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I've tried just about all of these remedies! Nothing the Tylenol and advil..putting a peace of onion has worked for me..can't be leave I actually did it..but mouth pain is so unbearable I'll try anything! It does dentist told me drinking coke cola is the worst soda u can drink..I drank 12 pack less 2 days no more fore me..


Hey Everyone... I Have Been Having Horrifc Pain Since Last Sunday Night. I Just Like Ashley Have been Having Major teeth problems since I Had my son in 2000. I also have not done meth but my teeth lake dr's think im an addict. So I Have been in insufferable pain for like a week. I wanted to rip my carotid artery right out of my neck. I went to the er twice for a nerve block sunday 2am and 630 am. went to dentist monday morn... paid cash (again i have no dental insurance). they did an xray, charged me $125 and said they wouldnt remove my teeth til dec9th. great right. so i have been eating vicodin es like candy along with clindimycin 300 4xday. you would think after 3 days pain would subside well no. I have been vomitting from the pain meds and not getting much relief not to mention no sleep and a cold on top of it lol. so friday night sleepless again i came online and found this site. read posts for hours. was going saturday to buy a new car and knew id be fighting with some tard over prices etc so i decided to try the tea bag deal. Unbelievable! i kept it in for 15 min and no pain since! all the hardcore meds i was on and all week of pain and a simple teabag took it away! I will never forget this and i feel for everyone on here its a nightmare i wanted to die. i am still going to have teeth removed but i hope the next person up late with pain tried this. i also went out and bought a bottle of jd but i havent needed to try the alcohol nerve killing thing lol. good lock to all... and hope u stay pain free!


I just recently found this site this morning, and i was reading some of the posts about extreme tooth pain.

i read about the vanilla, and clove, and lime, and all this other stuff. and someone said rubbing alcohol. well, i dont know about you guys, but i have a bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol (everclear) layin around, and i just swished that for about 30 seconds, and it seemed to dull the pain pretty substantially. it was bad, man. like horrible. I had to leave work 3 days in a row cause i couldnt take it. dont have health, or dental, or $2345098723 to spend at the dentists office. gotta figure something out. home remedies only take you so far.


Take 2 suphedrine pe for sinus headache. You can get these at Walmart, and they help with pain and pressure.

Take 2 Ibuprofen

Wash mouth out with Vodka. Hold it in there as long as you can. It numbs the area, reduces pain. And its fast!


If you are experiencing an abcessed tooth you will eventually need antibiotics. I'm a medical assistant at an urgent care n see ppl in great dental pain. I've been there. I actually ODed on accident on tylenol trying to kill the pain with no relief. When I FINALLY got to the dentist the dental assistant told me to try whole cloves in my gums if the horrible situation ever reoccured. Unfortunately it did :( but this time I tried her suggestion. And it WORKS better than all the over the counter pain killers you can get. Just buy whole cloves from the spice section. The look like tiny brown flower bud bases. Which is exactly what they are. I break off the spiny edges n stick then in my gums near where they are hurting. Subconsciously I've learned to associate the taste of the cloves with pain relief as well so its double the reaction. I hope this works for anyone that happens upon this link in their desperate attempts to kill the worst pain known to man- DENTAL PAIN! Good luck!


Hi all! I can sympathize with anyone dealing with tooth infections and the pain. I have a tooth I have had a filling, the tooth cracked the next day, two root canals, and a crown over the past 15 years. Even after two root canals I still have a tiny bit of nerve left due to the tip of one root taking a 90 degree turn before the end. As a result, I still feel pain in this tooth just like before the root canals. Its miserable, because it gets infected a lot. And infections can build up resistance to anitbiotics over time. A few years back, when the infections were less often, I was without dental insurance and in dire need of getting the infection gone. I was desperate. My tooth throbbed, my ear hurt, and I had headaches that would turn into migraines. Like I said, I was desperate, I remembered mom always saying to use warm salty water to gargle when I had a sore throat because the salt helps heal but it also draws out any infection. So I decided I needed salt on that tooth. I took a small glass and a goodly amount of salt and added hot water to dissolve the salt. You will have to play with it to get the right strength for you. The salt does tend to be harsh on the gums and tongue. BUT drop 3 or 4 cotton balls to soak in the salt water while it cools. When the mixture is to room temperature, take the cotton balls one at a time and squeeze a bit of the water out, the fit them around the infected tooth both on the cheek side and the tongue side. If you fit them right you will also have covered the bottom of the tooth too. The mixture in the cotton balls will seep out, just spit it out. I have done that all day before, or just worn them a few hours at a time. Every time I change them out, the tooth feels a bit better. But if you leave the cotton balls in long enough, you may see discoloration on the cotton balls where they were in contact with the tooth. I always figured that's the infection getting drawn out. A few days of that, and my tooth is loads better, granted my gum and tongue are a bit worse off, but its worth it to get the infection gone.
Hope this helps someone!



I was reading through all the remedies, which I have to thank you guys for :D
I'm in sooo much pain, its the weekend and I got my dentist appointment on Monday.

Garlic helped ease the pain. At first it stings extremely bad and you really dont want to keep going. Keep at it. Right now I feel no pain ( knock on wood ).

I hope you guys feel better. The pain is excurciating, but don't give up.


several options are out there to help,
with a abcessed tooth.As I write this
I'am with alot of you as could not find
a dentist that would pull it right now.
A tea bag warmed with water and applied
to the tooth will pull out the infection at the gum line.Avoid peroxide at all cost.If there is a hole
or a section of the tooth missing,clean
out 1st with warm salt water.applying
clove oil will deadin the pain.cover
the tooth with soft parifin wax.this
will block out cold/food from getting
back into the hole of the tooth.Garlic
oil will also pull out infection.
You can get all of this at Wal-Mart.
The wax is in the craft section.
An old Indian trick was to use 2 table
spoons of wiskey,1 teaspoon of lemon
juice or lime,mix with baking soda until it's a paste.put on tooth or
around gum area.going to sting a little
but will kill infection 2-3
times a day to keep infection down.
Don't brush the tooth or area around it
this just cause's the nerve to be pissed.bottom line:tooth has got to,
be fixed or come out.Hope I helped a,

Alyssa Portillo

I infused some white rum with whole cloves (get one of those little airplane sized bottles put whole cloves in it then put it in the freezer until the rum turns brown) Then crush up a pain killer, make a paste with the rum and pain killer then put it on your tooth with a q-tip and left it there. my pain was gone almost instantly


ok, So I had a serious infection in my tooth and it was so bad that when I went to the dentist to have it extracted, he couldn't even take it out. He called it a 'hot tooth' meaning the infection was so deep. Long story short a week later, after two courses of amoxocillin, bottle of percocet and still im in horrible pain. Until a friend of mine told me to take one of my ibprofen pills and smash it up and add a little bit of water to make a paste and use a cotton swab to apply it to the hole in my tooth,and after just a little tiny bit of burning the pain went AWAY!! I will swear by the method for the rest of my life. Trust me this works and ive tried everything!!

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