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I have been fighting 4 boils (2 very large and 2 small) for several days making ne VERY miserable (more miserable than recovering from the c-section I had a month joke)I tried the Campho Phenique and a large bandage and they opened and drained in just a few hours. It does kind of sting as it begins to drain but gave me almost instant relief!!!!

pablo friary

i am from united kingdom (Edinburgh City) Scotland i am sitting here at 1o'clock in the morning with a cup of tea and whisky,i hate the dentist but pain ain't worth it.It's best we just goto the place and get it fixed i'd do anything to get to sleep so here's me drinking whisky :P but 2moro am going to get my tooth fixed.better than sitting with pain and no sleep.


i have suffered from tooth pain for a while now if you put a heating pad on the side of of your cheeks it depends on what side of your mouth hurts it sounds weird but it helps

Kaylena Mantanona

So for the past 3-4 years ive had a toothache on my right side, so ive been eating on my left side and that started to hurt. To help, i would just squish around hot water and listerine which has helped for thee past weeks. But now it seems like its not working anymore. Im thibking about tryong the vanilla extract remedy. Hopefully i dont get blisters. =(


I found that you take a tea bag and add just a little hot water just to get tea to start. Squeeze off the water and place tea bag next to your gum and leave in for at least 30 minutes. It sucks away the infection and helps to pain go away.


thanks for all your tips, tried most of them, van.extract seemed to work best, but only relieving pain by about 50 percent. If anyone suspects they have an infected tooth, activated charcoal powder will work,the the type you grill with ! Make a paste with charcoal and water, place in a small piece of paper towel, fold over and apply directly to sore area. A bag of about 4 oz costs around 11 dollars. Charcoal is an absorbant and will draw out the infection/toxins. Good luck, I'm just trying to cope til I can make it to the dentist and negotiate a payment plan !


the worst pain i have even felt came from my absessed tooth....but i eliminated it quickly.....took amoxicillin 3 times a day, 1 800mg ibuprofen, 2 5mg/500mg vikoden.....then mix 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract, 1 tsp. pure geranium (liquid form), 1 tsp. children's liquid ibuprofen, and 1 tsp. of the blue extra strength listerine....mix together well and hold in mouth over effected tooth as long as u tastes horrible, but it kills it for a good night of sleep!


I had a wisdom tooth extracted today. I had the pain for almost a month, but could not narrow it down to that tooth until a couple days ago. I used MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), which was discovered by Jim Humble, to manage the pain. I had it on hand, as I was on the maintenance drops for health. Then I saw that it can alleviate tooth pain, and it really did! It's very inexpensive. I advise anyone with any mouth pain to research this for themselves, and keep in their medicine cabinet. Good Luck!


I have two cavities on my right side plus just broke the one and a bad tooth on the left which is chiped and everything. Well ive tried everythings. some times medicine helps some times not.
I went to the hospital it got so bad. I also don't have insurance cause i just recently lost my job.
Well i tryed this one i rubed icey hot on my check where it was hurting. then i brushed my teeth and flossed. it seemed to knock the pain down.. so hopfully i can get some rest for my 8 month old son.
Thought i'll share.. ive also tryed everything.. but for some reason i couldn't do much cause i started to get sick.


This may sound crazy but I know that it works especially on abcessed teeth. Get a tea bag wet and put in on the gums surrounding the tooth that is giving you trouble, kinda like how you do with a thing of snuff, it taste awful, but you do get a relief from the pain. Also, a pinch of wintergreen or mint skoal helps to relieve the pain of a regular toothache but not for very long.

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