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ive tried almost every thing known to man.iv had this doggone toothache for about two weeks.a triend told me a few things to do.1.crush up a regular bayor asprin.put the powder on a cotton ball and put it on the tooth.

cody c

i have been in pain for a couple days now. have been to the dentist and started antibiotics. the only thing i have found that helps out completely is clove oil. it tastes like crap but does wonders for getting rid of the pain. thanks to those who reccomended it. hope all get better and cant wait to get this tooth pulled.

Becky R.

One product was my life saver for my horrible pain. Cepachol maximum numbing sore throat & cough lozenges. They are 20% benzocaine and 10% (I think) menthol. The chloraseptic Max lozenges would probably work well also. I was miserable for days and had already used TWO whole tubes of Anbesol(oragel). I thought I had built up a tolerance to the benzocaine in that tooth area because it didn't seem to work anymore. However, I think I just couldn't keep it on the area long enough to let the medicine get down to the roots before it was washed away by saliva. The lonzenges last over an hour each and provide hours and hours of complete pain relief. I would keep one in for 10-15 minutes and take it out. My tooth never hurt bad ever again. Out of the 20 different things I tried the lozenges were the only thing that ever provide hours of relief instead of 10 minutes of relief. Good luck. I feel your pain.


OK so i was on here last night looking for a answer to my tooth pain....i have an abscessed tooth i was in severe pain!! i tried puting toothpaste on my tooth and surrounding gum helped for about a couple of only dulled the pain a little bit,tried the peanut butter and saltine cracker paste nothing,tried taking nite quil i took the nite quil 3 times during the night to try and sleep only on the 3 try when i was so tired that it worked...but it only made me tired didn't really help with the bf told me to try swishing peroxide in my mouth then using a tea bag,tea bag helped dull the pain peroxide when i woke up this afternoon(from the 3rd dose of nite quill at 9 am this morning after calling my doc for antibiotics) i looked up online how to get rid of abscessed tooth pain....i realized i was doing something wrong. the teabag method i was trying was wrong i was only leaving it in for 15 i wasnt giving it enough time to draw out he i folowed the directions (well almost) i took a teabag wet it with some warm water and put it between my cheek and my tooth(the one that was killing me) let it sit there 4 to 8 hrs(i let it sit there for about 3 hrs changing the teabag when i wanted too) when the pain dulled enough to stand i took 4 ibuprofen but then kept doing the teabag thing until the pain was gone.....and for me it worked wanders i took a nap with no pain...i just woke up and it hurts a little bit im gonna do it again in a few minutes so i can sleep tonight


I had a horrendous tooth ache that was getting to the point where I was debating shooting it out. Finally I drew the line and got myself about a quarter of Marijuana. I sat down, smoked about an eighth of it and BAM, I feel great. :]


I've had an on and off again toothache/abscess over the last year due to a broken wisdom tooth i have that is causing problems with the tooth in front of it. i am trying to wait it out until my dental insurance through my job starts in october because the only dental clinic around here i have found is still very expensive.

My tooth started again yesterday so I took some vicodin last night my dad gave me and it helped me sleep, today i took 2 tylenol with an 800 mg ibuprofen which helped get me through work. I just went to cvs and bought garlic pills, even though I am on penicillin (i had a full bottle left from last time i didnt need it...) but i figured if i keep taking the garlic even after my tooth is better it may help. I have tried almost every suggestion on these pages over the last few times i have had problems with my tooth. Most of them did NOTHING for me. And forget orajel...and the clove oil makes me want to puke. I do put the fake filling where my broken tooth is, but i was without it for a few days and I am wondering if maybe thats why my tooth has started. While I was at cvs I picked up the Tom's Natural Whole Care toothpaste that I found on the clearance rack...i think it was 2.50 and I know its usually much more then that. It's made with all natural ingredients and its spearmint flavored. I also found The Natural Dentist Brand mouthwash - its peppermint twist and that is made with a lot of natural ingredients too and it was on sale for 3.99. Both of these products contain things I keep reading about on here - the grapfruit seed extract and the peppermint oil and some others. So I figured I would give them a try. Just brushed my teeth and rinsed with it and it's feeling much better. I did take a half a viocden before as well, but when I got home I was still having pain and as soon as I used this I got relief.


i have had 2 abcessed teeth for about 4-5 days now and like everyone else i have tried everything so today i decided to try chloraseptic sray. what ya do is get some chloraseptic spray for a sore throat, i used the menthol you may be able to use a diffrent flavor i'm not sure if cherry or other flavors would bother it..first brush and rinse with listerine then spray directly onto the tooth or you may use a qtip maybe try to drowned a cottonball with the spray cause it's known to wear off quikly this helps just enough to take care of the kids or do what have to do also enough to sleep. in all honesty it probably won't take all of the pain away but the worst part of it.


I have been dealing with an abcessed tooth for quite a while now. It comes and goes, but one thing that works for the pain for me is swish a shot of high potency (drinking) alcohol around it for as long as you can stand. After it gets numb use a recliner chair if you have one and wrap a towel around a heating pad and rest it on the side where the infection is. I say recliner chair because laying down can actually make the pain worsen. Also 1 raw garlic clove a day for about 5 days will help rid the infection. Use yellow mouth wash. If your a smoker try not to smoke and if you do mouthwash right after you smoke. Teabags and saltwater can also help draw out the infection. For sleeping, I use sleep aids because I cannot sleep laying down with the infection, also loud music helps but obviously is not good for your ears.
Hope this helps. Remember everyones body is different and will react differently.


FOR SEVERE TOOTHACHE, THINLY slice or crush garlic and put on tooth and/or gums, pain should diminish within five minutes. Continue to reapply for up to one hour at first treatment. It will burn at first, and you don't want to leave the garlic on too long because fresh garlic can irritate your mouth. Stinks but it is a cheap and effective way to help with pain AND infection. Continue to reapply after meals and as needed at the first sign of pain, but be sure to rinse the mouth thoroughly aferwards to avoid irritation.
Clove OIL is also effective against pain, but not as easily available. Be sure to use Q tips to place ONLY on tooth/ area of pain.
FOR ABSCESS Tea bags probably won't help draw out the infection, except maybe echinacea or peppermint. Better to use a slice of onion placed inside the mouth at site of infection (yukky taste but great results). It should draw out the infection, which tastes and smells horrible anyway. You may wrap the onion in sterile gauze to avoid irritation. Never tried it, but baking soda should work also, as others have suggested. It is an effective drawing agent.
FOR AFFORDABLE CARE Check to see if there's a dental school nearby, or if you live anywhere near the Mexican border consider going over there where you can get a root canal for less than the cost of a pulled tooth over here. The dentists are no worse there than here, believe me.


Ok so this isnt exactly a 'home remedy' but if you have an abcess/infection and like always its the weekend when it starts killing you look in your medicine cabinet for some antibiotics almost everyone has a few left over from one thing or another you should google whatever you find to see if it will work. Penicillin and drugs in its family like amoxicillin , augmentin, etc. work best and thats what the dentist will give you Monday anyway and it'll work better and somtimes even faster than anything else ibuprofen helps alot too because its an anti-inflammatory. I know all about the overuse of antibiotics and don't care to hear any lectures about it. If you dont like my advice just dont take it. I simply know how horrible tooth pain can be and if this solution hasn't occured to someone perhaps the suggestion could help them get some relief. You should know though that the pain will most likely come back if you don't see the dentist to fix the problem and this is just a temporary solution. So good luck and I hope everyone in pain will feel better really soon I know its terrible.

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