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I have had extreme RLS for over 35 years and tried many many remedies, from natural to pharmaceutical cures. The one that has worked best and like a miracle to me, I discovered a few months ago. It was to apply magnesium oil or magnesium gel directly to my legs and leave on for at least 20 minutes. I had tried magnesium supplements before and epsom salt baths but they never helped, the trick was to apply the oil or gel topically, directly to my legs. I found immediate relief from the itching and electrical like symptoms that constantly plagued me and ruined my sleep. Magnesium oil can be diluted with water if discomforting. The first month I found I would need to apply about 5 times a day, whenever symptoms started. Now I do about once a day as I guess the magnesium slowly builds up in my system. I carry a bottle of the oil diluted with water as a spray for airplane travel since I found that cramped seating tended to intensify my RLS symptoms during the day. I have had an extreme improvement, about 90 percent better and I think as I use this remedy longer, the symptoms will completely disappear. Since finding this, I have been doing a lot of research on magnesium and it makes sense to me why RLS has become such a common complaint now.


Hi I found lying on my back with a hot water bottle under my knees stopped it. :)


Drink water and lots of it though out the day and evenings. Don't just gulp it all down at once but sip it so that the body absorbs it rather than in one end and out the other. It's worked for me!! Try it for a few days. I swear it will work for you.


Do Not Take Tramadol. It's a synthetic opiate- had one heck of a time getting off it. While it did help my RLS it also turned me into a zombie, it acts as a pain relie er and antidepressant and literally tells your brain to stop producing serotonin. And let's face it, it's as unnatural as you can get. Now onto the remedy on hand. Get a Tens Unit- 30-40$ online. Go ahead- google it, you'll see all the positive feed back. Best decision I ever made.


Tramadol is the cure. I have suffered with RLS for a long time and the only time the Tramadol doesnt work is when I run out. Get it and you will forget about RLS.


I have a bad case of restless leg and take medication for it. I discovered when I drink diet pop (a leading brand)I get restless leg really bad even with medication.


I've found that soaking in epsom salts {which has magnesium in it} or using magnesium oil takes care of my RLS. If my legs start feeling twitchy I soak my feet in epsom salts or use the oil & the problem is gone within an hour. Most people are magnesium deficient.


Tramadol- really works- is the generic for Ultrum. When I slip up and let the rx expire it is misery, misery, misery. After 30 years looking for solutions, even leg nerve tests, etc., tramadol is the only fix. Highly recommend.


I’ve been having RLS for years now. I’ve done quite a bit of research looking for ways to alleviate this condition. I eliminated coffee from my diet, stopped eating processed food (and glad that I did), put soap under my bed sheets , ate spoonfuls of mustard before bed and did lots of other things I’ve heard of or read about, but nothing seemed to be helping. Then, I came across this recipe in one of the books on Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine). The recipe was for insomnia, which of course, I suffered from due to my RLS. So, I gave it a try with immediate results. I’ve been using this recipe for about 2 months now and I’m pleased to say, I’ve had the best sleep in years. So, give it a try and just maybe it will help you too.
So, take a cup of milk, heat it in a small pan, add 2 generous pinches of unsulfured coconut flakes (can be found in any health food store), 2 large pinches of almond flour (again, any health food store will have it), 10-15 crushed cardamom seeds (most of the grocery stores have them in their spice section) and honey to taste. Once the milk is hot, pour the mixture in a cup and enjoy. It’s the best tasting medicine I’ve ever had. You can also add a couple of chopped unsulfured dates. But it works just fine without dates, as I discovered once, when I ran out of dates.


I'm 59+ and have suffered from RLS for most of my life. suffered auto rides with legs acting up, many unpleasant times. I describe RLS as a feeling of legs wanting to stretch, just like many people do when they get up from sleep. Some of the things that I had discovered: triggers: sugars, both white and fruits, being tired (never ending circle as having RLS makes you loose sleep) not eating a balanced diet on a regular basis (eating just one bad meal, doesn't bring it on and eating just one good meal doesn't stop it either)Cures/treatments: regular good balanced meals, in 1995 I was taking a nutritional supplement called reliv, I took it faithfully for about three or four months; I began to have an abundance of energy and noticed that the RLS had stopped and or greatly deminished (sometimes I would feel like it was starting to come on, but if I went to sleep, it never came on full bore) another treatment I have tried that seems to help a little is standing against a wall with my feet away from the wall, then I let the angle and weight slowly stretch the muscles in my legs. (this takes several minutes to do properly) If at home, I also take HOT baths that cause the muscles to relax. I used to do a lot of riding in vans to work jobs and found that if I got into really good conversations with people, the RLS would not kick in. My case is so bad that I feel it sometimes in my arms and hands as well as my legs. Yet I have very little problem going to sleep, although it many times does wake me before I'm ready to quit sleeping. I recently discovered that eating fresh bell peppers seems to lessen/stop symptoms. This works rather quickly, so if it's going to help you, you will most likely see results fast. Final word, if I had the financial resources, I would get the reliv and start taking it on a regular basis.

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