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My problem: I had a molar that was beginning to abscess. When I went to the dentist, the freezing did not take to my tooth, so he was only able to put a temp filling, until I get the root canal.
It is now 3 days until my actual dentist appointment and the pain has come back with a vengeance. I have not been able to eat all day, or close my mouth fully. I was BARELY able to spit after brushing my teeth, I was almost to the point of tears trying. The pain was so bad, I could feel it through the whole side of my face and my ear was killing me. Up until an hour ago, I actually felt that I would just die. I have a heart condition, so any medications such as ibuprofen, midol etc, were out of the question. I read every single page in here (all 32 of them!).


- Onion
- Tea Bag
- Vicks Vapo
- Vanilla Extract
- Warm salt water

What WORKED 100%:

I sliced a garlic clove and held a piece of it in my mouth for about 20 minutes, between my cheek and the tooth.
I switched pieces and held a new one there for about 5 minutes. Just a note - it is not the loveliest taste, and it may feel like its burning a little. But NOTHING as bad as what you are going through. This is TOTALLY worth it. Just keep holding it there, after a few minutes the taste etc will not bother you.
At this point I have had virtually zero pain for one hour now.
Even if this is not a full fix until Friday - It has taken the pain away long enough for me to be able to grab a bite to eat and will be able to fall asleep.
PLEASE TRY THIS if you are in a large amount of pain.
Please do NOT try to break the abscess yourself. This is absolutely the WORST advice someone could possibly ever give. Without proper antibiotics to kill the germs (after the abscess has broken) the bacteria will go into your blood stream. This is POISON and can lead to way bigger problems down the road.

I am so sorry for the people who are in so much pain right now :( I understand and I am right there with you! I wanted to just take my head right off! And I am so sorry for the Americans who do not have dental insurance. I cannot even imagine! I am in Canada, and although it is not 100% free for the dentist, the bill definitely will not put someone into bankruptcy. I am very thankful for this site, or I would have never even thought to try Garlic - Thank you SO much.
Just please be very cautious about some of the remedies that are mixing prescriptions on top of NyQuil etc.


This might sound silly but really try this if it kills so much you find yourself pounding round the house in agony an dont know where to put ya head it works for me everytime . Depending on ya fitness level support your body weight with your feet of the ground just slightly maybe just an inch i use the bit where our cooker should be then slowly bring your legs up and knees into your chest do about 15 or more / less depends how fit you are basicly till ya abs hurt you should find by the time you finish that A: that angry fealing you had has gone B: your abs hurt a bit and most importanly your pain should have gone seems to work with chin up to if you need something inbetween again depends on your fitness treadmills work amasingly a good 20 min jog can remove any toothache for me personally plus keeps ya fit take a couple of paracetomol before ya jog avoid press up tho this sometimes works exept laying flat can sometimes intensafy the pain and if it a tooth sensetive to the cold i wouldent run outside sometimes it doesent help beware that awfull pain will probley return soon tho so chose to get ya heart rate up again if it does until ya pain killers are working properly am no expert but this has worked for me for a couple of years when i feel theres no way out i believe your heart pumping blood to other areas of you body as in muscles stops the nerves takin over some how any feedback appreicheiated sorry for poor gramer an spellings Rob hope this helps someone.


omggg , this is the most relief i felt since this toothache kickd in !i used every remedy that everybody has posted.. & they all worked. these things worked better than percription painkillers & tylenol. kinda hard to believe they didnt do any relief at all .. & these i [ay no attention to did. first i rinsed my mouth with mouthwash , made greentea poured salt in the cup w. the bag & squeezd the bag on the effected area , tossed the tea bag. then put vanilla extract & vinegar mixed in with the tea and rinsed my mouth with that. then put toothpaste in the hurting part ,, rinsed again .. then packed the area with bread ! now im pain free .. i hope this can help somebody that is sufferingg !


First off motrin/aspirin in a tooth crushed is bad!!it will eat tooth even worse . second aspirin doesent work that way it does not stop pain by putting it on something it works by blocking pain receptors. And I have been in screaming agony with a toothache off and on for 6 months and finally found this out. First I take 10 mill of percocet 5 times a day for 6 yrs now for a disease and it does zippo for toothache pain I take 800 ibuprofen 2x a day. I also have prescription novocaine for the mouth and this works for some kinds of tooth pain but nerve pain oh no it burns so bad and made it worse.Warm salt water works for a bit as well as the ibuprofen for throbbing. Last night after screaming in pillow for an hour I tried extra strength ora gel and my god the heavens opened up!!Took 10 mil of valium and off to sleep I went I have been told by a dentist also to try honey with cinnamon powder make a paste and it will relieve pain. I have tried it and it works. It draws out any infection . And since i can no longer use sugar its wonderful in tea and coffee so i have my sweet back. But like i said oragel worked as did ibuprofen. I caution you do not use some of the remedies mentioned here as they are harmful.Especially aspirin in tooth.Vanilla also works very well as whiskey does because of the alcohol in it.Trust me I know toothache pain well and oh yes also in the hospitals now they give you tea bags for toothache pain it draws out the infection.Peppermint is also a very good pain killer it has numbing qualities.Peppermint tea is also amazing for nausea and stomach issues I use it 3 or 4 times a day.But for my intense pain in teeth, and mine is all nerve pain that shoots straight up into head ex strength ora gel gave me immediate long term relief!! Good luck peeps I know how agonizing tooth pain is....and antibiotics are a must for an abcess I had several and i steralized a needle poked it and drained it....doc told me what to do here since i had no insurance, make sure you do not swollow infection!! so sterile needle squeeze it out then use 3% peroxide to swish around mouth to kill any infection , repeat peroxide 2 times daily till it is better. This is the same thing a dentist does just please make sure ev thing is sterile including hands!antibiotics work with most but its over prescribed and peroxide is an amazing bacteria killer. Just be sterile it will work!!


Sometimes we don't have any resources to clam the tooth pain, the easy way I found to clam the pain down is by brushing for 5mins at the same spot of pain.

It really did start to clam the pain down for 3 hours. Hope that works.

Jacks Mom

My suggestion: Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat

Like everyone else here, I found this site with tears in my eyes from the pain of an infected tooth (wisdom tooth). Not only did my tooth/gum hurt, but the entire side of my face hurt, I was unable to open my mouth fully, my head throbbed, I was nauseous, and had a fever/chills.

I tried every remedy that I had the ingredients for and found little to no relief. I began to think there was nothing that would help this pain. In desperation, I took some Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat. I felt instant relief from the tooth pain and shortly thereafter, the throbbing in my head and faced subsided, and I no longer had chills or nausea. It's not a cure-all in that it still hurts when I try to open my mouth wide enough to even get a spoon in, but I'm extremely grateful for the other relief - especially the tooth/gum pain.

It's obvious that different things work for different people. A warm green tea bag actually made my tooth feel worse. But if you don't find relief elsewhere, you may wish to try Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat.


I have had several of my wisdom teeth impact on me and never had the money to get them properly taken care of.
For immediate temporary relief hot salt water rinse for at least 2 minutes. Once the immediate pain has relieved you get some Orthodontic Wax (Near the Ambeslo/Orajel at the store) and carefully place a small amount over the abcess.
By cleaning and then plugging the abcess you should be able to get by for a good portion of the day without knowing anything is wrong. BE CAREFUL not to suck out the wax or loose it with food, I always keep extra wax on me and a small shaker if salt so I can reapply almost anywhere.
For chronic pains or to get to sleep at night I use the same technique and also tag team 2 tabs ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and 2 tabs acetaminophen (every 4 hours with 2 hour offset from ibu) as to not 'overtax' my liver on 1 med.


I was surprised to find how many alternative remedies u can find for tooth ache hanging around in your kitchen: Heres what i have found helpful.Firstly, Take Advil or IBprofen. Do not use aspirin as it thins the blood and can make the pain worse by increasing the throbbing. Second use warm salt water and hold in your mouth for a few minutes, followed by hydrogen peroxide 50/50 water mix. Rinse and repeat, this usually helps immensely. Rinsing with mouthwash or anything else with high alchohol content also seems to help but mostly temporarily. You can also massage the gums or hold the temple on the affected area to prevent bloodflow when pain is really bad. Lastly if you can afford a hundred bucks or so, go to urgent care and explain ur tooth is infected but you cant get to a dentist and demand antibiotics. Or u can get an appointment with a dentist for about 60 dollars and do the same. The antibiotics will solve the problem usually for at least 3 months.


God bless Dr Zimpel and his spagyric medicine and god bless my friend who has faith and belief in the power of essential oils from plants who concocted a solution for me to gargle with IT WORKS. A broken molar and an abcess that runs half way round my lower jaw have had me wanting to reach for the pliers for 4 days and nights. im taking 1000mg of 2 type of antibiotics 4 times a day, i will be having withdrawl symptoms from the Nurofen plus i have taken in a futile attempt to ease the pain. i have been to 3 dentists who have all said they cant extract due to the infection being so severe (no x-ray though?)Never again will i ridicule my friend and her belief in herbal remidies, she has saved me from myself and the tool box and at last i can eat and sleep in comfort. Look up the good Dr Zimpel and hopefuly you too will find relief.


I used rubbing alcohol swihed some around in the hole as long as I could and rinsed with warm water believ it or not wow it helped?

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