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My pain was so bad, I know I had infection inside the root, I was starting to get nauscious, and aches in rest of body also. I gargled some rubbing alcohol that I poured through a loaf of wheat bread and diluted with equal part water, that killed the infection. Then I crushed up some pain killers that I had from a unrelated pain prescription and rubbed them over the effected area. Pain went from a 1343 to a 1.

Tim Johnson

So I didn't have some of the things that people had on here to make your own paste, so I decided to try and make my own. I took 1 Advil 200mg and crushed it, 1 Motrin PM (to help me sleep) and crushed that, added a pinch of ginger, and a decent amount of sea salt and put it all into a small dish. I then added a few drops of Vanilla extract, and a few drops of mouthwash. I mixed it all together and then added a few drops of REALLY hot water. I took a Q-Tip and gathered some of the paste on it and packed the abcessed area with it, and then rubbed some on the inside and outside gums around the area. It seemed to take effect immediately, I also took about 1000 MG of Advil just prior to this as well as gargling salt water to clean the area. I'm not going to lie this mixture tastes awful, but I just let it sit in my mouth for a min or two and then spit it out. I then took a towel and got it wet and put it in my microwave for 15 seconds and put it on the abcessed side. Hope it works for you, it seems to have worked for me.


After taking 2 ibuprofen, rinsing my mouth with Listerine,vanilla, baking soda,vinegar, applying peanut butter,garlic,onion,Orajel, and drinking tea, and really cold water..nothing helped my tooth...but eatting watermelon for some odd reason has helped me. idk if it will help you but ive been having pain for days now...I think my tooth is cracked, and falling out :( I have never ever been to the dentist but about 5 months ago..I went in for the first time. I had a small cavity....they fixed it, and ever since I have been having trouble with my teeth hurting, and being sensitive!

Gary Fieldman

Alright, if many of you are like me (Which after reading most of the pages in this section, you are lol)...Then 9 out of 10 of these home pain relievers don't work for you. Also, if you're like me, you usually get an abscess tooth pain on only one side of your mouth. UNFORTUNATELY, for the first time, I've been experiencing pain on both sides of my mouth at the same time, considering I have an abscess on both the top left and right sides of my mouth. Finding a dentist or clinic to work with uninsured patients is hard, and frankly, if you're like me...When the tooth doesn't hurt, scheduling an appointment is in the back of your mind. YET, when the pain arrives, it is all you can think about.

Trust me...I have tried every remedy known to man, with no relief might I add. That's because sometimes, when the pain is this intense, your average over-the-counter medicines, oils and mouth washes aren't strong enough to kill this kind of pain.

Many might say I'm insane for this, BUT, I've found relief each and every time by simply doing the following...

1) Dig through your medicine cabinet for some sort of pain relieving controlled substance (I prefer Oxycodone i.e. Percocet, Endocet, Oxycontin, etc.). Also, Hydrocodone (Lortab, Vicodin, etc., work well too. These are typically the stronger Rx pain killers. Tramadol, Tylenol #3 and things of that nature will not work in this case.
2) Although this will usually taste TERRIBLE, crush the pill (or multiple pills depending on your tolerance) into a fine powder, mix in luke warm water in a glass and stir very well. (PS. Putting too much water will defeat the purpose, so try to mix an even amount of the pill and water, possibly using a Dixie cup or mouthwash bottle cap. Also, if using Hydrocodone or Percocet (any narcotic also containing Acetaminophen), simply leave it that way. If using Oxycontin, first soak the pill in water or suck on it for about 30 sec. and then dry off the pill to remove the coloring/time release coating. In this case, also add a crushed over-the-counter drug like Tylenol or Ibuprofen to the mix. This is because the Oxycontin brand does NOT contain any sort of medicine other than Oxycodone.
3)Once complete, get a cotton ball and soak it in this solution you've stirred up. I suggest tearing the cotton ball in half first simply because a whole one is too large to fit and mold into a spot where one single tooth used to be.
4)When the cotton swab is soaked and you've put it somewhat in place in your mouth, bite down gently to form it in and around the area that your tooth used to be or is partially missing.

This will cure the pain within minutes. Again, it tastes terrible, but we all know that we are willing to try anything when our pain is this bad. I am no expert, but after talking to a doctor and a good pharmacist friend, I've been told that doing this procedure is just like swallowing the pill(s) normally. The only difference is, you are releasing the narcotic, and if you choose the OTC pain medicine, directly into your gum and blood stream. It's a fact that a tooth infection can spread to your brain rapidly. Well, that's exactly what these drugs do. It's just a different and faster way of getting them up to your brain's receptors to calm and tell your tooth nerves that the pain is gone. Now, although this is an effective way of relieving tooth and gum pain, I do NOT suggest doing this on a regular basis. Narcotic pain killers can be highly and quickly addictive. So doing this remedy should only be a short term cure until you can find proper medical help. AND...if you DON'T have any sort of narcotics in your possession that were prescribed to you previously, do not obtain them from anyone other than a certified physician.

I am not a professional and this information is strictly intended to help other people cure tooth pain who are stuck awake at home in the early hours of the morning. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ...hope I can help some of you.


I have super bad tooth pain.

I tried a lot of things on this site!
& I thank everyone for posting them.

Then I felt stupid for thinking of this...but when babies are teething ( 5 years exp. as a nanny) a cold wet rag to chew on is the best...
that plus vanilla has helped my tooth!


Go to walmart and get a goldfish with small bowl. Oh my god, he might have an infection. Promptly go online and order some Pharmaceutical grade amoxicillin(aqua-mox), ciprofloxacin(aqua-floxin), cephalexin(fish flex), erythromycin(fish mycin). Now that your fish's antibiotics are on the way, hot salt water wash, brush with sensodyne, hydrogen peroxide wash, warm water wash. High dose vitamin-C
(Ester-C) and your choice of anti-inflammatory. Keep it as drained as possible. Repeat as necessary to manage the problem. If the problem has seemed to go away, continue treatment for an additional week to ensure the infection is COMPLETELY GONE not just reduced swelling so there is no pain. If it goes away and comes back, it will be meaner, more aggressive, and more resilient. Alcohol should be avoided completely for the duration of treatment as it impairs the body's ability to fight infection and causes an increase in blood-pressure(more pain until you drink yourself unconscious and the blood pressure will now stay high because you are in pain).


Ok this is no joke .... If you are in pain, follow me. I have always had problems with my teeth

since I was little.

I want you to know, what I did worked for me. First and foremost, there is a company that sells a

product called 'Hurricaine'. It is about 10 times better than Oragel. I bought about 5 jars;

they are $15 a jar. I found them on Amazon. They have many flavors but cherry is my favorite.

Ok, lets say you don't have the time to wait for shipping and all that you want is relief now. I

have killed the nerve on about 10 different teeth on 10 occasions, no lie. Kill the nerve and the


A) SORE TOOTH ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR MOUTH: You can do one of two things. 1) Fill a cup with some

Bacardi 151 and hold it on the problem tooth (OR SEE PART B regarding the eye dropper). Count as

long as you can stand (DONT DRINK ANY! IT WILL BURN YOUR THROAT AND CHEST BADLY!). Now spit and

repeat (this will dry your mouth and burn your tongue the first time). However, don't drink any

fluids (i.e. water, soda, etc.)! Just hold your head over a sink and wait. You will drool a lot.

As soon as you can, do it again. You will notice it's not that bad the second time around versus

the first. Try again--if done right, you will feel a small pop or hear a slight fizz and the pain

is gone. Once this happens, you will notice the pain is gone for good after the 151 wears off.

This can also be done just to aleviate pain as well, but it won't last a very long time.


if the tooth is on the top or bottom; however we are focusing on the top of your mouth. Go buy an

eye dropper. Lay on your couch or floor with a pillow for neck support. You have to try to

position your head upside down as though you were dripping onto the bottom tooth. Open mouth and

start dripping onto problem tooth. DON'T JUST DRIP ONE OR TWO DROPS. CONTINUE TO DRIP, allowing a

continuous flow of drops to hit in the exposed area. Think of it as a rainfall--steady drops of

rain no less than 1 second apart. After the dropper is empty, SPIT AND REFILL. Continue until you

kill the nerve.




Yesterday started getting an abcess. Never had one before, but that's the only thing it can be. Last night put on some no name orajel with benzocaine. That got me through the night.

Today there was swelling, and realized was abcess. So I made some colloidal silver (ionic silver solution). Swished it around my mouth, concentrating on really bathing the area of the abcess.

The pain is much relieved and the swelling is starting to go do. Also using a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab to rub on the opening (located right at the gum line and does bleed if pressed with a q-tip, so is able to drain.

I'll keep drinking the silver solution every two hours (about 2 Tablespoons at a time).


Thank god for cloveoil! My tooth got removed a week ago and ive been in dier pain for 7 days straight... cant sleep cant eat! its been horrible and i googled remedies and found this site. drove 2 min to cvs and spent 6.91 and have had little to no pain since! i feel like a new person after this stuff. it is truly a gift to this earth lol ahhh


Red Cross Toothache Medicine, definitely works. Ibuprofin. And the best for overall pain if you have abscessed tooth, is antibiotics.

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