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4 Home Remedies for Influenza


My wife and I started taking black elderberry syrup in late 2010 and since then neither of us has had the flu in spite of the fact that neither of us has had a flu shot. My guess is that it works for treatment of the flu but since neither of us has had it since taking elderberry syrup, I can't say. I suggest taking two tablespoons after the first time you go out.


This remedy always helped when I have flu and suffer from blocked nose/runny nose and have difficulty breathing.

Place 2-3 tablespoons of any kind of tea leaves in a large bowl. Then pour in boiling hot water (not warm but BOILING HOT). Pour enough till the vapour starts to come out. Then place a large blanket over your head and cover the bowl. Then breath in the hot vapour. If its too hot for you; lift the blanket a little to let some vapour out but not too much. You will feel your clogged nose opening after 3-4min. If you want add more hot water as the 'tea' cools down.

And do not do it too long. A rough estiamtion of 10 minutes will be good enough to clear your nasal passage. Do it three times a day only till the blocked nose is gone for good.

CoG - childofgod

Oscillococcinum. Take it BEFORE the flu sets in, catch it with this WONDER REMEDY and be stunned. Have not suffered any type of flu since early 90's.

John Wakamoto

Few drops of Eucalyptus in your air humifier cleans air against influenza (Bird Flu) germs in the air.

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