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I've found draining to control it for the most part. When it swells up and starts draining on it's own or is softened up, pop it and drain out the excess with your finger or whatever you choose to squeeze on the infected area. I have a bad tooth on the bottom right and it infects the outside part of my gum line causing visible swelling, it's a bit embarrassing. When I experience inflammation in this area I drain and clean a lot and usually in a few day it'll go down and away for quite some time. Seems that exercise or heavy activity irritates it, I don't know why it happens this way. Also if it's clean enough you can use some temporary filler (temperin) to keep it from being exposes which is very painful! I don't experience too much pain, but I worry it'll get bad before I can afford to get it pulled or filled. The tea bag remedy will take the pain away and it'll help drain it. I use a dry green tea bag, seems to draw the infection out.


Take a towel and fold it up
Then soak one side of the
Towel with alchol(peroxide may
Work). Next take the towel
And place it on the jaw, give
It about 10 minutes and you
Will feel it kind getting
Hot which is what you want
Then it will start getting
Numb and the pain will
Subside for a min of
30 minutes


Abcess on root of tooth - First took 2 ibuprofen. Then soaked a peppermint teabag in a small amount of hot water and a few drops of pure vanilla extract. Squeezed out excess water and held teabag on infected area for about 30 mins. Pain was gone in about 10 mins and stayed away for a few hours. Hope this helps someone.


I have swelling from what I think is an abscess under a tooth. Several years ago I went to the doctor with a sinus infection (swelling, pain in eustacean tubes, ears, jaw) and he told me to try Mucinex along with the other sinus meds. I looked at him funny because it's supposed to be for chest congestion. I didn't have that. Mucinex seemed to work for me by helping to drain stuff out. I'm using it now for the tooth and have horrible tasting drainage but no pain, just discomfort in tooth, ears, tubes, etc.


try getting honeysuckle flower and infuse it like a tea. It is believed to draw out toxins. It works for me. It can be bought from china town. Tried hydrogen peroxide and the rest, those stuff works on the surface but with an abscess, i think it needs to be treated from within. I am trying not to take antibiotics as far as possible. Draining the abscess really helps.


Hi guys,

Firstly I totally sympathise with everyone going through this. Im lucky enough to live in the UK where I get free dental treatment so I feel the need to share some tips with you guys especially in the US who cant afford it. (God knows I wouldnt be able to)

Currently up at 4.25am with my second absess, its actually inside the tooth so Im unable to get at it.

Something that wasnt mentioned too much on this site, is something that I do which I dont know how Id live without when this pain comes.

For instant short term relief (Like 2 minutes but at this point 5 seconds would be enough!)

Get some cold (not fridge cold just normal cool water) and swish it around the infected tooth, the first time you do this you may feel extra pain but believe me just keep going and you will get instant relief!

I always keep a bottle of water next to me just so I can do it when the pain comes. If you dont already know this secret I do not know how you have survived.

I also find brushing my teeth helps and swishing some listerine around the tooth. Also I dip a flosette in some listerine and floss between the infected teeth. That eases the pain for a bit longer than the water but not by that much!

Currently trying to teabag method... It seems to be making the pain a tiny bit more barable but not quite im gonna take it out now and go back to the water!

Good luck guys!


I took suggestions from this page and mixed them; I now am pain free!! Take ground cloves and mix them with vanilla extract. Dab on tooth a few times. After that the pain was gone! To be sure it stays gone I put a teabag on the tooth for about 15 minutes. So far so good! Thanks all!


Ok...I tried everything...but my pain was caused by an infection under the tooth....stage two before capping my tooth. So finally I tried a couple of remedies - as a all in one cure. Take a tea back...I used peppermint first round and plain old lipton second....I pour oral jel, whiskey and valnilla on the teaback, rolled it up and stuck it between my jaw and teeth. At best it stopped the throbbing...can't wait until the drugstore opens in the morning to pick up the antibiotics that should do the trick....since the bottom line is an infection I am sure. For nowthe tea bag is a miracle worker.

Charlie Spleen

If you are reading this, my heart goes out to because I'm in incredible pain too. I'm putting in my two cents for anybody in my situation. Young man, no money, cupboards dont have any of the items you most often read about here, being a young bachelor I dont often find a use for vanilla extract clove oil. But what I DO have is tooth paste, and rubbing some on the problem DID being some minor relief. Now I'm still in a fair amount of pain, but 10 minutes ago I was clutching my head, rolling on the floor, trying not cry. I would also like to say that I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THE SALT WATER METHOD. That was one of, if not THE most intense pain I've ever felt. Whoever came up with that has probably shaken a baby or two....good luck, feel better.

Yvey 111

Vanila extract I have been suffering since friday with severe pain on my bottom lower right.It's now monday night late. Due to a tooth snapping in half and the root left in with the remainder of filling bits sticking up i have now developed an absess and deep infection. Dentist are harder to get hold of on the weekend and to find out my dentist is away for two weeks i was left with little comfort. Apart from affording it. I was prepared to get a tweezers and try and dig it out The pain being off the rickter scale feels like I have all my bottom teeth on the right hand side infected. I now have antibotics but reduced to tears with an eardrum and lower face that feels like it's going to blow off I googled in desperation. I find often people who are experiencing the pain have solutions and this site is amazing thank you. The Vanilla extract immediately calm it down for 10minutes to a five rather than 12 early minutes I know. But, I have had 17 Nurofen plus today. I drinking the peppermint tea and then will place a tea bag on. At least hopefully I will get some sleep I love you all for sharing your stories and advice keep up the good work. Dentist should read this to understand alternative pain relief I will let you know how the rest of my night goes but thank you.

Yvey extremely grateful.

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