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I had suffered from rls for 15 years, waking up in the middle of the night, almost every and having problems for hours. Nothing worked.

I have been free of rls for years now. To my experience, rls is mostly related to stress. When I had solved my stress problems by actually burning out, the problem stopped. Even nowadays, every morning I am thankful for every 'good night' I had. Good luck to everyone.


Lots of stretching in the morning and spraying tons of privic. that seems to keep my legs calm during the day and at night i take super hot shower focus on my legs and spray privic again, that's the only way i find relief tried everything seems like everyone reacts differently.


I have found that aspercream and 2 extra strength tylenol help!!! Rub cream on knee's and tylenol relaxes me.

Dennis Milligan

I was hired to move a friends sister from one town to another here in Oklahoma. When I started on the bedroom I was surprised when I lifted her mattress to discover a couple of bars of Ivory soap. When asked about my find she told me it was for restless leg syndrome. I was skeptical but she assured me it worked just great. I have suggested this simple home remedy to all I have encountered with (rls). Guess what? It has helped each one I have told about it. Just get a couple of bars and put between the mattress and box springs under your leg area. I have confidence that it will work for you too.


Masturbation is proven to be very effective for taking rls away for a bit. I know no one likes to talk about it but there it is.


After having many sleepless nights due to restless legs, I tried rubbing them all over with Watkins Medicated Ointment, and it has been the only thing that works! I don't know if it's the tingling feeling or what, but it kills it every time.


Ok ... I know it's been awhile since I've written about this, but this is unbelievable!! You guys will never believe what I have found out, first of all you all need to watch 'BIG PHARMA' it will change your life, secondly, my husband is going through Physcology courses and one of the topics in the human anatomy section is brain chemicals and what happens when your short of them. RLS is a symptom of low and very crucial vitamins. Ok, so do you all want to know what mirapex is??? You all will literally freak when I tell you this! IT'S A GLORIFIED VITAMIN!!! Compounds are: Magnesium (high doses), Sodium chloride (high doses) and Potassium (high doses) ... Can you believe that crap???? The last couple of days I have been doing a lot of research and I think I have the right mixture!!! You can get these at all drug stores, but I prefer the natural vitamins because you body is able to break them up quicker and leave you in less discomfort for digestion.

twice a day take: 2 Potassium, 2 sodium chloride, and 3 magnisium. The reason is magnisium is easily dispelled from the body at a higher rate! I bet you that if you were to get your blood tested for vitamin levels those 3 will be extremely low! Also, people with RLS also tend to have water weight or bloat moments (as I call them), the potassium and sodium will take of this! They help with dispelling the excess water that has gone into the tissues. When you have an injury to your back, legs or joints, you will most likely get RLS due to damage and your brain will tell your receptors to put these vitamins out leaving your body expelling them. You also need OMEGA 3's ... you can get it in gel capsule form traditionally called, 'FISH OIL', now there are a few that will not make you burp up a fishy taste, natural health food stores will have these ones. This fat is essential, especially to woman as we are now a days lacking of it because processed foods took out the omega 3's and replaced them with the omega 6 and 9 to help with foods to last longer and not go rancid! What a load of crock on these food processing deals! Makes me quite mad!!! Omega 3's also help to control basic natural chemical levels in the brain, helps with depression, anxiety, etc. There are new studies that have found that patients with cancer would take high doses of this and other vitamins (like the ones I mentioned above) and have been cancer free ... I did this just to see with my second bout with cervical/ovarian cancer, and changing my diet; no gluten, no processed foods and eating lots of green veggies and protein and with in 3 months my cancer was gone and hasn't returned (thank god, because I physically can't go through another bout with cancer) Remember, they need to be in high doses. The U.S isn't doing these studies with natural vitamins and herbs, it's mostly the U.K that is. BIG PHARMA doesn't want the public to know this and fights it every time there is study that a university wants to do, to the point where they will sue these universities to hush up. Do this and with in a day you'll feel so much better!!! Do some research of what Mirapex actually is ... first ingredient is sodium! Any how, I feel amazing!! And if you take synthroid or levothyroxin, I have a natural remedie for this to! Pigs have the closest resemblance and say chemical make up as we do, especially when it comes to the thyroid, bladders, heart and digestive systems. I know this will sound sick but it works and it's 100% natural!! Go to the butchers shop and ask for them to save pig thyroids for you, get them as fresh as possible, you dry them in a food hydrater, next you grind it into powder and put in a 100% natural vegetable capsule. Now I'm still working on how much powder to put in the capsule for my dose, as I don't have a thyroid anymore due to 2 bouts with thyroid cancer. The reason why a pigs thyroid is because they secreate the same thyroid hormone we do, the exact same one! This has been used in the way back times, before BIG PHARMA came in the picture! Now, why a vegetable capsule? Because your body will break it down more easy and quicker, instead of it just sitting in your stomach. Did you know that the human body doesn't digest an entire vitamin in pill form? It's to compact and hard for the stomach to break down, so your body isn't getting the full effect when you take pill form, the best thing is to use capsules, preferably vegetable capsules! I've been learning a lot of interesting facts and remedies lately! I hope this helps for most of you!!!


Hi too suffer from rls n dr. Didn't do anything abt my I've used ben gay n that's what's been helpg me get sleep n rls comes and goes n trying keep up a journel of flareups.
I'm alkergic to most or all pain meds. even benydeyl.but thank God that the ben gay really hrlp,only bad side effect is the I'm loiking for a simulair cream that's s.e.:)


Hey guys. I too am an RLS suffer. I thought for ages I just had 'dodgy' legs until I saw something on tv about it. I have only recently been diagnosed, so have had no formal treatment from my GP yet, so I am all about the home remedies. I have found that since I reduced my caffeine and alcohol intake and started taking magnesium tablets, my symptoms have improved greatly. Magnesium oil is amazing! I just rub it into my calf muscles for instant relief. I have also found that using relaxation tapes (there are so many free phone apps out there which I use) distracts me so I can relax and drift off. I hope this helps someone.


I have kept RLS at bay my entire life by lifting weights with my lower body. Specifically: squats, leg presses, and lunges. However, when I do leg extensions I have had mixed results. Sometimes it helps my RLS; other times it makes it worse--so please be careful.

After doing these exercises, the relief lasts for 48 hours for me. After that, I have to return to the gym and do them again.

You can research all these exercises on the internet.

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