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Take an icecube put it where toothache is and pain free ,but have to keep melting icecubes in mouth or pain comes back .


near instant relief:

This works better and faster than anything else I've tried. I found that taking a baby asprin and placing it into the dry socket (or hole in my tooth) and then just letting it dissolve works wonders. Or if there's no hole just let it dissolve as close to the pain as possible (or bite down on it and hold while it dissolves.

They taste pretty good too!

I have several really bad teeth right now (and no $ or insurance quite yet) and sometimes it takes several baby asprins, but most times just one! And when my pain hits nowadays it about brings me to my knees.


Try a tea bag if you put it on you're gum by you're tooth ache it will draw the infection out a in to the tea bag but you have to leave it on all night and it will be gone in the morning.


Take a coton ball and wet it, squeeze it out until it's knid of moist, then dip it equal parts bakingsoda and salt. Stuff it between tooth and cheek. Sleep with it overnight. This will draw out the abcess and either it will drain out on its own or it will come to a white head and you can pop it. After it has gone down soak a cotton ball in peroxcide and place it in the same place.

Al Gunshefski

An even better treatment than clove oil is good old whiskey. Take a small mouthful of whiskey and let it sit in your mouth until the pain subsides. Do not squish it around in your mouth and do not swallow it. This will temporarily relieve the pain and will have to be repeated again once the pain returns. Also will cause your mouth to burn momentarily but that is worth the pain relief you will get.


Sounds odd, but try taking a little cotten ( as much as need to pack the cavity comfortably, but not with too much pressure, then hold it with tweezers, and cover it in orajel. the using the tweezers, pack the cotton into the cavity. my dentists wife passed away, and i have been waiting for 6 months to get into a dentist(scince she fell ill) and nothing helped, tylenol3, vicoden, nothing. but one night i tried this, and was SOOOOOOOOOOO relieved


If your pain is caused by a tooth with an abcess in it then fill the hole with clove powder. This works much better as a topic Anaesthetic than anything else I've tried.


cut a potato in half and place it were it hurts and it takes the swelling out and it stop it from hurting


A good solid rinse with either OTC hydrogen peroxide (or, even better, there is an excellent oral rinse that I cannot remember the name of but it is in the dental aisle in a white bottle w/blue lettering, specially made for mouth ulcers, canker sores, denture tenderness, etc.) After the good swishing for at least 60 seconds, spit it out (try not to swallow it). It should not sting but you may feel the tingle of the bubbling action. Afterward, gently squirt undiluted clove oil into the affected, tender area with a small (perhaps a baby syringe). It may not taste great but it will help relieve the pain until you can get in to the dentist to make sure the infection is dealt with.

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