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Ok I had a tooth needed a root canal. Horrid pain, no insurance. I live on Omaha, NE but have a small town dentist I see who is about 45 min away. I sugest you find one. He charges very little compared to normal dentist whole root canal about $100 and he lets me make payament. But for relief incase you cant do that! CLOVES the stuff the dentist uses to numb me after the work has extract of cloves as the numbing agent! But there is more to this story. After opening me up and draining it a bit he put a cotten ball with that cloves stuff in it and put in temp filling. (never let them do that) My face swelled up like a baloon as the infection filled my tissue. He even admited he should have left it open when I called and asked what was going on. (apprently if there is little infect you can close it back up, but mine had more than a little.) He opened it and a lot of the pain went away till that night then it got bad again. I crushed up some cloves put in a paper towel, wet it warm water, and put it on the tooth. I then took a hot shower, don't think the shower helps the pain but it takes your mind off it. 30 minutes later the pain is nearly numb. I put rice in a sock and nuked it for heat on my face and that was the end of the pain.
So I suggest:
1) Find a small town dentist work with them on a payment plan.
2) Cloves will really numb the pain, takes a while though.
3) Hot shower to take your mind off the pain
4) Hot rice pack
5) Alieve/Ibeprophin/asprin -- It Can't Hurt!!!!


OK, well iv had this horrid tooth ache for almost 2 weeks. iv been looking throw all the post for over 1-2 hours and reading them took my mind off the pain, well i tryed laying down right after reading them to get some sleep (cause its 5:30 and the pain came back, well i read one that said warm water and salt i was like heck this my last resort. so i when and got a glass and when to the bathtub and ran the hot water and then got some and did the salt in it, it seems to work very well, and now i have an appointment with a root canal doctor i hope the warm water+salt = no pain works for yo.


Hello everyone I have had a toothache for the last several days. I have tried all of the listed remedies vanilla extract,listerine rinse,orajel,red cross, salt and pepper paste, peroxide, vics vapor rub,motrin 800mg and even midol . I really didn't get any relief.Anyway, I have no insurance and no job I was in so much pain I used my rent money to see the dentist(walk-in) $90.00 for an exam and was told I have an abscess I have to take an antibiotic for atleast two days then he will pull my tooth which is going to cost me $205.00 believe me I know it's hard out here and everyone cant afford the cost (I can't even pay my rent now) but an abscess is a very bad infection not one to play with you really don't want the poison to get into your blood stream and travel. Now that I have the antibiotic in my system I apply pressure to my jaw when I lay down that seems to help a little.


I have tried so many things for abscessed tooth pain from vanilla extract, orajel, red cross, whiskey, lime, water/salt, etc. and nothing has worked.

BUT I finally found my winning remedy that keeps the pain away for weeks and instantly as soon as it hits my infected tooth. What is it? Believe it or not Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges, Honey-Lemon. I SWEAR it WORKS.

All you have to do is put the lozenges near the tooth were it hurts (on the side of the tooth) and keep it there until it melts away on his own. The tricky part of this is you also have to do it on the other side of the tooth -- near the mouth/tongue which can be harder for the lozenges to stay put. However, as long as you do it on one side, the pain goes away. You will start to feel relief right away or when the lozenge dissolves. I recommend you do this through out the day even it doesn't hurt. You will feel relief right away. So, if you cannot see a dentist right away this will give you time (weeks/month). At first it was silly but believe me it works. TRY IT!!


garlic is a very potent all natural antibiotic . do not cook the garlic though because that will destroy the antibiotic (allium) . better to take garlic supplements that way you know exactly how many mgs you are consuming . do not take more than 1000 mgs a day . potency of garlic supplements range from 100 mgs to 500 mgs each , take daily for five days ( at least) not to exceed 1000 mgs / day .
the antibiotic properties in garlic is well known . gargle frequently with peroxide also soak a q tip in peroxide and apply to dry tooth , at only 60 cents a bottle its a must have peroxide is a great bacteria fighter.

Praying for a Cure

2 Motrins in 1 hr and nothing...Okay.....I have finally gotten some kind of relief Orajel has an antiseptic 'MOUTH SORE RINSE' ($8)works wonders. After 2 rinses of 1 min each my abscess popped.... I then used CEPACOL Dual Relief sore throat (Cherry-$5). I do realize this is only a temporary cure and suggest to all to see a dentist, county or otherwise, for antibiotics.


Try Lipton Spiced Chi tea bags. It has black tea,cinnamon, allspice, ginger root, black pepper, cloves. It worked great for me. See dentist ASAP.


Ok, I have a toothache is mainly my wisdom tooth -- no insurance can't have it taken out right now. It hurts so much at night.

I have tried the vanilla extract, rinsing mouth with salt/Pepper, ice, tea bag, brushing teeth, etc. Nothing works here's what does:

I kid you not, I had really bad pain that would keep me up until 3am. I read this on a site written by dentist overseas. Ready for the simple solution?

Throat lozenges! That's right throat lozenges like Chloraseptic. The trick was to put the Strepsil next to the gum area of the tooth with the abscess, so that the antibacterial effect is as close to the infection as one can get it.

With this tooth abscess home remedy, it is important to keep the lozenge in position for several hours, without sucking it.

Another requirement of this home remedy for tooth abscess is to relocate the lozenge to the other side of the tooth abscess about every half hour. So, it's between the lip and gum for half the time and for the other half, the lozenge is between the tongue and the gum.

BELIEVE ME IT WORKS! I noticed no more pain with in 2 lozenges. It's cheap and it WORKS! TRY IT!!

Riane C.

Hi everyone. I have an abscessed tooth, and I was browsing the net trying desperately to find something to take the pain away. My dentist gave me Vicodin, but that just makes me goofy! I've heard plenty of things; coffee beans, tea bags, garlic, onion, and more. Just like all of you, I'm sure, I don't want to try anything that will harm my teeth. I sucked on a coffee bean, and that helped a little bit. I didn't have any garlic cloves, so I rubbed garlic powder on my gums. It irritated it ( As expected =P ) but it helped.. While it was on, at least. Red wine vinegar helped me a lot. But the thing that works best for me is drinking ICE COLD water, holding it my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. It numbs me for about a minute and a half if I don't speak. Not much help, sorry! I wish you all good luck!!


I try everything tylenol advil orajel nothing works findly use mouthwash held in mouth till felt numb then took nite time cold pills it work long enough to get a couple hours of sleep till i could call dentist the next morning liquid nite time probaly would work by drinking an holding in mouth also try some type liquior.
hope this helps someone the is terrible pain.

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