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If you are going to use the hyrogen porixide be careful not to swallow any it will kill the bacteria in you digestive track and you will have to eat yogurt and cheese for 5 weeks i had to do this not the best of diets.


First, it is 5:30 am (Mon) I have been on a camping trip all weekend (3-day holiday wkend) When I noticed that my jaw and gumline were swelling (Fri morn), I did the salt rinse 3-4 times per day and at night, drank a few beers to alleviate. Let me say I woke up every morning in murderous pain.(about 4:30ish) Now I am home with a teabag after rinsing with peroxide all day. As I do have insurance, I intend to remedy this come Tuesday, but the teabag, along with an ice pack is super comforting. THANK YOU and best of luck to all. PS. Sorry to have some on here that are just plain rude. Seems to hurt more than the toothache.

William Lagadyn

When a person has an abcessed tooth they cannot be given novocaine to numb the pain because the novocaine will be ineffective.
However there is a natural solution for destroying the bacteria that is infecting the tooth.
Using a Q-tip apply some Oil of Oregano around the gum of the infected tooth 2 or 3 times a day until the swelling has gone down and the bacteria has been destroyed


I use Grapefruit Seed Extract. It is one of the most potent antibiotics of all times.. They use it in hospitals.. I still have not removed one bad tooth and I've had it for 4 years. Petrified of dentists.. dont have the money and doctors in dentistry want all money up front.. So, I found out that they use this Grapefruit seed extract long ago to sterilize hosptial equipement and I read about the long standing things it does.. I take 10 drops in 1/2 cup water. Its very very strong.. I take a sip and let it lay on the tooth for many seconds and spit out and repeat.. If you do this until the 1/2 cup is gone, your tooth ache will leave completely and stay that way until you either get another infection, OR you disturb your tooth so much so that you inflame it.. It KILLS Infections of the tooth which infection is usually the source of most of tooth pain... IT WORKS for me 100% of the time.. I know I have most of my tooth missing, the rest of my teeth are great. Its just when this tooth cavity occured I did not have money and the dentists here are like not humane and seeing they are not accoutable and can turn away patients due to them not having money, they in my mind are some of the most cruelest docs out there.. Anyway, Grapefruit Seed Extract is very bitter.. Yes its got a horrible taste.. When you are using it, it will at first hurt like heck for about 20 to 30 minutes, soon after the pain will simply leave.. I have had this work for months and now years.. However, if you so lucky to find a doc to treat you I recommend that if possible to eradicate the entire problem.. The thing to not let happen is do not let infection to set in. Grapefruit Seed Extract kept the pain away and also keeps it free from infection.. Instead of numbing the pain, it kills the source of the pain..


The Red Cross emergency toothaid kit realy works well.

I had a old filling come out and didnt get it fixed at the dentist.It got extremely infected over the holiday weekend.So infected I went to the emergency room and got pain killers.

The red cross kit works beter then the bottle of pills the Dr gave me.


Many things can help with an abcess as you wait to go to the dentist.It IS important to get to the dentist as tooth infections can go into the jawbone and/or facial tissue and even impact/infect other parts of the body.

One, drink organic vinegar in water ( 2 TBS in large-ish glass of water) it is an antibacterial and overall health tonic. We drink it daily.

Make a mouthwash of warm water and organic cider vinegar. Swhish and hold in mouth. Salt water works, too.

I have used a green tea tea bag on the abcessed gum tissue. it does bring the poison forward---you then look like you have a blood blister.I hold the tea bag ont the spot by wedging it in between lup and gums.
Tea tree oil works very well as an antibacterial and so does oregano oil. Both burn, in my experience the oregano oil burns quite a lot but again, it is anti microbial and very good to prevent and/or treat infections.Oregano oil can be taken in water in small amounts. Colloidial silver is also a very effective mouth rinse and can be taken internally and does not taste bad at all. All these things can be obtained at a health food store.




1) For an abcess that is just starting to throb and swell: Place a DRY tea bag inside of your check near the infected tooth. Leave it in for a couple of hours. This does help draw out the infection if it is just starting. If you can tolerate it, put some dry salt in the area before placing the dry tea bag in your mouth. For pain, MOTRIN works the best on tooth pain! Trust me on this one.


This is a desperate measure and you will know when you are at the point of desperation. ONLY DO THIS AS A MEANS OF SURVIVAL! .... The first time I was truly in agony I went to the hospital at 4 AM to get relief. When I did, my abcess was so bad, they put me on IV pain medicine which obviously helped, but what really relieved the pain was an I&D which stands for incision and drain. As soon as they drained the abcess, I felt instantaneous relief!

That ER visit was 6 months ago...Last week I experienced my second agonizing abcess. My lower left cheek was so swollen I looked like a chipmunk. It hurt so bad, I couldn't smile or move my lower lip. I knew I should go to the hospital, but decided to take the following drastic measure because the pain was unbearable, it was 3 AM, and if I went to the ER I would have to wake my sleeping children and take them with me. Instead I did the following:

Drained it Myself!!

** If you follow these steps exactly, hopefully the outcome will be the same as mine was... I did not feel pain when I broke the skin, the disgusting abcess blood & puss drained into my mouth, I spit it out and INSTANTANEOUSLY THE SWELLING WAS REDUCED BY 75% AND MY PAIN LEVEL WENT FROM A 10 TO A 1 !!

How To Drain Abcess


1) Press on your cheek a few times as hard as hard as you can. You probably have been pushing on it all day in an attempt to relieve the pain, but this time really press as hard as you can. Sometimes this will cause the abcess fluid to force through the skin or tooth to drain. If this worked, you are now spitting out a mixture of blood & pus that smells and tastes disgusting. You may even here a gurgling noise as air & fluid drain out. Continue to press on your cheek hard so that all of the fluid drains. You NEED to get it ALL out.

If successfull skip down to step 5 below!

2) boil water to sterilize a sharp pointed object. I used a safety pin since I could not find a suitable needle.

3) Run your finger along your gum line to pinpoint exactly where the abcess originates and runs into your face. You will feel a bump. If unsure, run your fingers along the unaffected side and the abcess side a few times to compare the difference the abcess is making. Put your index finger inside your mouth and press your thumb on the outside of your cheek and squeeze lightly into you find the area with the most fluid.

4) You can ice inside of your cheek, but at this point, I was not afraid of the pin prick inside my mouth so I passed on the ice. Instead, I put my index finger inside my infected cheek and with my thumb pressing on the outside, I pulled my lip back looking in the mirror, I placed the needle lightly onto the inside of my cheek closest the gum line. Then I pushed it in slowly, you may prefer fast, but I was surprised it really did not hurt (probably because the pain was nothing compared to what I had been dealing with and I knew this was going to work). When I started to see blood, I pushed it in just a bit further and there it was...disgusting bacteria pus and blood pouring will know if you hit the spot...keep pushing on the cheek, squeezing as much of the infection through the incision as you can...the more that comes out the better you will feel...

5) Take a moment to enjoy the relief ! The area may feel sore, but that agonizing pain should be gone. If you have hydrogen peroxide, you might want to put a little bit on a cotton ball and dab the spot when you made your tiny hole. Brush your teeth and rinse with anti bacterial mouth wash if you have it. After I did this, I put in a dry tea bag and let it sit for a couple of hours in the hopes that it would draw out any left over abcess fluid.


Yvonne (Memphis TN)

Well this might sound crazy but it has definatley helped me....
I have been experiencing some EXTREME tooth nerve pain caused by an impacted/infected wisdom tooth to the point where it is making my ear hurt on that side down my neck and into the temporal area of my head on that side... NOT FUN!! so anyways I happen to have some Aurodex otic solution (ear drops) that have benzocaine in it and I put some in my ear on the side that was hurting (it helps numb the connecting nerves from the ear to the teeth) and brushed my teeth rinsed with some listerine antiseptic and put some Dentek maximum strength Toothache Relief on my tooth surrounding gums and believe me this is the most relief I have gotten in days, I just tried this today and I have been amazed at how much it helped!! I strongly suggest this remedy to anyone who has been as miserable as I have... and of course definately make an appt with your dentist (I will be asap)

Crab Shack

I was blessed with crap teeth, and personally tried and experienced all remedies and information posted below.

For sharp, unconstant pain, which most likely means your cavity has NOT reached your pulp(Nerve), most of the remedies posted on this site will work.

For enduring, throbbing pain, which most likely means you need a root canal, and perhaps have an infection, many of these things will not work alone. They will have to be used in conjunction. Of course brush and floss often and before these remedies. Dental TAPE(Not floss) is ideal because it is thicker and more effiecient.

Clove oil- Works great, but temporary (Will not work long enough for you to sleep)It is toxic, so use small amounts, and wash your mouth out after.

Listerene antiseptic- Beneficial for infection, and also temporarily relieves pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Do not regularly use store bought hydrogen peroxide because it is made with wierd chemicals.You can taste them. However, it kills bacteria, and is fine for temporary tooth pain. For every day use, use food grade peroxide dilluted with a certain amount of water(Look for directions elsewhere)- It naturally cleans and whitens your teeth.

REFILIT- A little jar of filling mould-like substance that can be purchased at the store. After you clean your tooth with something else, apply this around affected area to prevent food and saliva from further reaching the effected area. You can even eat with it in.I use this when I need to sleep.

Vanilla extract-Contains alcohol, works temporarily.

Gin, vodka, ect.- Kills bacteria-temporarily relieves pain

Pain Killers- not to be used singularily. Use in conjunction with others. Merely masking your pain alone is not preventative!

Green Tea- A natural anti- inflammitory. I will drink this in the morning to make my infection subside. At night you can drink uncaffeinated. Of course if it's super hot it will super hurt!Minimizing an infection without antibiotics is preferrable in my book....

Papaya- Although it contains some natural sugar, it is also a natural anti-inflammitory. You can apply the papaya to the effected area. It is a old remedy, and the best tasting one!

Please do not follow the sugar on a warm rag with ice remedy. Granulated and confectioners sugar is the reason you are in pain in the first place!

Get your butt to a dentist or endodontics doctor(Root canal specialist) asap, if you have constant throbbing pain. It will not go away, and the sooner you get an appointment, the less at risk you are for guarenteed, ever increasing pain.



Ok my friend told me to use, witch hazel: to swish around mouth especially around the tooth that hurts, then put a goody pack on the infected gum and tooth, make sure you pack the goody powder good around the tooth.

As for me, the dentist gave me some vicodens to use when in pain, well they arent helping to much so I bought BC Powder Arthritis Strength and Goody's Powder pack for Body Pain (red pack) and I put the powders on my gum and around the tooth. Then I mixed both powders and salt in warm water, got a cotton ball and soaked it up and put it on my tooth and bit it, and it actually helps. I can bite down without it hurting so much. My tooth is sore because I was massaging it earlier instead of leaving it alone. But using these powders do actually help.

I have never had a tooth ache like this, and I cant get a root canal, because the tooth is way paste saving it, so until I get it pulled, I have to use this method. Believe me I know how you feel, it sucks big time. All these other remedies I have heard work too, so whatever you feel comfortable with, try it and see what works best for you.

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