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Ok, I'm pregnant so I couldn't do many of the things that were suggested. Thank God for this site tho b/c my tooth was pretty much killing me! Who knew vineger, vanilla extract, and a lime would work wonders?! I'm so thankful that I had all those ingredients in my pantry/fridge last night. First I did a light rinse with the vineger, then I used a Q-tip dipped in the vanilla and dapped it on the tooth that was going to be the death of me, then finally I sliced a lime and placed it on the painful area and the pain subsided IMMEDIATELY!!! I promise! God is so good! Thank u sweet baby Jesus! I was praying and crying all night prior to this site! Lol.


Oil of Oregano (Oreganum Vulgare)- a perfect track record for handling multiple abscesses in my case. I had an emergency situation where I couldn't get in to a dentist and had an extremely painful abscess. It was swollen to the point of rupturing, so it was very painful. I had earlier picked up a bottle of the oil (don't get it confused with extract!). I knew of the benefits of the stuff for other ailments, so out of desperation, I tried it.

The bottle will likely warn you to cut the stuff by one drop to twenty or a tablespoon, etc., before applying it to anything. It's that potent. I, however, did not. Took a cotton swab and tore off most of the cotton on one end. Added one drop of oregano oil to the prepared end and gently swabbed the area. Doing so, I got some on my lips and tongue and I did experience a significant burning sensation, so consider yourself warned. Interestingly, it doesn't burn your gums themselves. But the pain was nothing compared to my abscess. Three applications and 24 hours later, the abscess was completely HEALED. Not just feeling better. GONE.

I have since used this therapy multiple times on this recurring abscess. What?!? You said it was GONE! Well, it was. But I haven't had the tooth fixed yet. So once every few months or so, I can feel it begin to come back. I do the same thing and voila, it's better.

Actually, the abscesses ONLY come back if I stop my maintenance routine. I cut the the Oil of Oregano by 1/5th with organic olive oil. After brushing in the morning and evening, I take a second soft bristled toothbrush and add 2-3 drops of this solution and gently work it into my gum line, where the nasties like to hang out. It's only when I get off this routine that I ever have any issues. My gums look healthier too, after doing this for a while.

This remedy has saved me lots of pain, time and money. Which reminds me ... the oil itself isn't cheap. Expect to pay around $30USD for a few ounces. But you use so little it lasts quite a long time. I've been using it for three years and I'm on my third bottle.

Hope this helps. I feel your pain.


killer toothache? ammoxicillan. fish mox. hot bag of dry uncooked rice.


OMG have been in so much pain,,i have a broken back tooth and the tooth next to it has broken down to the gumline also,i had root canal on both these about 3 years ago,i swear the dentist never did it properly and have been getting abcesses ever since,i hate the dentist so much from bad experiences including where the assistant was hungover and stabbed me in the back of my throat with her tool :(..anyways its day 4 now and i have been reading all 30 pages on this site,i have try'd many of the remedies suggested,garlic didnt work for me,onion helped for about half an hour,tcp helped for 2 minutes,crushed up paracetamol directly into the hole did nothing,salt water both hot and cold did nothing,hot water bottle next to the affected area on my face put me to some relaxation,Dentogen clove oil gel helped heaps,numbed it down to pain barrier i could handle(thanks to my lovely girlfriend)teabag may of helped me get some sleep but it was prob all the pain killers i have taken that made me sleepy,dangerous i know but i was a man in desperation...i have been waiting for the abcess to start to project its way through the side of my gum so i can pop it somehow but it hasnt dared show its face yet or so i thought....anyway my pain has now died down to a minimum thanks to my puppy,he was so happy to see me that he jumped on me and head butted me in the affected side of my face...ouuuuchhh,this was the worst pain i had felt,my whole side of my face was banging now,but it did something good,all the blood pressure it built up finally worked its way to my abcess and i heard a pop and gushed out with blood and puss,the little bugger was hidding just behind my back tooth :) some kind of relief :) am just now waiting for my mother to collect my antibiotics from the chemist whilst i am awaiting my dental appointment on wednesday,this time i am going to man up and get them both pulled out,i am sure it cant be as much pain as i have been in,its taken me a long time to brave this,but after reading all about you poor people who have to have insurance and pay mega bucks to get any kind of help really put me in my place and i feel so bad for all you girls and guys over america who have to deal with that and this pain...I hope you all get the dental help we all deserve,it has to be the worst pain know to man kind...Darren uk resident


I was in pain for days, I have a huge hole and did not know what to do, at the time i had a mouth owsore, I was putting bonjella onto it, i then found the pain was easing so i diceded to put it in my hole and around my tooth, this worked very well and took the pain away, :)


I have a broken tooth, and was in severe pain not even an hour ago... i tried ibuprofen, fioricet that I have for a recent head injury, orajel, salt water, vanilla extract and bread. What FINALLY relieved the pain was placing a dry teabag on the area, biting down and putting a hot towel on my face. Seems to have worked! No pain right now, but if it does start up again I will get a teabag!


Oh, I feel bad for anyone going through this pain. I have had several abcessed teeth over the years and the pain is truly unbearable. Of all the different kinds of pain there is, abcessed teeth has got to be one of the worst, if not the worst. Here are some things that have brought me temporary relief.

Cold..either applied directly to the tooth or held to the cheek. Helps with pain, but the downside is that sometimes the pain will come back even worse when you stop applying ice.

Hot..a warm heating pad or bean bag heated in the microwave can also relieve pain, however I have heard that heat can draw the infection deeper into the cheek and jaw which is not such a good thing.

Rinses with either saltwater or good strong mouthwash can provide relief at the onset of an infection, once the infection is bad and the pain is constant than these rinses don't help much.

Clove oil..oh yes! this one does help with pain a great deal. It tastes terrible and it burns the tongue and lips. It can also be difficult to get it directly into the tooth, but it's worth working at because it really does numb the area completely.

Sleep in a sitting position whenever possible. For some reason the pain becomes even worse when trying to lay down. A recliner is great if you have one. I don't have a recliner anymore so I just have to kind of prop myself up in bed. Problem is that once I fall asleep, I will lay down and the pain will be back.

Teabags..this works too but I have always found it a difficult item to work with. It's hard to get the bag into the correct position and when I finally do, I am uncomfortable and drooling. Worth the pain relief though.

Finally when all else fails, get prescription antibiotics if you can. Normally they take 24-48 hours before you will feel relief. One way I have found to speed this up, is that instead of just swallowing them like a pill, I a pill up and then hold it in my mouth, allowing it dissolve directly into my tongue and gums. This seems to work because I usually have total relief within 12 hours.

Lastly, we are all going to end up at the dentist at some point. Dental infection cannot be completely destroyed with either home remedies or even prescription drugs. A little infection always hides within the tooth where antibiotics cannot reach. As soon as treatment stops this tiny little infection will start breeding, until eventually it will rage out of control again. For some people this happens within just a few weeks of treating the initial infection and for others it takes many months before the pain returns. But it will come back and often times when it comes back it is resistant to treatment and much more painful, so please try to find a way to see a dentist if you can.


Thanks to our 'lovely' government officials that decided that we no longer need dental insurance even though an abcessed tooth can kill you(and they still pay for breast reductions)I am stuck with my screwed up teeth that get infected at least twice every three months. I found this site and now I don't feel alone that in itself helps. A tea bag helps but I also use just plain baking soda and you wouldn't believe the relief I got. Everyone is different so each person needs to find the remedy that works for them. I hope that this helps at least one person out there. I have had so many infections I lost count and am hoping our government comes around before it kills me. Thank you:)

Many Moons

Tooth ace pain relief/ inflamed gums or infected/abscessed tooth remedies: Witch Hazel (Astringent) ~FamilyDollar: for relief of Minor Skin External Irritations. Take a q-tip or cotton swab & dip it into the liquid: apply directly on the swollen or affected area. (In this case the Gum's surrounding the effected tooth. Takes the pain away straight away. (the bottle I have is 14% alcohol)-apply as needed. but avoid swallowing. Its for external use only, but if applied as described above, it took the pain away, for hours.

Walgreen Pain Reliever: (Aceauminophen)Fast release quick gel caps (500 mg each). Take only 2 gel caps every 4-6 hrs as directed. It definately dull's the pain, but will effect your liver if taken for an extended time.
Flush with warm salt water as often as possible.(salt is a Natural antibacterial).
Poultice/Compress: minced garlic or pressed fresh & (any type of tea leaves or tea leaf blend) or cold tea bag (soak in cup of water to soften)if you don't have cold use a reg tea bag soaked in warm water, remove from water, squeeze out excess water. Open Tea bag remove tea, mix a small amount w/garlic (natural antiseptic) taken out of the tea bag (keep the rest or later use as you will want to make another compress/poultice: mixed together & rolled a pre-cut to size piece of gauze to fit between the check & teeth,('rolling paper size' works well). a small amount folded flat will to fit the roof of your mouth and gum's. If you don't have gauze but have tea bag, some have 2 compartments which can be cut in 1/2 and fit better into you mouth. Tea has natural components to heal. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic /antibacterial.
In my case the one on the roof of my mouth & another poultice packed on the other side of the tooth, in between the cheek. (upper moler was effected) applied for 1/2 hr at a time. Let the air get to your gums to heal the healing process.

late sat afternoon I took a clean rubber tipped tooth cleaning tool (and after the pain killers had taken effect) but the pressure was there, I poked the rubber up between the teeth, into the gum area, It was a bit painful but I had released the presser of the abcess and over the sink spit out the bloody infectious liquid which was released. I wasn't expecting this but I got instint relief and with the warm salt water rinsed, flushing around the mouth. Again, pressing the rubber tip of the tool deeper into the gum area, then, gargling and flushing it out, SPITTING OUT; again reapplying the rubber tipped device to push out much the infection. If this is swallowed it will spread in your body!!
I was able to spit out the infection and blood till it stopped and spit out clear and clean. It was painful but also a relief!!
I then brushed my teeth w/ a baking soda paste (can be homemade as well).Reapplied lightly the Witch hazel to the inflamed and sore area, it numbed the pain on contact!
I began having pain mid Friday, throbbing pain all night, by Sat.afternoon I keep the Gel Caps going and by evening I was able to take a nap and lightly applying the Witch Hazel. (its a liquid with alcohol)form as referred to above.

Alternating with warm salt water flush & spitting it out. I have been alternating remedies to help get rid of the infection. I only put the poultice in my mouth for a 1/2 hr at a time. Also having a spit cup and wash cloth handy. (It's very nasty tasting & uncomfortable).
It worked before, then lapsed my regular brushing and flossing ritual of clean my mouth maintenance; coming back worse months later (my present condition).
Additional remedy is Apple cider Vinegar put 2 teaspoons in a cup of water before every meal drink it down. (daily as a preventative and internal cleaner and body health maintenance. I found this in and (old Vermont folk medicine book written by a doctor, recommended for animals and people) Apple Cider Vinegar is a good source of Iron,and other trace minerals & Vitamins. It the apple a day in cider form blended with the vinegar. Natural preventive and can cure internal infections, is some of what I read.

Another natural antibiotic is Iodine, can be found in a dropper bottle~Organic
Liqui-Kelp (natural Iodine daily supplement I have had on hand, 2 drops (stronger if needed) in water should help clean the infection as well.

Good luck to all of you, with what works for you, as we all know, its a big red flag something is wrong, and I want to keep this tooth if possible, before the infection could damage or kill the root. 'The End' by ManyMoons


Eat some raw garlic....i have been pain free for 2 days now....the one advil pm i took 2 days ago could not possibly be keeping the pain down... red gumline and swelling definitely subsiding...caution raw garlic will burn your mouth so put it in sugar or honey first...and thanks so much to my childhood dentist you sadist. I tried salt water, peroxide, orajel, et cetera but garlic really has done the trick..

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