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Have a wisdom tooth coming in and pushing on a bad molar. Pain is so bad. But I found something that takes the pain away. I went to walmart and bought Chewable orange flavored Aspirin (81mg) and took 4-6 as directed and chewed them on the same side as the pain was. The aspirin desovles right on it and took the pain away within 5 mins.


My tooth broke away a year ago and since no dental insurance and a dislike to dentist I am now in terrible pain. I have been up all night trying these rememdies. The best so far is the tea bag flavored with natural bergamot. It seems to be helping. I wish this boil would surface so i could drain it.... No one should have to suffer with this kind of pain. I have taken Ibuprofine all day and as soon as the 4 hours is up the pain comes back. I need amoxicillin for 8 days and that will clear up the infection.


Any time you have pain in your mouth most likely it is an infection. If you do not get rid of the infection anything else is a bandaid.
Place some table salt and inpact it into your infected tooth
keep it in there and add some peroxide.
Hold the peroxide into your mouth(with the salt) tilting your head twords the infected area.
(You will be able to feel it penitrate) Try to hold it as long as you can you will begin to feel the pressure ease.(REMEMBER DO NOT SWALLOW)
Next and last step after you spit you want some listerine.
Listerene kills bacteria and is a great antiseptic.
You must hold the listerine as long as you can as you did with step 1
You will actually feel a sting but it will feel SO MUCH better.
In a few minutes you will most likely feel the infection coming out of your mouth it will leave a very bad taste. Try not to swallow and keep spitting .
You do not want to swallow the infection.
This will give you some time to save money for a dentist.Just repeat as needed.
You may want to do it 2-3 times a day or as needed to contain the infection.

Hope you feel better!

Terry Hammerstone

So I have been experiencing the worst toothache pain you can possibly imagine for about 4 days. I did the salt water thing and it worked for about 20 minutes. I also used listerine advanced and it worked a little longer. I went to walgreens desperate(thank God for 24hr pharmacies.)And found New Orajel Severe Pain Formula. It has no terrible taste and is the only thing that kills the pain for more than an hour at a time. I found it cheaper at walmart the next day for roughly $7.00 but it is a life saver...Try it. I pray anyone reading this quick and complete pain releif. God Bless!


CHEW ICE - I have tried other things but this is the most widely available thing out there
When taking over the counter medications which you really probably need to do as well - get both Tylenol and Advil. If you can buy Tylenol 1's behind the counter then get those and get extra strength Advil (the gel caps seem to work faster but anything will do)
If you can get T2's or T3's you still need to combine them with advil because Advil will reduce the swelling..which causes pain.. and the Tylenol will help with the pain - read the directions of course and take the recommended dose of course.. Some people cant take these medications so just be aware.
So my home remedy is ice + Tylenol + Advil + lots if swearing


as i write this im in major pain. ive tried everything but but alot only works for a little while. my remedy:i took ibuprofen with a really cold glass of water and the water numbs the pain momenterilybut after drinking it about 4 to 5 glasses the pain and pressure go away. you have to drink it in small amounts like little sips


I see that a lot of people have had success with Ichthammol Ointment 20%, but I think that anyone who plans on using it now, or in the near future, should be aware that Goldline(the manufacturer) has stopped making it. They still sell ichthammol ointment, but it is not the same ointment that was made years ago. My dad is a pharmacist, and when I recently got a boil on my leg, he gave me his last tube. He told me that when he called the manufacturer to reorder some for the pharmacy, they informed him that they no longer make the same ointment. It still helps to relieve the pain, but the drawing effect is reduced. It still may be worth a try though.


If your toothache is from an infection instead of eating garlic or putting it in the tooth, go to a vitamin store and get garlic pills. It is a natural antibiotic and will take away the infection and the pain. I start by taking 8 the first day to bombard it. It won't be instant pain relief but while doing these remedies take garlic pills to get rid of the works all the time! About two days and the infection is gone.


So this morning I woke up with major swelling on my upper left jaw - first bicuspid - and sever tooth pain. Like many of you I am currently without insurance and so was rightly concerned, luckily I found this site - though rather later than I would have liked.

Being a chef I am fairly familiar with the many porperties of garlic and so chose this as my first option.

I thinly sliced a clove of garlic and placed a piece between my gumline and check at the infected tooth. I replaced the slice after about 20 minutes and held the second in place for the same amount of time.

I noticed pain relief within the first five inutes, and by the time I had removed the second slice the garlic had drawn the infection to a head. This was easily pierced and drained for instant relief. I then rinsed with warm salt water, and brushed my teeth.

I have a feeling that I didn;t drain all the puss from the infection so will be applying garlic again tonight before I go to bed.

Thanks to everyone that suggested it, I am now pain free and ready for a good nights sleep.


Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, folks. They really helped. I used a tea bag (tried green tea, then peppermint, which tasted better) with a drop of tea tree oil and wrapped it around a pinch of sea salt, placing it over the infected area as a poultice, then followed it with minced garlic in vodka as a mouthwash kind of deal, focusing on the abscessed tooth and surrounding gum. I held each one in my mouth as long as I could stand it. Did this a few times a day, two days in a row. It made that side of my mouth go all tingly and numb and TOTally killed my sense of taste for a couple days, but the swelling was completely gone by day three. I know I really need to get to the dentist, but finances don't allow it and, for the now, at least, this has taken care of the pain and half-a-chipmunk face.
Good luck, fellow sufferers!

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