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I had a wisdom tooth extracted today. I had the pain for almost a month, but could not narrow it down to that tooth until a couple days ago. I used MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), which was discovered by Jim Humble, to manage the pain. I had it on hand, as I was on the maintenance drops for health. Then I saw that it can alleviate tooth pain, and it really did! It's very inexpensive. I advise anyone with any mouth pain to research this for themselves, and keep in their medicine cabinet. Good Luck!


I have two cavities on my right side plus just broke the one and a bad tooth on the left which is chiped and everything. Well ive tried everythings. some times medicine helps some times not.
I went to the hospital it got so bad. I also don't have insurance cause i just recently lost my job.
Well i tryed this one i rubed icey hot on my check where it was hurting. then i brushed my teeth and flossed. it seemed to knock the pain down.. so hopfully i can get some rest for my 8 month old son.
Thought i'll share.. ive also tryed everything.. but for some reason i couldn't do much cause i started to get sick.


This may sound crazy but I know that it works especially on abcessed teeth. Get a tea bag wet and put in on the gums surrounding the tooth that is giving you trouble, kinda like how you do with a thing of snuff, it taste awful, but you do get a relief from the pain. Also, a pinch of wintergreen or mint skoal helps to relieve the pain of a regular toothache but not for very long.


No pain in the tooth before they did 'preventive' care and filled some small decay. 6 months, a file down, medicated filling and permanent filling later and I'm look at a root canal. I took four ibuprofen just now with no results. So I got some garlic powder mixed it with water to paste like consistency and laid it on top of the tooth. Instant relief. Nasty taste but it doesn't even begin to compare to the pain. Pack some rolled up pieces of paper towel around it and it is like the lingering taste of garlic bread.

Samarendra upadhyay

use mustard oil with a little bit of salt added to it.tastes bad but use mouthwash afterwards.


I live with four bad teeth for about five years now. its not a money problem cause I live in Israel and in here the treatment is not that expansive plus if you don't have any money there's a free treatment clinics (which I don't recommend if you have other choice).
I just have this really big dental phobia due to a tooth extract without anesthesia at the age of six when I lived in Russia. firs of all I have to say, if you can some how get to a dentist, you have to do it eventually cause if you have an abscess it means that you have a rotten tissue in your mouth. and even if you heal your abscess you can still get an other one and an other one which eventually can cause serious complications like an infection in the brain (in cases of upper jaw abscess) or heart infection (bottom jaw). If you still can not go to the dentist the most important thing is to prevent the abscess from forming in the beginning (I used this method for two years now and it works wonderfully). Firs of all after every meal brush tour teeth and rinse with salt water (1.5 tsp for a cup of water) until all food particles are washed away if you dont have this at least rinse with plain water. if you cant get the food particle out with water try a tooth pick and rinse again. bacteria use the food stuck in your teeth to reproduce and cause infection and food stuck in your cavity will cause pain! you can use mouth wash though I prefer salt water it works best for me and it kills bacteria. chew an onion for a minute every morning (you can try garlic to) and use vitamin C and garlic tablets (its very healthy and straitens your immune system. brush your teeth every other day with tea tree oil.

Now if your tooth starts to feel tender that's a big chance you'll have a toothache so first of all brush your teeth and wash it from any food particles with salt water and then wash your mouth with 'Chlorhexidine Gluconate' mouth wash which you can get at a pharmacy for a minute or at least 30 sec. after 30 minuets brush you teeth with tea tree oil hold it in your mouth for a minute, dont swallow! and wash it away. if the tooth still feels tender after about an hour repeat the process with out the Chlorhexidine Gluconate' and after a hour repeat with 'Chlorhexidine Gluconate' but with out the tea tree oil alternate like this until it passes. if the tooth get worse and it starts to hurt (it can happen cause it can take time to kill the bacteria but chances are small so don't worry)take some pain killers like ibuprofen (Advil and such) or even better take naproxen (Aleve, Anaprox) don't mix them! then repeat the process above and place a dry tea bag inside the cheek near the affected tooth(not the kind with fruit added but plain black tea). 10 minuets after you placed the tea tree oil remove it after a hour and a half and repeat the process as much as you can. you can gargoyle with 1.5 tbs of backing soda on a cup of water for the pain and use clove oil (not to much its toxic). last time I had a problem I used grape seed extract instead of the tea tree oil and it worked great (Ive read about it in here) use 10 drops for half cup of water and gargoyle with it the best thing is to alternate it between the tea tree oil. If all this didn't work or you are to late and the pain is to strong or you have an abscess you have to get antibiotics especially if its an abscess. the best antibiotic for dental abscess is augmentin (other names are clamp and Synermox and it contains the antibiotic amoxicillin with lavulanate) its much better then amoxicillin alone and you really need it to get read of the infection. it wont work instantly but with the methods above it will work much faster. try not to overuse the Chlorhexidine Gluconate and don't use it more then seven days and always brush your teeth before you use it or it will darken your teeth and more important dont use antibiotics to frequently it can cause damage to your kidneys and make the bacteria resistant to it.
Hope you'll feel better and I`d suggest you to go to the dentist for the antibiotics prescription and to drain your abscess.
Refua shlema to all of you(it means in hebrew 'whole health').


Hi all,

I want to thank you all for your suggestions, I stumbled on this site as I have a very painful abcess and I have been told I only need to go to hospital if it heads up to my eye socket or throat / neck. Doctors have prescribed me Amoxicillin and Dihydrocodeine which doesn't help the pain so I'm going to try some of your ideas.

I'm actually for the UK and I have to admit I am shocked at the lengths you have to go to in self-remedies in the States due to lack of a National Health Service (NHS) I'm currently out of work over here so all my treatment is free including all dental even dentures etc, and I have had to have two teeth out this week and even if I was working it would only cost me around £40 - $60 to have the work done. I am disgusted that such a fantastic country like America can't do the same, please do support Obama's health service the British NHS is good and yes, private is better and has less waiting times but here in the UK we have the choice which to opt for (depending on income). Good luck to everyone and I hope some of these remedies work as this pain is torture!

Michael Bailey

I have had really bad tooth pain for two days, and with no sleep and having to take care of my daughter, I was desprate. I tried everything, vinigar and salt water, vanilla extract, Ibuprophens and tylonal pm. Then I saw a remedy about garlic, so I took the garlic out of the fridge and took a clove and started chewing it near the spot of the pain, and after the burn, and strong tast of garlic was gone, so was the pain. No joke use garlic it works.


Please, Please Do Not Take Ibuprofen on an Empty Stomach. It leads to ulcers and other serious problems. So please take Ibuprofen with food yourself and I'm advising others to do the same.

I'm not a doctor my I am a Medical Administrative Assistant and learned a lot about medicines and medical procedures in my studies and on the job.


I took a qtip and applied rubbing alcohol directly on tooth. Don't swish cause it burns and it taste horrid,but it WORKED. I poured a little in a bottle and kept with me at work til I could get to the doc.

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