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Tamra D

Take little pieces of bread soked in warm milk put one piece on side by the gum and one on top of the tooth hold there for like 2 min or so and repeat till the whole peice of bread is gone this takes the infection out and stops the throbbing and pain I am doing it as we speek works wonders.

tweety 1962

cream of tarter works good and fast. just put on toothbrush.and brush away.

tweety 1962

I just wanted to warned women who are pregnant not to full around with a abcessed tooth of any kind get medical care A.S.P. It can kill the unborn child.


I have had several abscessed teeth I have dealt with and had the doctor pull 2 of them. Since i am running out of teeth :( I opted to hold onto the others till the bitter end. I used the Garlic and tea bag treatment and it REALLY works. When you finally get the infection gone, I have came up with a regimen that has kept my remaining teeth in great shape as well as my gums. I had a couple of deep fillings that would abscess often so I came across TEA TREE OIL! The stuff is heals about everything and is a must have for anyone. It penetrates easily though the gums and down to the roots of your teeth and is a strong natural antibiotic. After I got rid of the infection on the teeth initially, I religiously floss then brush my teeth and gums thoroughly with straight tea tree oil then hold the remains in my mouth for a bit and swishit around. It tastes pretty strong but I have come to love the sanitized feeling I have after. After my teeth felt really good for a while...of course I slacked off and stopped my tea tree oil and flossing and a couple weeks later, the lovely abscess was back and so I got back into the regimen and all has been well for several years! The tea tree oil will also cure impetigo, ringworm, acne, and all sorts of stuff. the closest thing to a cure-all as I have found. Wonderful stuff!


My brother and i have had very bad abcessed teeth before. My brothers was swollen for about 3 days. we tried swishing listerine and peroxide. but then i noticed what lookd like a vein leading to my brothers eye. The abcess got so bad in those 3 days it was trying to infect his right eye and we got an earbeating from the dentist who told us we made it just in time. So please be careful. Do yr best to make it to a dentist. And do what you can for the unbearable pain.


Hi fellow sufferers,
I would just like to add this bit of wisdom. During your time o' agony stop taking in all forms of sugar. My research tells me that 18 tsp. of sugar will shut the immune system down for 24 hrs. An average can of non-diet pop is about ten teaspoons. Sugar is in nearly everything, i.e. ketchup, peanut butter, bread, coffee creamer etc. Read all labels. I would not even risk honey and such. You need your immune system able to help you so don't shoot yourself in the foot or the abscess for that matter. Hope this helps you. :)


In reply to the marijuana post, marijuana is beneficial in many places, but it is not recamended for abcesses, as the ''cottonmouth'' one gets from smoking can cause the area of abcess to become a dry socket which is very painful as well.


I see missing a Classic Point

for mouth pain, swelling, and absess do not Pass over Sea Salt rinses Along with peroxide. Sea salt More effectively draws out an infenction then peroxide and Doesnt Further damage the Area like Alcohol, peroxide, and regular table salt can (Iodide destroys healing tissue) Also remember too something that will actually help Get rid of an infenction is Hot tea (hot compresses) are an Age old remedy for killing infenctions however Note it is more painful way to go about it but one of the quickest to help an infenction. Any kind of alcohol, or chemical based rinses should be a temporary solution if used to often they will actually increase the pain.


while my jaw and gum/cheek were swollen i too a sergical hollow point needle mostley used for peircing and inserted a small hole through the gum and swollen part in the mouth and drained manually...though this is not a remedy but only temporary relief of pressure...An oppointment with the dentist to remove the infected tooth or teeth is strongly recommended...yes its painful but nothing a few beers cant help you along your journey...


The best remedy is mixing toothpaste and Anbesol on a toothbrush. Brush you teeth and rise it out with water.

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