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Natural working pain relief

the other day i woke up with such a bad pain, i went to an emergency dentist appointment (Im from UK, free dental almost) Well i was given an anti-biotic (penicillin) but no pain relief, the pain was terrible.
every night i would almost be in tears with pain,
i tried some remedies like, fresh garlic on the tooth, warm salty water, mouth wash and a tea bag on the tooth, none worked for me as a pain relief or a solution, because the abscess was inside a temp filling i had recieved a few moths ago,.

the only thing I did was to stop pain was 1. Lay on the part of my face that hurt most (no idea why but it completely stopped any pain when i laid on it)

2. have an ice pack against your face, i constantly had an ice pack against my face as it helped, for a few days, then my tooth got sensitive so i stopped for a day then it was fine,.

3. having warm baths, i loved having baths even more, every time i went in it stopped the pain, until i got out...

4. occupy your mind, i hadd to write out a latter (by hand) to my friend in prison, the whole time i was writing the letter, the pain wasnt there, it was great!

i would not recommend using anything on this website for a long term solution, you need to get to the dentist to get an anti-biotic, its necessary! they take about 48 hours to work and when they have started to work, god damn you will feel a lot better, i did! I am now just waiting to make an appointment to have the tooth taken out, feeling scared, untill i remember the pain it caused me!

even if you cant afford the dentist, surely you can save? Im sure an abscess cant live forever, use some of these pain relief to help you get through the time until you have the money, If your reading this right now, remember, i felt your pain, i really do, feels like the worst pain imaginable? Hope you have it sorted out very soon, good luck!


Clove oil!

To whomever mentioned cloves, thank you!

I had a list of things gathered from here that I was going to try (gargling warm salt water, though I had tried this earlier and it didn't help, the rubbing alcohol, ground cloves, and the garlic).

Well, as I was getting ready to try these, I remembered I had clove oil that I usually use for incense, but that is also 100% pure and natural. So before gathering the other items, I dabbed a few drops on a finger, and applied it to the gums around my the teeth in question. OMG, almost instant relief!

The left side of my head was cracking open in pain. I didn't expect it to actually help with that too, but it did!

I can't see the abscess, but know it's there, possibly beneath a tooth. I also had/have a sharp pain in my neck, on the same side of the head, and learned that it's most likely because my lymph node there has been draining the infection, and because of it, the infection has spread to my throat now too.

Okay, now that the pain is 95% gone, it's time to talk about treatment. The clove oil won't take the infection away, obviously. Tea bags were mentioned several times for drawing it out, but mine is hidden, so that won't help me.

I'd like to mention what I plan trying. The doc would give antibiotics, right? But synthetic antibiotics can be harmful to one's immune system, and I can't afford a doc anyways. So I plan on using natural antibiotics which, unlike their synthetic counterpart, won't attack your body. The 3 sources I've decided on using: honey, chamomile tea, and fresh, raw onions. I'll be drinking the tea with honey at least twice a day for a week. I'll also be taking at least an additional tablespoon of the honey via a spoon. The onions, I'll finely chop, and have at least one serving a day.

Thanks again for the clove tip!

Tamura J . From Birmingham

America I have been in pain for about 3 days do to I have an abscessed tooth I mean hurting, no sleep, and I can bearly eat i dunn drop 10lbs I know but here's the best home remedy I have ever had and it came from this web site a teabag I didnt have no green, black or any other tea bags just my regular lipton tea bags I use to make my tea and it works thanks for the help GOD BLESS who ever cameup with that remedy pain has reduced 90%......


I sympathise fully with anyone reading this and experiencing this pain.

I am just out the other side so want to share what helped for me.

I had bad tooth pain for a week before it became unbearable. In this week things that helped were:
*COLD WATER held on the tooth - this was my Godsend even when the pain got beyond any level I thought possible
*Vodka (or any spirit) held in the mouth
*Teething gel
*A cold can of juice out the fridge held on the cheek
*Paracetamol & ibuprofen
*Brushing with sendodyne toothpase
*Corsodyl mouthwash
*Cloves (whole,powdered,oil whatever!)
*Cold teabags held on the area
*Crystals (a bit out there but worked for me)

On Friday my pain was so bad I had to get an emergency dental appointment. X-rays showed no obvious problem so I was put on Amoxicillin to try and localise any infection. The dentist was very sympathetic and gave me some numbing jags. WOW! A few hours relief.

Basically over the weekend I had a trip to hospital, a couple to emergency dentists and even solpadol and tramadol were not even touching the pain. I am a proud 28 year old but was screaming and crying on the floor in pain in front of my whole family. Very embarrassing.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my own dentist. The antibiotics had worked and one tooth was singled out. I had the option of root treatment but the tooth had a deep filling and by this point I just needed an end. My other option was an extraction which I was more than happy with.

So here I am more than a week after the first pangs looking like buzz lightyear. My face has broken out probably with the stress of the whole thing never mind lack of sleep and nutrition and I have lost an adult molar.

I care not a jot. Honest. If you are having this pain you cannot wait. I would have sold my soul to have the pain stop.

Kudos to anyone that is able to deal with this kind of pain longterm.

Sending you love and hoping you find a solution until a root treatment or extraction is available to you.


I just had to post my experience because it was so surprising.

For about 4 days an abscess had been forming and by yesterday it was pretty painful with a pretty big lump on my gum.

Last night around 5:00 PM I began using

home made colloidal silver

and today I can't even tell that there was a problem.

Initially I took a big swig from the bottle and swallowed it, but after than I just took a very small amount, a table spoon at most and swished it around in my mouth and spit it out, and did this occasionally through the evening hours. Maybe 6 to 10 times between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

By 9:00 the abscess had almost totally disappeared. This morning when I got up it was even better.

I've continued the small swishing throughout the day today and will do so for a few more days to be sure, but as of now at 5:30 PM I can't eve tell that there was ever a problem.

A friend of mine gave me about a quart bottle of colloidal silver a few years ago and I'm glad I remembered I had it hidden in the dark corner of my closet.

My friend makes the colloidal silver using a kit purchased over the internet.


Try using a BC or Goody powder this could be brought at your local Walgreens or CVS store. This is a powder aspirin. Take a portion apply directly to tooth then swallow remainder of portion. Hope this was helpful.


Ok I couldn't stand the pain any longer so I went to the emergency room at 1:30 in the morning. It is not 3:30 and for the first time in days I am pain free. Doc haver me Vicodin and and antibiotic so hopefully won't have any other issues. Gettimg dentures next month.


Dentists are there for a reason. A good maintenance programs and necessary treatments. Not all tooth problems require seeing the dentist first.

For abscess salt, either applied directly to the gum or in salt water wash will do wonders. The best thing is to catch the problem, early. Give the area a gentle brushing to loosen up any possible food stuck in the gum. I make strong salt water as I can stand and hold a sip at a time on my affected area for about 30 seconds and repeat every half hour. Motrin and tylenol keep inflammation down, as many have already said. My tooth was starting to hurt my ear when I woke up this morning. I began with the salt and Motrin. In about an hour, I was about 90% relieved. This is the second abscess I've had and both times, now, the salt works. I hope you all an find relief. Toothaches are the worse, for me.


I had nerve pain in my tooth for days, couldn't eat or sleep, i never expierenced pain like tht in my life. i was so desperate i was willing to try anything, nothing worked. i couldn't find any CLOVES oil so i gi=ot the ground up CLOVES in the spice section and made a paste, put it straight on my tooth and it burnt like hell for a while but after about 30 min. the pain was all gone. them CLOVEs are a miracle. u can put them in a tea bag and use them like tht but i strongly recommend trying the CLOVES, believe me u wont regret it...


So I've tried the gargling salt water.
It didn't help at all, I'm just whimpering and groaning in bed trying to sleep but this pain isn't letting me at all. I was to scream and cry.
So I looked at some more and tried the Sensodyne and it helped the pain through out the evening though I had to reapply the Paste after eating, and every 30-45 minutes.

I am now trying theVodka/Rum/Whiskey, seeing if it'll help and so far I just want to shoot myself. I after swishing and spitting the rum out the pain comes back intensified.

I can no longer go to a dentist for another week and I'm in so much pain. I have no cloves or gum or wax, no T3s, no lemons or medicine as I'm just vising family for the week. I was to enjoy my stay not wrieth in pain.

Any one else know anything that works instantly?

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