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Thank God for Orajel (severe pain formula).. Works wonders!!! Wal Mart sells this product for $7 bucks.. Give your mouth a lil rinse with warm salt water then apply... Been sleeping like a baby!!


So, I have a wisdom tooth on the right side and a molar on the top left side of my mouth thats feeling pretty horrible, they use to be filled lol, but the one thing I really found that helped after many many sleepless nights was taking a single ply of toilet paper and folding it down to the equal of a rolling paper and snugging it around the teeth, its not instant relief but it works, the paper will heat with your body heat and keep cold air that you breathe into you're nose from getting into the hole, if its a consistent problem and you dont just so happen to have the cash laying around and you can handle it you can try getting a mouth piece for sports from a walmart etc. and put it in your mouth, this as well will heat the mouth piece and block any air from getting into or around the tooth, last but not least everyone seems to have their own sort of mouthwash their making, theres a Oral moisterizer called Toms, it comes in a few flavors, I picked peppermint for the sake of clean flavor, the wash consists of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Sage, the peppermint flavor in it is pretty intense which left room for me to add my own things to it I.E. Listerine, it seems to numb it down pretty well without my mouth feeling like it was trying to murder me from the inside out, Also, speaking of which Chamomile is also a delicious and inexpensive liquid to try, add a tea spoon of cinnamon (No Sugar) and rinse and you enjoy, you can use mroe but I decided I didnt want to take a chance on too much Cinnamon, this drink is also very helpful for stomach pains, which I also found to be a side effect of my frantic home made remedy spree, hope this helps!


No folks,
Here is the truth so sit back and take it. There are a ton of home remedies but if your tooth is infected then you will need a root canal. This happens when bacteria gets under the tooth and the pulpit literally rots. So here is a way to tell if you are dealing with a cavity or a serious problem that will need professional help. Take an ice cube and place it on hour tooth. If you experience more pain than you ever thought possible then you most likely have a problem that wl require A root canal or a sime extraction. Also if heat to make it feel better you had better make an appointment. 6-8 advils and the pain should go away long enough for you to get 4 hours of sleep. I took 8 every four hours even though it's not good for hour liver. But i was considering ripping the tooth out myself ( that's how bad it hurt) if you pain is just. Cavity leaving an e posed nerve then try the other remedies. I know the kits they sell at the drug store for a temporary filling work great.


I had an abcessed tooth and a swollen lymph node on my chin due to the severity of the infection. Im allergic to Amox & Penn, not to mention that $ is so scarce these days. Cant afford a dentist. This is what killed the infection.
GSE- Grapefruit seed extract rinse
Activated charcoal poultice on tooth/gum
Raw garlic/pills - took 5,000 mg a day
Castor oil pack on node
Vitamin c - 4,000 mg a day
Cal/Mag - 6 capsules
Alfalfa- 600 mg/ 9 capsules
Super echinacea extract- 5 x per day
ACV- 2tbs / 3 x a day
Omega oil- 1000 mg 4 capsules/ a day
Cats claw/with mushroom defense

This got rid of my infection in 1 day the pain lasted no more than 5 hrs.
I thank God for these amazing natural remedies. Good luck to all u suffering from tooth pain its a killer!


Okay this works rly good it rly only lessens the pain .. but anything is better than nothin i hae a tooth cracked down to my jaw bone this rly burs but all u gotta do is rinse with water ... so heres wat u do
1. all u do is rinse with rubbing alchohol an peroxide . then rinse with water imediatly ( DO NOT SWALLOW)


I could not afford a dentist but found out about a place that extends credit cards for dental work.
The receptionist told me so now I can go to a dentist to have my flipper replaced.
What helps the most is brushing my teeth when the pain is bad and putting a Tylenol on my gum and letting it be absorbed.
Thanks for all the ideas to relieve pain.
I agree with Sophia on the Golden Girls who said if God wanted us to eat things that decay our teeth he would have handed our teeth to us in a baggie.


Break a benadryl (or generic) CAPLET open onto a spoon, get it wet with either a little bit of water or saliva to make a paste. Use a q-tip or toothpick to put on the soar tooth. It taste nasty, but it numbed my first tooth ache for 6 months, now I am getting it pulled cause it hurts to much and looks gross.


I have had many dental problems. With and without insurance. And like most of you, I am scared to go to the dentist. Right now I am fighting a toothache at 3:54am after waking up at 3:00am in severe pain. This is what works for me.

2 advil and 2 tylenol, sometimes taking a third advil

This helps with the pain, though it never completely goes away. And I wouldnt suggest it, its a lot of medication and if I have a toothache for several days I will get an upset stomach from the medication.

My favorite thing that work for me (in no order)

Rice bag for heat

Abstract (doesnt matter what flavor, the more alcohol the better thats the purpose of the abstract)


Taking a warm shower and letting the warm water run over your tooth.

Taking your mind off the pain

Garlic capsules (they are a natural anti-biotic)

Warm liquids such as tea and coffee
or even room temp water.

When I have a toothache like now, usually I take some asprin, rub abstract (I use almond), heat up a rice bag and sit tight till I feel some relief. It hasnt come yet...


iv been suffering from a abscessed tooth for about two weeks now and haven't been able to eat or sleep. I've Tried everything and nothing works. i started looking through my kitchen and looked through my spices and seasonings and one that Ive found is McCormick Lemon and Herb it works really well i put it on my tooth and and about 2 mins later my toothache went away


I've literally tried everything but one thing that i found that works for me is a seasoning called lemon and herb by McCormick i used that and my toothache was gone after that.

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