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I'm up at 4 am. I'm on vacation in orange beach Alabama of all things. My boyfriend is coming to propose to me in two days. I always find out surprises... Anyway while I'm supposed to be enjoying my dinner at 'bubbas' tonight I can barely eat from pain. In our condo we don't have clove oil or vanilla extract. But I did bring listerine and my tooth brush. Rinse with listerine and gently massage the tooth and gum area with the brush. It helped me so much. Also when you're laying down to sleep try laying directly on your back and not tilting your head to the sides to even the blood flow on both sides if that makes sense. Also ice helped me numb the pain. And ibuprofen!


ok,,, i have 5 broken and rotted teeth on the bottom,,the infection started sept 29 and progressed to an unbelievable pain,,,,i started rinsing with peroxide and listerene,,,5 to 6 times a day,,, it is oct 5 ( i also took ibuprofen) and today is no pain finally,,,, i suggest you get some antibiotics,,also,,, but the rinse was great,,and actually helped with the pain,,,,, my heart goes out to all those who suffer from this,,, it is horrible and i can't believe this country we live in ,,, where people who don't have insurance or money have to suffer like this,,,, god help us


I've had problems with my teeth for about three years now and the dentist can be WAY over priced. The solution I've found for abscesses comes two fold. First, you have to get rid of the pain and second, you have to get rid of the bacteria causing the pain. To rid yourself of the pain, 800 mg of Ibuprofen will completely knock out the pain for roughly 3 to 4 hours, but it takes about half an hour to become effective. To relieve the pain while the ibuprofen is kicking in, I find that a thorough rinse with mouth wash followed by salt water and then the application of anbesol works great for the throbbing. To get rid of the bacteria, you will need an antibiotic. I am allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin so I've had to get creative on this one. Raw garlic contains a natural antibiotic but you have to eat a lot of it and it has to be raw. I find that 5 cloves is about the right amount. If you puree them and mix with honey and swallow as fast as you can once a day for a week, the infection should be gone. It takes about 2 days to really start seeing the results. I know that eating raw garlic VERY hard for some people to do and it makes you stink like you wouldn't believe but it beats a $400.00 doctor visit to get a prescription for meds and it works just as well as amoxicillin. I hope this works for you as well as it does for me and gets you through the worst of the pain until you can get to the dentist to have that tooth pulled. I truly wish Good luck to all of you as I can attest that abscesses are about the worst pain you can go through!


I promise this will work almost everytime.
Step one- brush with Sensodyne (other brand will work too)at least three times a day. You can even coat the tooth with this for a few minutes to help numb the paid while the other stuff starts to kick in.

Step two- take GARLIC OIL soft gels (I use the odorless), this stuff is awesome. This works like a natural antibiotic and will start attacking the infection that causes the pain. I take 2- 1000 mg gels every 8 hours for the first day or two (this dose starts working on me in a matter of 15-20 minutes). You can start to reduce the count a little at a time to 1 gel every 8 hours after a couple of days.

Step three- take fish oil gels (this is a natural anti-inflammatory). I do this about 2 gels every 8-10 hours. You can reduce this dose later as needed. If the garlic alone is working you can cut this out, but what the heck fish oil is good for you anyway.

Step four- ibuprofen or tylenol as recommended on the bottle (I usually alternate the two at each dose). I just do this until the Garlic has had a chance to start working more long term and it is the first thing I stop taking when I don't need it.

After a few days the Garlic Oil alone will keep the pain at bay.


OMG..thank you for making this site. I have not been able to sleep for the last two weeks because everytime I started to lay down my tooth and ear would start hurting. So last night i read all the remedies and I first propped up my pillows so my head was above my heart . 2. I took an nsaid(anti-inflamatory) 3. put some oragel on it. First night of sleep I had . I also knew it was infected so I bought some Fish Mox - thanks to all of those who posted it . I knew i needed it because I had an ancessed tooth before but didn't know how to get it without going to the doctor. Whats really sad is I have dental insurance but the deductable is so high , I might aswell not have any

Mecha G

I had a bad tooth abscess for about 3 years, pain and draining pus every day! I had to do something fast, I'm sure it was killing me.

The doctor gave me amoxicillin and after 10 days it seemed to go down.

4 days later it came back...

I went and got colloidal silver and oil of oregano and I feel that saved me!

Now I put garlic extract liquid on the gum were it was everyday now just so it wont ever come back.

3 weeks now, so far so good no pain.


Its 2.25 am and this is night 2 of my second abcess episode. Last time it was my tooth, now it's in my tooth/jaw - OW..

My pain is helped a LOT by holding a hot water bottle (as hot as I can take) underneath my jaw (I was previousky using a towel - but a bottle is much better) This 'releases' the pressure in my tooth. Coldness has the opposite effect for me - makes it much worse.

The pain is caused by swelling from the bacterial infection. The heat seems to loosen things up - absolute life saver for me.

The recommended combination of antibiotics is amoxicillin plus metronidazole. Thus spoke my dentist. I am having surgery in two days time. Takes 48 hours minimum to starting killing the infection.

I would be sceptical of other antibiotic combinations mentioned here.

Get antibiotics as soon as you can - the quicker you start the quicker the infection will go.

Good luck everyone.


i agree with drinking water, cut down on smoking, and i take ibuprofen and cystex. the cystex is used for urinary tract infections , its over the counter and has a mild antibiotic in it . it will get you thru til you can get in to the dentist office. hope this helps .


OK I bet you have heard a lot of wacky remades so heres my but i tell you proceed it caution
Step 1 rub vicks on chic
Step 2 swish and drink 80% proof alcohol
Step 3 Mouth wash on q-tip
* weakens pain *
Step 4 then set a towel or napkin fold in your mouth
thats what worked for me so i hope it helps you


My mom has 3 abscess on the left side of her mouth and she in so much pain she cries at times but i tried many things TEMPORARY though ill share i little bit..... #1 crused pain relief and DAB! on sore #2 mix 2 crushed asprin(or whatever pain relief u can find)ginger,sea salt vinella extract,ginger and hot water AND ONLY LITTLE OF EACH!! and put in small bowl DAB on and then gargle with salt water! #3 eat tums and midol helps! #4 hot tea bag any kind doent matter!just apply and there u go!! #5 chew on hot rag #6 put ice or hot pack on it NOT IN YOUR MOUTH!! but thay do work but its temporary oh and sleep head up okay it helps in the morning!!

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