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3 Home Remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum

B. Wurzin

Found blog about ocean water helping, tried soaking in 1/4 c sea salt in warm tub soak 15 min twice a day gone in 7 days and never came back! Doctor was very pleased. Had two other friends use worked like a charm. Please try!!!


My two year old had Molluscum and we tried a variety of methods hoping it would kill the virus. After about 7 months, I noticed it really starting to spread from underneath her arms to her belly, her back, and a few started to pop up on her legs. I took a chance and used a good strong clear top-coat nail polish. I applied it to the bump only (not the surrounding skin) and then reapplied one more time it about 7 days later. I also continued to apply it on any new bumps that I would see. The bumps turned red, tried to expel the core (which it cannot because of the nail polish), and eventually dry up. Within 4-5 weeks all her bumps dried up and went away! I can't beleive I wasted so much money on other remedies.


coconut oil cures molluscum contagiosum.After over 9mo of dermatologist ,university research center and natural colloidal silver(which did work) I couldnt afford the high cist and decided to use a silver ring to rub on leasions. In order to burnish in the silver and not burn the skin, I used coconut oil. it worked. But alas I lost the silver ring and just used the oil to keep it moist. EVERYWHERE I rubbed the coconut oil alone, the bump clusters disappeared. I continued with the oil alone and it was gone in only a few days. COCONUT OIL ROCKS!! I keep it in my house

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