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I'm 59+ and have suffered from RLS for most of my life. suffered auto rides with legs acting up, many unpleasant times. I describe RLS as a feeling of legs wanting to stretch, just like many people do when they get up from sleep. Some of the things that I had discovered: triggers: sugars, both white and fruits, being tired (never ending circle as having RLS makes you loose sleep) not eating a balanced diet on a regular basis (eating just one bad meal, doesn't bring it on and eating just one good meal doesn't stop it either)Cures/treatments: regular good balanced meals, in 1995 I was taking a nutritional supplement called reliv, I took it faithfully for about three or four months; I began to have an abundance of energy and noticed that the RLS had stopped and or greatly deminished (sometimes I would feel like it was starting to come on, but if I went to sleep, it never came on full bore) another treatment I have tried that seems to help a little is standing against a wall with my feet away from the wall, then I let the angle and weight slowly stretch the muscles in my legs. (this takes several minutes to do properly) If at home, I also take HOT baths that cause the muscles to relax. I used to do a lot of riding in vans to work jobs and found that if I got into really good conversations with people, the RLS would not kick in. My case is so bad that I feel it sometimes in my arms and hands as well as my legs. Yet I have very little problem going to sleep, although it many times does wake me before I'm ready to quit sleeping. I recently discovered that eating fresh bell peppers seems to lessen/stop symptoms. This works rather quickly, so if it's going to help you, you will most likely see results fast. Final word, if I had the financial resources, I would get the reliv and start taking it on a regular basis.

David Kallin

Put a rubber wrist band around your leg or thigh slightly below the point of sensation. (larger band for area above knee) Sensation normally goes away after a few minutes.


I find that if I leave the tv on or talk radio and listen to that as I fall asleep, it completely takes my mind off the need to move my legs.


250 mg. L-carnitine & 800 mg horse chestnut, once a day, are miracles for me. If I hadn't foundthis in a book at the health food store, I don't know what would have happened. I was totally miserable. I went off it about 2 months ago, hoping it had gone away, but it was back in no time . Then I remembered and went right back on and have slept well ever since.


Someone told me to go to chiropractor and get adjusted. HUMMMM! I think I'll try that.


When my friend shared this with me I was very doubtful but after suffering for nearly 30 years I have a solution. Put and unwrapped bar of IVORY soap underneath your bottom bed sheet.. I have not had such wonder nights of sleep since I was in my early 20s. No one can explain how or why it works but it does. Even on all the medications they tired nothing worked like this does. I have used it for about 5 wees now and not one night have I been kept up. The night before I found this idea I slept at the most 1 1/2 hours. I could not keep going like that any longer. PLEASE TRY IT It also stopped most of the leg cramps. Some people on the link she sent me tape sliver of it to their socks or carry a travel size in their pockets when flying

Cie J.

Hello all,
I too have suffered from restless legs for years. I was on Trazadonne for it for several years. Worked quite well at first then not as well but still afforded a decent night's sleep. The only problem was it left me feeling drugged even during the day.
So, weaned myself off of them and now use melatonin and licorice root supplement with cal/mag and I get good relief. Also, I have greatly reduced white sugar, white flour and basically all empty carbs from my diet.
Thirdly, a hot shower and a cup of chamomile tea about an hour before bed also help.
If I have a bout in the middle of the night, I immediately get up and do some housework or leg exercises until it subsides. I'm a single, Christian woman so the orgasm remedy is not currently an option! Hope this helps! Blessings to you all.


I have had RLS for years. I had an injury to my back about 6 years ago & had been taking pain meds, which masked the irritation & I slept fine. I finally had back surgery & have now been off pain meds for 2 weeks. However, over these last 2 weeks, I can't sleep more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours solid without waking up extremely agitated from my RLS. I don't want to go back to pain meds, do I asked my 92 year old grandmother if she still is bothered by it and she said she hasn't been bothered by it for a long time because she drinks 5oz. of Tonic Water at night. She says the Quinine in it is what gave her the relief. Now I tried to drink it years ago & immediately gagged because it is not a pleasant taste by any means, but i also know that any of you that suffer at night, as I do, are willing to try anything. Tonight I will be giving it a try in hopes of getting some sleep. I plan on holding my nose & drinking 5oz each night for the next week so I can tell if it will work for me. Even if it doesn't work for me, I figured I'd post this in case it does for someone else.


My mother, who is 97 years old, was told a few years ago to take Vitamin E. She has taken it every day faithfully and has had NO RLS since. I just started trying it myself.


Well i have had RLS for around 20 years and have never found any thing that would really help but 3 years ago my Dr. put me on ambien it helped for around a year then i started getting my RLS back then it became a fight every night trying to get to sleep. So then i thought if i take an ambien and have a few beers that would help and it did for while then it stopped working so then i just thought if i get drunk i can get some sleep and that didn't work so now i amd going to take gabapentin and am going to try some pickle juice and some french's mustard and a bar of soap i am getting tired of getting only 2 hours of sleep and some time i am even lucky to get that so lets hope

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