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Phil Gough

apple cidar vinegar and molasses mixed into a glass of water taken every night was the only cure that worked for my wife

Janette Gillies





The only things that works for me is a hot (as hot as you can tolerate) bath right before bed. Scrub legs vigorously with shower brush. Towel dry and jump into bed.
If that does not do the trick, my most recent discovery that works wonders – any menthol cream or ointment. I have used Tiger Balm, Vics Vapor Rub and ICEMAN COOLING GEL. I rub a generous amount of the menthol cream on my legs and jump into bed. The only downside of this method is that the menthol has a very strong smell that is long-lasting and anything but romantic!


I have a blood donor card with 95 donations on it because I donate frequently.

Recently, as I went to donate blood, they told me I couldn't donate that day because my iron levels weren't up to snuff. So I waited the allowable time and went to give blood again and they told me my iron levels STILL weren't high enough. So I went to my doctor and she had me do a blood scan.

Since I don't eat a lot of red meat, she concluded that was part of the reason I had an iron deficiency...that and the fact that I was donating blood, but not replenishing my iron fast enough.

Sure enough, the blood scan showed that I was anemic. So she prescribed some ferrous sulphate which you can get over the counter at your drug store. I was taking about 10 mils of it per day, and lo and behold, my restless leg syndrome went away.

When I went back after my last blood scan, I told her and she said, that's right, ...that RLS can be alleviated by getting your iron levels raised to the proper level.

So if you are suffering from RLS, go see your doctor and have them do a blood scan,and if you have low iron levels in your system, it might be the cause of your RLS.


I used to take prescription meds for my RLS but too many bad side effects. I found out that many supplements available online such as Kratom quiet RLS 100%. It took me years of trial and error but I was curious why during a prescription I had for Tylenol 3 that had codeine, why did this quiet my RLS? It turns out that the alkaloids in Kratom mimic the alkaloids found in opiates without the drug effects. While kratom will quiet your RLS, it also gives a nice feeling of relaxation. Do your own research but I can tell you, Kratom is safe, been used by humans for hundreds of years and impossible to overdose. As you progress in learning about kratom, you'll find the same information. I usually take 8-10 capsules 1 hour before bed, works great, no after effects and flushes out of the body within 7-8 house. Only side effects I have after using kratom for RLS for years is constipation and drowsy before bed. Kratom extracts beyond 15% are a waste, stick to the powder, capsules are my favorite, plenty of legal U.S. online suppliers.


I've had RLS for years. One night I was wandering around unable to sleep and ate a couple of pickles (Claussen Dill Spears to be precise)and within five minutes my symptoms were gone. It could be the vinegar or one of the spices or whatever, all I know is I slept like a baby.

Theresa Whitney

This works for me and i occasionally have rls quite bad. Its difficult to explain exactly what to do but i will try my best, If done right it works a treat. My hubby is a physio and a couple of years ago after my second child and the rls was jolting my legs (one at a time) quite badly, hubby tried something and now I have adapted it slightly to work everytime for me.

On which ever leg i get the annoying feeling on, i start on that leg. Using mainly my index finger and middle finger, add pressure to a specific area around my knee. If working on my left leg, apply pressure around the left knee using left hand fingers. The area to concentrate on is important! So move your fingers to the OUTSIDE of your knee where the fibia bone (rounded bone) sticks out, some of the area around the whole of this bone is where to work the pressure.

Hubby applied pressure inside the fibea as if heading towards the BACK OF YOUR KNEE BUT IF YOU SHIFT THAT PRESSURE DOWN SLIGHTLY (top of the bottom half of your leg area) this is often where I feel the annoying sensation coming through. In this place but also to the LEFT SIDE OF YOUR LEG ON THE FIBIA BONE and towards the front of your leg (still on the bone) is where i concentrate pressure for say 20 seconds and reapply pressure without taking my fingers off all around the two key areas I mentioned above in capitals for 20 seconds or so each. Do this for 2 or 3 minutes.

In my experience for this to work the best, you need to be able to find that really annoying feeling that you might get with RLS when you are applying pressure in these areas (the sicky feeling that the RLS is there, waiting to pounce. I dont know why but this area for me seems to pin point the rls. So once you find it, keep adding the pressure and hold your fingers and thumb even to that area and maybe rotate the pressure slightly now and then, the more the annoying feeling can be felt, the better its working. If the feeling is faint or not there or goes, re apply slightly, move the pressure somewhere else around that bone or feel around the area for the feeling and press hard for a few seconds again.

I ve tried to explain this the best way i can, it works everytime for me when i can feel that slight tugging feeling or a slight annoying throbbing feeling. Its almost as if im chasing the rls and by applying the pressure im diffusing it. If you do this for 2 mins on each leg you should have a good nights sleep, if you manage it for 3 or 4 minutes on each leg i can go without the rls for 4 or 5 days. My legs feels lovely after (nice and relaxed).

I hope it works for you as its a blessing for me.

David Alan

What works for me is walking 3 or 4 miles in the evening. It is good for the dog and good for my legs. If I do not have time for that then I climb a flight of stairs two steps at a time four times in succession. That is less reliable, but also seems to help.


I get very mild Restless Leg Syndrome at night, we call it 'Twitchy Legs.' I have found that I get this when I haven't been getting enough calcium. Having a couple of glasses of milk usually makes my leg muscles feel better.


I'm 55 and nothing worked for me, had restless leg since I can remember - it was always called 'my achy leg' when I was little - lots of midnight hot baths a frustrated mother and useless doctor... same old story! Tried magnesium iron acupuncture none of them worked and lotions (which worked to a degree), all kinds of Sure Fire rememdies. Quack stuff off the internet - cost a bomb but 'worth a try' (not really!) The words 'have you tried... ' would really P me off and it was hard to smile politely at the 'It's in your head' comments. Anyway we had earthquakes here in Christchurch NZ several years ago and I took Executive B to help with stress and my RLS is no where near as bad now - it even disappeared completely for a while. Vit B12 apparently. That's about 18mths ago. I wonder sometimes if it's creeping back (not sure as it didn't 'completely' go away and I could be just paranoid) but it's not chronic like the first 53 years of my life - Sceptic that I am I still might try tumeric or ivory soap or blah de blah to kill it off once and for all!...... Unfortunately though I don't seem to sleep much better - probably a life time of habit aided by the menopausal hot flushes keeping me awake and interrupting my sleep instead of RLS!!! The timing of them's pretty mean really but at least I know in a few years they'll go away. Maybe then I'll sleep All night now wouldn't that be bliss.

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