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This is an old wives tale: chewing tobacco between the cheek and against the affected tooth. my grandpa is an old farmer and told me about this one. do not use flavored tobacco, just regular, straight tobacco. it draws out the infection...


Please don't play with abscessed teeth! I have a friend who is paralyzed from the neck down from the infection spreading all over his body just because he didn't have the money to visit a dentist. Most humans will understand and work with you.

However, until my root canal this Monday, I have used the peppermint tea back as a helper, along with the antibiotics and lortabs an emergency dentist gave me and it seems to lessen the amount of time I need to take the pain pills.

Please don't put your life in jeopardy.

Brittany D

I have read many of the remedies here and I would like to add my 10 cents. I notice that a lot of people are frustrated with their over the counter pain reliever and I am sure that the maximum dose for a 6 hour period of Ib Profien is 800 mg which is generally 4 pills. DO NOT EXCEED. you can also take Tylenol with IB Profien but only take two of those and stagger them: Tylenol no more often tha 4 Hours and IB no more than every 6. Also numbing agents like oragel and over the counter benzocaine needs some time to work. my husband compalined that it didn't do anything but he was not giving it ample time. Leave the medecine on a Q-tip on the affected area for a few minutes, Replace with new ones if necessary but it will help eventually. Try not to swallow it if you plan to use a lot because it can be unhealthy. These tactics got me through two weeks of the worst pain until I could get to an Oral surgeon who would pull my tooth.
FOR OREGON RESIDENTS or surrounding areas if you are really desperate, there is an Oral surgeon in Salem who will pull your tooth for $80.00 for the first on e and $60 for succeeding ones (except wisdom teeth). HE does this low cost service for those who cannot afford the cost of dentistry and have no insurance. God bless him.

pain no more

I had a tooth ache and my whole mouth hurt. I could not sleep from the pain. I went to this web site and bought the red cross. It was disgusting . it took away the pain on the tooth, but the rest of my mouth still hurt. Then a big pocket of puss formed on my inner cheek(I beleive from the red cross) Then I tried the cougth syrup, It kncked out the pain, and put me to sleep. It was the night time syrup with 100mg. of acetimeticine


for two days i have had bad toothake do to infected wisdom teeth. I tried every thing i found that if you rinse with listrine and cut a onion and put a slice on the tooth the pain gets better altho dont go away compleatly you can go to sleep
worked for me
hope the same for you


Sinus infection----buy crushed garlic (in a jar) and a eye dropper---fill dropper 1/2 full of liqud---tilt head back--press the dropper and allow the liquid to go into the sinis cavity--same for the other nasal cavity--(CAUTION PRIOR TO DOING---THIS WILL CAUSE A LARGE AMOUNT OF BURNING) do twice a day for several days only--I have been affected with severe sinus infections for the past 15ys and this is the only thing that works for me--skip the antibiotics and doctor visits. No worry about affecting your bodies natural flora and it works!!!


My molar next to my wisdom tooth is almost gone, about 2 years ago it broke in half and the filling dropped out. The cavity is very deep and goes to the roots, but the roots are good and never really caused me any pain as long as I kept using a flouride rinse, and ate nothing w/ cane sugar in it(honey, beet sugar, and 100% fruit juice never caused me any pain), until I tweaked my tooth chewing on grape nuts cerial. I have a huge abcess now. I've been taking Motrin 200 mg every 2 hours, and the Dentist gave me antibiotics and tylenol 3, but for some reason (I am not sure why) he did not drain the abcess. Even with the antibiotics and painkillers the pain was excruciating! I cannot imagine what those of you w/o the pain killers are experiencing! Thanks to the ideas I found here, I've been using the dry tea bag (organic green tea), Swedish Bitters on a bit of cotton stuffed into the cavity and an ice pack on my cheek. Took about 1/2 hour to start working but my pain is finally under control.


Tea Tree Oil. I never heard of it until I had encountered it here. Folks say to use it for a bad toothache. I looked and found it in my local Wal*Mart store (Pennsylvania, USA) The brand name is 'Spring Valley'. It cost me $ 7.66 USD for 2 fluid ounces. Here is some of the WARNING quoted from the back of the bottle: ' .... Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, inner ear, or other tender areas. Do not use on children or animals.' 'For external use only. Do not ingest...'
It is a natural antiseptic.


I was told by a dentist that the 'red cross' stuff that you can use for tooth pain 'does' kill the pain...but it also will totally 'kill' the nerve in your tooth. Your tooth doesn't hurt any more because the root of the tooth is dead because of it.


Oil of oregano is not the kind of oregano that you would typically find in your kitchen.....for those who don't know about it. It is the oil of a wild oregano plant. It is used as an antibiotic and use to be used in hospitals to steralize operating equipment at one time. You can easily find places that sell it on the internet as well. It helps to steralize your mouth/teeth. Place a drop of the liquid on a cotton swab or the end of your finger to apply. It burns a little like maybe eating a hot pepper...but it won't kill you. Just don't use it in your eyes, or on mucus membranes. It most likely will not stop tooth pain all by itself, but it 'will' help to kill the infection that is causing the pain.

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