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My abscess is rather advanced... it's been coming on over a period of a year or more and then came to a crisis state about 3 months ago. Mostly after lots of garlic capsules + raw garlic + no sugar, + mostly organic diet, it has stayed in remission with just a hint of flaring up during times of high stress or little sleep.

I'm sharing this because people's abscesses are at differing states. So while for me this Tea Tree Oil recommendation worked well for only about 1 or 2 hours and then quickly wore off, similar to benefit I've experienced from wild Oregano Oil drops directly on the affected gum tissue.

Typically I use the shotgun approach when the abscess starts flaring up and take and do everything I can think of. Probably the best thing to do is either have the tooth pulled.

At one point I believe my life was in serious jeopardy (when I experienced the crisis). My heart was hurting, the ear on the same side as the abscess was buzzing to the point I couldn't sleep without the TV on. I have not tried the lancing & drain, but the tea bag didn't help me much today, but upon adding some sea salt between the tea bag & abscess it seemed to help.

About 20 minutes ago I tried the Grapefruit Seed Extract method and so far so good. If it puts me into remission, I'll post another comment.

This site is a really big help. Thank you to the daring souls who put it up for us!


Thanks Susan for posting the information about purchasing antibiotics at the pet supply
store. I sure didn't want to take pet medication but I was at my wit's end! I wound up
purchasing 'Marcyn' which is tetracyline hydrochloride. My sister is an RN, so I looked it
up in her drug book and sure enough there it was! However, I would only advise doing this
as a last resort; some brands of the antibiotics were not safe for human consumption.

If you don't know what you're doing, please continue to follow the natural home remedies. It's much better than POISONING YOURSELF TO DEATH!

God's blessings to you all!



Everyone who is using direct heat, on your abcessed tooth, should be careful; This can be very dangerous. I did the same thing, with an infected tooth, and regretted it dearly!!!! I later found out that heat draws an infection, which can be dangerous if the infection has no way to exit the gums. My face and jaw was so swollen that I could not open my mouth; and my lymp glands were so swollen that I could not swallow. It is best to leave a cold room and sit in a place that is room temperature. Or you can warm you hands and place them over the side of the face that aches, this way you will get the relief of warmth without drawing the infection into you jaw muscles.

On another note, a few drops of tea tree oil, inside the cavity, will stop the pain immediately. However, do not swallow because of the risk of poison. It should hold you until you reach the dentist.

God's blessings to you all

Christian Madrogaba

Hi I just want to share this remedy that worked well for me.

You need:
3-4 cloves of garlic
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of salt

Boil the cloves of garlic with salt for 5 minutes and use it like a mouth wash. It may be smelly but it really works.


I have had an infected lower back molar for a couple weeks--the filling came out a couple years ago and I have never addressed it. I finally went to the dentist for an opinion and he told me the tooth was savable but needed a root canal and a crown for the mere cost of $3000, and would require a referral to another 'dentist' hmmm.. he prescribed me with some amoxicillin and some vicodin. The amoxicillin started working and the unbelievable pain was subsiding the first night. The vicodin does absolutely nothting for me. I literally tried EVERYTHING under the sun to try and get the pain to go away, lots of the things listed in this forum, thank you very much, but nothing worked.. taking 5-6000 mg of ibuprofen a day was helping, but I didn't want to kill my self over this. My best solution that worked for me was to take the advil liquid gel caps--starting with 400 mg and I rinsed as long as I could with listerine. The pain has subsided like no other treatment I have tried over the past couple weeks. How did I find out about this? I consulted a REAL professional at the walgreens! I approached a man with his teeth all broken off and missing and asked him! He told me of this remedy. Who else would know better? I am sitting here eating corn chips at this very moment and 1 hour ago I was almost completely debilitated! Hope this helps, it sure worked for me.


Ok so its after 5am and I'm in complete agony! No way can I afford 2 go 2 the dentist 4 an extraction so here I am after my son was born my teeth r a mess thank God not the ones u can see but still sucks horribly! So I've taken IB 800s and used this red cross solution the directions say apply for 1 min but it takes longer than that but its slowly easing off I just wish I could sleep pain free I have read every remedy here and appreciate you all greatly! This is a wonderful site 4 desperate people! Pray 4 me!


Last week I finally had enough pain in my back molar that I called the dentist and begged for an appointment to pull the tooth. He told me he couldn't pull it because it was infected so I would have to be put on antibiotics. I went to the ER and got oral antibiotics and pain relievers and went home. 2 days later the abscess was so bad it spread to my lymph nodes and invaded my trachea. I was rushed to the er and had to have emergency oral surgery to releive the pressure off my throat so I could breath again. I have never been so afraid of dying in my life and I just want all of you to know that while home remedies are some of the best out there don't play games with your health. If you are in pain you may need to see a doctor. Use your better judgment when it comes to your safety. The whole time I was being tubed and drugged and cut open I kept thinking my headstone would read....'here lies angie, she died from a toothache.'


I had wisdom teeth growing.. tried every remedy known to man. My boyfriend bought me a pack of Doan's Back Pain pills from walmart ($5) and aleve. Doan's contain magnesium so be mindful taking them if you are already taking magnesium or potassium. The first night take two Doan's tablets and two aleve and go to bed (the Doan's will definitely knock you out!) From then on take one Doan's and two aleve for pain. I am a registered nurse, never believed this would work.. I even took them for pain after having four wisdom teeth removed. Another nurse at work tried the rememdy and was amazed because it worked for her also!!


As wwierd as it sounds and as bad as people tell oyu it is, chewing tobaco such as red man helps me with my tooth acs almost 100 percent.By chewing a little pinch where the site of the pain is, the pain is gone.


Reading this site actually helped me, but in the past this is what I have done:

Take some sort of IB Profin or Tylenol
Brush teeth
Rinse mouth with a salt + water solution
(Or rinse with listerine)

This is usually only a temporary fix for me, but I cant get my dental work done right now because I'm pregnant. (I need oral surgery because the infected tooth is in my sinus cavity and that sucks)

If this is able to help anyone out, I am glad I could help!

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