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Vanilla Extract for an abscessed tooth -- just swished around my mouth for a minute or so (had no QTips) -- and it worked -- almost instantly!! Still tender and sore, but the swelling has gone tremendously and 12 hours later is still down. Have since seen the dentist and am getting my antibiotics -- but at midnight last night - this was a lifesaver. Thanks to all posted!


I am used to PAIN, for I have LUPUS and CHRONIC PAIN from other things. I am on Morphine and let me tell you***IT DID NOTHING FOR THE TOOTH PAIN!! I cracked and broke a upper left back tooth on Friday and had it removed. ALL weekend I was in more pain than when I started! I suffered all weekend, finally went back to dentist today only to find out I had DRY Socket and infection started. Started ANTibiotics, and he packed the tooth with medicine... OUCH got worse until I found this site and pack cloves onto a Pepperment tea bag... I AM PAIN FREE the cloves numb the area.. now with cold/heat packs I may get some sleep at 8 in the morning.


I can't believe I am going to say this... I was in total disbelief that the tea bag would work... Being in severe pain, and my dental not kicking in until the first I was desperate... I used a black tea teabag ran it under HOT water for about 2 minutes, and placed it on my tooth for about 15 minutes... Since I am pregnant, and this pregnancy isn't going smooth as it is, I didn't swallow any of the tea (which led to a bit if drooling lol, thank goodness Hubby is underway for 2 weeks) needless to say, THE PAIN IS GONE! I mean completely gone... I've been using orajel liquid literally every 10-30 minutes for days, along with tylenol and that didn't even provide me nearly as much relief as this did... Granted the tea kinda tastes funny in tea bag form, but trust me, ITS WORTH IT!!!


The mint extract really helped numb the pain in my husband's mouth abcess. Thanks for the tip!


I have had teeth problems for as far as i can remember. I used to have health Insurance but, getting older pays many prices. I like sweets every now and then, and because of this craving I have been developing abscessed teeth problems for a few months now and I had to figure something out! I'm not a fan of pain killers because I become too dependent, and the long term effects are not worth it. Drinking Chamomile or peppermint tea has always been able to calmed me down in times of stress and frustration. One day I decided to rest the tea bag on my accessed tooth. I did it at least 5 times a day for about three days and before I knew it my abscess was gone and I was eating without any pain. It really works, I would definitely recommend it and its one of the most natural ways to go. And I should also say STAY AWAY FROM TOO MUCH SUGAR!


I've experience toothace before and i'm 17. I'm from the Uk and i'm under 18 so it's free for my dental care. I had one molar taken out last september on the day of my birthday (meant i couldn't drink alcohol that night). But i skipped my appointment for another tooth removal about a week ago by accident. I was lying in bed and was unable to sleep tonight and just like in the past, my gum started swelling into an abcess. I don't have any Ibuprofen left but i'm currently on amoxicllin. I have just started to take it and have to wait a good few hours for my next.

I've found that washing your mouth out with salt does help but only for about 15-20 mins, and it doesn't do a lot anyways. The teabag method is great, i recommend it. Soak a teabag in hot water for a few mins then put it on your sore tooth and it takes some of the pain away. Go brush and rinse with mouthwash to make sure evrything's clean. I'd try the whiskey method but i have none left!


Here is my situation, bad genetics run in my family for not so great teeth. I brush twice a day religously. Yet, my molars break off piece by piece. I have no insurance to help mitigate expenses. Anyway, it does get to the point where the tooth will rot away till a nerve is exposed, gross I know. But it is to prove I know the intensity of tooth pain, til it makes you wanna bunch up into a ball on a bed or couch and bust out balling. Then I break down and go have it pulled at a 100 bux a tooth. Anyway, this one measure has helped me out for the last 3 years or so. Its a combination of Water and 'Orajel - Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse 16 fl oz bottle', white in color and cost around 8-9 bux, and Wal Mart does carry it. I swish my mouth vigorously with cold water a couple three times and stop periodically to hold pressure against affected tooth. Then poor a little bit of the Orajel mouth rinse into the cap, about to the 2nd or 3rd thread and swish vigorously for about 2-3 minutes, every so often pause with pressure on affected tooth and let it sit and foam and swish around some more. Then spit, keep a cup near by to continue spitting, some how the spitting repeatedly helps me. I've found personally that acetaminphen or excedrin helps me greatly vs ibuprofen or aleve. I usally will pop 4-5 of acetaminphen at once or 3 excedrin, as I am a big guy, 6' 4' bout 300 lbs just for the record. With the Orajel mouth rinse it may take up 4-5 rinse cycles to kick in but it really does work for me. Fortunately, I've been prescribed for vicodin due to low back troubles. But the vicodin doesn't always help. I hope this helps out someone, as this remedy has helped more than once, especially when I needed to go to sleep.


I got this toothache from hell about 2 days now and sleeping is like hell to me with this horrible toothache, Desperate for a remedy I googled and stumbled upon this page and thank God I did so.

My remedy is putting a pea size toothpaste on your gum it provided like 5 hours of relief of no pain or eating peanut butter, delicious and effective.


thank you to the people saying to use extract. I didnt have any vanilla extract so like anyone with enough pain willing to try anything almond extract worked great.


Like many of you I couldn't afford a dentist. I had 3 teeth that had broken off at the gum line (root canals) and several teeth that at times would hurt so bad, I wished I had a gun to shoot my face off! I was sure that couldn't hurt as bad as my teeth were.
I found one solution that always helped.
Pau D'arco. I would drink 3 or 4 cups of strongly made tea a day. As long as I drank that, the pain stayed away and it helped the infections. You can also get it on concentrated drops. Pau D'arco has many benefits but after years of bad teeth, this is the only thing that worked over long term.
There is no pain like teeth pain, I so feel for all of you. If you can't afford a dentist, please give this a try.

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