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I tried the vanalla with no effect. What I have found though that works is suger free gum. One small stick does it. I chew it up and use the tonge to mold aroung the infected area. With a sucking motion where the checks pull in; allowes for a better molding. This can give 6 to eight hour relieve. (I do not suggest having it in while sleeping.) I remove the gum before doing it again. I feel pain while molding it in, but when it feels like the gum is not even there then it is in good. I let the pain work itself out, about 3 min. If some works loose then just reomold it with the tonge. Please I hate the dentist too, and don't really have the money, but find a way, I know I will.


Try Peroxyl by Colgate is an oral antiseptic cleanser hold and swish for a couple, three minutes and repeat. Is amazing took away the horrible pain quick. Follow it up with a couple ibuprofen. Hope it works for you


I had a root canal done on an abcessed front tooth rwice. The pain came back in three days so severely I could't stand it. I had oil of oregano P73 and used the dropper that comes with it and coated the tooth liberally (front, back, & both sides) and held in my mouth around the painful tooth for a few minutes, and in less than five minutes the pain was gone. You can swallow the oil of oregano if you want because it is a natural antibiotic,antibacterial & antifungal herb. It works great for an upset stomach too! Hope this helps!!!


It started on Sunday afternoon (as usual on weekend). My left side of face started swelling and around at night it looks like I have walnut in my mouth. It was not so much pain but it was disturbing so much. I managed to spend my night on pain killers. I took two Tylenol PM it was not a good sleep but its better than nothing.

Next day morning I could not realize who is in the mirror :) First thing I done is to take appointment with dentist. They gave me after 5 days :( So I went to general clinic and they prescribe me Amoxicillin 875 mg antibiotics and Acetaminophen-Cod #3 as a pain killer.

Today I was filling like in hell, I called the dentist and schedule urgent appointment. Let's hope they can save my tooth.

Thank you for all this suggestions here. I tried to watch movies to divert my mind from pain and it really helps. Just watch any of your favorite subject movies. Mine is War and Horror.

Good luck to all who are in pain.


Well, I developed an abscess on my tooth, and like many of you, I don't have insurance. However, mine started out as the entire jawline swelling and becoming very painful, but no definable abscess itself. Sprinkling baking soda along the inside of my mouth over the jaw swelling helped to keep the pain down, and the abscess came in, with little pain, which leaves me wondering if it's even an abscess after all, because there isn't a foul taste or smell when I drain it. Anyway, the best way I've discovered to drain it is to slightly tear the abscess, not just pop it. Stick the pin or needle in, and drag it a little bit; it makes the hole bigger and allows more fluid to drain out. Putting a tea bag over the abscess helps to dull the pain and draw out the pus.

Hope this works for you

This is just want I did that helped me so I thouth I would share.

1. Rinsed my mouth with hydorgen peroxide twice a day
2) Rince with warm salt water
3) used zinc lozenges(for healing)
4) Cepacol Sore throat lozenges( put in mouth near tooth)
5 NyQuil Cold and Flu -To reduce fever, aches and throbbing of the tooth and inflammation.

Also: here is a product I found very helpful Red Cross Toothache w/ natural Eugenol.

I hope this helps you. Blessings


hi well ive had a toothache for about 3 months now but i cant aford denist so yesterday i woke up at about 3am and my tooth was killin i was screamin in pain so i went down staires found my dads dark rum 1st i brush my tooth with ice cold salty water then 2nd just a cap of rum i put it in my mouth n left it in there for 2 mins 3rd washd my mouth with denticlean to get rid of rum taste 4th get a hot water battle and put it under ur pillow in bed just to warm ur pillow up and i slept like a baby all night didnt wake up till 4 pm today was good becoz this tooth kept me up awake all night b4

Candy Freeman

Well i don't have the ache my boyfriend does. He is in a lot of pain i have suggested lots of remedies but lets face it the denist always the best remedy. Lemon extract or orange not vanilla! Swish and spit try not to swallow it cuz it's real nasty. Another thing that works is listorine mothwash original is the best. Never use warm or hot water tempid or cold is better as to not spread the infection. Nothing tried is too crazy only the untried good luck and keep smiling


I have a toothache that occurs every several month or so. Like many of the other entries, I too don't have insurance or that money to cover getting a root canal. Even so, with the pain, I wouldn't make it to the dentist if I had to wait until they fit me in.
I tried the cold water and the vanilla abstract. It work only temporarily. I then took every kind of pain killer in the cabinet (not at the same time). Didn't work.
After not sleeping that night I went to Walgreen's and grabbed some Goody's Headache Powder, in the blue box. It works better than everything else. One works, but sometimes I take 2.
Still might try the Amoxicillan, because I'm sure there is an infection.

Ecstatic Believer

IT REALLY WORKS! I read on this site about taking 500mg of fishmox, which is amoxicillin... to get rid of the infection, and a separate remedy for soakig tea bags in hot water and then holding on the affected area. I have no insurance and have been trying to find a dentist who will let me make payments to them GOOD LUCK with face, ear and jaw were on fire with pain. Nothing is worse than pain that resides in your head! ANY way... THANK YOU A BILLION to the two people who told us about it, because i tried both things together and for the first time in a week, have some relief! A LOT of relief, in fact, after just a few hours after the tea bag treatment, it's amazing. It helped within 15 minutes of putting the tea bags on the area. I used one bag on each side of the affected tooth. IT IS FANTASTIC and really works.. I also took 2 excedrin for pain, since I had taken the limit of aleve and it did NOTHING to help with pain. Try this everyone...if it doesnt' work for you, at least you tried.. it sure worked for me!

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