my experience that they just flat out do not work! Mirapex has been my saving grace with this condition especially after it had worsened after not only the trauma i endured but with my last pregnancy, it was horrible! Talk About aggrevation! That was the most miserable i had ever been in my Life! I do not wish this condition on anyone! And sympathise with anyone who does deal with this aggonizing condition day after day. I hope this med can help others as i know its a fairly new medication on the market!

David m.

Ask ur doctor about carb-Levo I think it is an old Parkinson's drug , and therefore very cheap , I have taken it now for two years with exceptional results and no side effects that I have noticed , only time it doesn't werk is when I don't fill my script , lol , bouta have a spoon of mustard b4 I stab myself in the knee!!!! Lol


I've had rls for quite awhile now, one thing I found that helps and I know its gonna sound weird but I was told by my mom to place a bar of unscented soap under my sheets by my legs and at this point I was ready to try. So I did it and what do you know it worked for me, now im able to sleep at night...hope this helps


I am not a long-term sufferer of RLS but, after a few bouts of it I was ready to try anything, hence my arriving at this site - but I needed immediate help, as in 4am help. I turned to a small jar of TIGER BALM and madly rubbed what was left of it on irritable muscles in my legs and feet and you know what, I got my immediate relief. A solid night's sleep- well what was left of it.

I will add to this another similar remedy that 100% (strangely) works, is when having bouts of night coughs (any age - even babies) lather vicks vapour rub cream on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks. Something magical happens - lord knows what, but it also works.
:o) Happy Healing


HI Friends!

I have read all your suggestions with great interest and great sympathy! YES, RLS is ghastly!

I had a total knee replacement a month ago, and was prescribed percocet. Now I am weaning myself off it and this weaning-off process seems to have thrown my whole system into chaos. I have evidently forgotten how to sleep and my RLS is WILD.

Taking all your ideas into account I am determined to defeat this once an for all. It was less distressing when I was younger. Now it is WAR.

I went to my GP yesterday and she prescribed a mild dose os clonazapam to calm me down and help me sleep and MAYBE help the RLS.

Last night I had somewhat easier night as I tried a couple of your suggested remedies and the one which seems to helps the most, so far, is the Coconut Lime spray from the Life brand. Thank you to whoever suggested this!!! The clonazapam did not seem to affect the RLS. I did not have luck with magnets.

I also had my massage therapist work on the pressure points in the back of the calf, (also as one of you advise) and while it set off a frenzy of leg spasming while she was doing it, I had a spasm free night. But I couldn't replicate it myself. I will get her to show me more carefully next week.

I am afraid to go to bed and endure 6 - 8 hours of misery, sleeplessness etc.

One thing I do which does help in the middle of the night, for about an hour, is get in the shower and spray the coldest water on the offending legs, including bum which spasms too. I am dreading doing this in Canada in the winter!

I also try to distract myself a little bit by playing my favourite music, on CD.....all night if necessary! It keeps me less lonely.

I will continue to follow your journeys, and hope we will someday see an end to this blight. All best wishes, Jane


Witch Hazel rubbed on the offending leg or legs. I've used it and it works for me.


Like most of the people on this website, my RLS is a pretty intense. I tried some of the home remedy posted and they have some good tips but nothing really works for me. The only relief I found was here on this form called privic its the closest thing that I can find to an all natural topical application. Its smells kinda intense but i have learned to love the mint and sweet birch. Does anyone have any information on topical remedies? I really love my privic , but want to explore more options.


I am 53 and have had restless leg syndrome (RLS) all my life. It does not disturb my sleep and any discomfort is minimal. I would automatically shake my legs during the day when the discomfort arose. For me I do not believe diet or exercise is a factor. I have found no such combination to help. Besides RLS I would say I am in excellent health. I only found out their was a name for my discomfort about 5 years ago. Since I always had this problem it was just part of my life. During the evening the discomfort would be worse, but moving my legs would make it better. I would often sleep without a pillow as that relieved the discomfort but it was not always necessary. As time went on the problem appears to be worse but still something I could live with since my sleep was not disturbed in anyway. I live outside the U.S. and while visiting a doctor I told him of my problem and without any testing he gave me dihydroergotoxine, 4.5 mg per day. I was not expecting any good results from this, but within a day or two I did not have the sensation to move my legs during the day hours at all. Late in the evening when I am on the coach or desk I would feel a little discomfort but much less than before. I would say this drug improved my situation by 90% and I have been on it for 9 months. I did some reading on this drug after being given the prescription and there was not much regarding its use for RLS, but there was on study that helped where the participants received 10 to 40mg. I noticed when I took a higher dose of up to 12mg there was no improvement for me. So the 4.5 mg is working fine. Now that I am so close to being 100 percent better I may look for some other options to get there, but I can't really complain and such a solution is now not a priority. Here is what one study said: open pilot study with the dopamine agonist alpha-dihydroergocryptine (DHEC) was conducted in 16 patients with idiopathic restless legs syndrome (RLS) over a period of 5 weeks. Following a drug-free interval of 1 week, the patients were treated with daily doses of 10 to 40 mg DHEC. As compared to baseline values, treatment led to a statistically significant reduction of subjective RLS symptoms. Overall complaints at night decreased significantly by 63.9 +/- 38.1% as measured by a visual analogue scale. Detailed evaluation of sensory discomfort, motor restlessness, involuntary movements, as well as sleep quality also showed significant improvement. Side effects were mostly mild and affected mainly the gastrointestinal tract. Five patients needed domperidone for treatment of concomitant nausea. One patient stopped the study due to nausea. In conclusion, the results of this open study suggest a role for DHEC in the treatment of RLS. Hopes this helps someone.


I have suffered from uncontrolled leg twitching for many years.  Unofficially it is RLS, however it is difficult qualifying for insurance with this condition so officially I am not diagnosed.  Trying to fall asleep at night is miserable and the lack of sleep increased my anxiety which resulted in ending my career and employment.   I end up on the couch most nights because laying on my side with the support on my back tends to relieve some of the tension and less twitching.  The prescription medication causes nausea so I have tried different remedies and searched for new at-home ideas.  Exercise tends to cause deep joint pain so the walking has not helped me.I've been taking Calcium & Magnesium supplements for almost a year now but still suffering with no relief.  I seriously even tried the soap under the mattress, actually soap bar probably still there after years although no help, but not a surprise.  In the middle of the night I get up to stretch legs, walk around - pace, and hard to relax because that's when the twitching acts up.  I have tried cutting back on caffine but when already sleep deprived, hard to give up. Bashfully i will admit that an orgasism does tense all of muscles and results in relaxation enough to fall asleep as a temporary relief most of the time.  Late one night while trying to fall asleep, saw a message on this website about Tonic water and mustard.  I really don't want to try the mustard approach yet but will be my next option.  However, I have sipped about 1/4-1/3 cup of diet tonic water this week and have had less trouble than have had in the past.  So I am sticking with a small drink of tonic water before bed for now and want to say thanks to everyone for the variety of options and solutions.  Hope others get some relief soon! 

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