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I have an abscessed tooth and cant afford dentist right now. I avoid acidic foods and am careful what I eat. I have trouble falling asleep often. I have to raise my head enough to relieve pressure on the tooth but it works. Mouth wash actually works. For some reason after I rinse the pain slowly goes away for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes just enough to fall asleep. Numb the webbed area between index and thumb with ice, the nerves there affect the face and mouth which helps relieve pain. Oragel makes it worse because its too strong but the mouth sore brand kinda works. Exercise...sounds stupid but works. So when I cant sleep I go for a run, it tires me and working out releases endorphins.

Jim J.

Abscess remedy that worked for me:

1. Floss between teeth to clear a path for the good stuff to do its work.

2. Dip toothbrush in colloidal silver and brush affected area... swish through your teeth and hold for a few minutes before spitting (or swallowing).

3. Apply thin slice of garlic between tooth and gum for about 5 minutes, swishing through your teeth...chew it up as it loses it's zing (Do Not leave raw garlic in your mouth this way when you go to sleep or for a long period of time- It'll eat right through your skin leaving a raw painful area that'll take days to me)

4. Buy some tea tree oil toothpicks (I prefer 'Thursday Plantation' chewing sticks. Chew on them through the day to keep your mouth fresh and clear of bad stuff and swish that around through your teeth occasionally as well.

This simple process knocked out a recurring abscess that I'd had for about a year (keeping it at bay with garlic only) and I haven't needed a dentist.

Of course, if your abscess has progressed too far, you'd be wise to just pony up for the dental visit. Hope this helps someone as it did me.


i just had an abcess and the pain was unbearable so the 2nd night of pain i got a pin and ice pack , i then froze the side the abcess was on and burnt the needle till it was glowin red and it popped and the pain went i then put cocunut oil on a cooker and boiled it for 5 mins and washed round mouthto remove any left over bacteria


I used the warm salt water rinse, cloves, rinse again, and then i cut a clove of garlic in half with a little rock salt and set it right next to the tooth. it didn't relieve all the pain, but I was able to finally sleep! Def worth a try.


Having tooth pain is like the worst thing ever. I tried putting ice chips on the gum of the aching tooth. It will kinda numb the pain for a few minutes. Repeat as needed. Hope this helps in any way.


I read most of the site, and searched for tumeric and cashew, finding neither.

I use tumeric, copper solution (glass vials available in france), raw garlic, and lots of RAW cashew nuts.

Cashews'have a natural antibiotic that reputedly kills all gram positive bacteria. Several times I have done a 24 hour RAW Cashew only diet. Usually it works, though I have recently switched back to lots of raw garlic, as it covers better the gram negative bacteria.

The Copper solution and a ALOE VERA - CRUSHED ASPIRIN - VitaminE - Tumeric treatment for gingivitis. I found a link that said it cured some one back to normal from serious bone exposure gingivitis, with full regrowth of gums.



I just read through this entire thread and went out to a 24 hour CVS and bought: Lipton Ice Tea bags, Sesodyne tooth paste, and 'Red Cross Toothache'. I was in so much pain I had considered going to the ER but then realized how expensive that may be. When I got back into my car after purchasing these things, I immediately put a tea bag in my mouth between my tooth and gum and also over the tooth and gently bit down. This helped only a little bit during the drive back home. When I did get home, I tried the 'Red Cross Toothache' and it the pain is entirely gone. It feels a little like novacaine but different. I'm not sure how long it will last but considering I feel nothing at the moment, it was well worth the 4am drive. The box says to avoid other tissue when you apply it to the tooth. BE CAREFUL. i got some on my skin and it burns a little. Nothing major - just thought you all should know. bed time for me!

Jeff Gordon

#1-CURE NOT REMEDY THIS IS NO JOKE!!! I have read a lot of the remedies,but I didn't read much about cures. I'm only talking about curing the infection and the pain associated with it. The sooner you treat the problem the sooner the pain will subside. Directions:take 3-4 1000mg. garlic pills, or garlic oil jell tabs, the oil seems to work a little better. If you catch it early enough take 3-tabs equaling 3000mgs.three times a day for a total of 9,000mgs. per day. But if the infection is advanced start by taking 4-tabs=4000mg. then reduce to 3-tabs three times a day for a daily total of 10,000mgs.of garlic oil or pills.The infection will be gone in 1-3 days generally.In any case simply repeat until infection is gone. You should notice a significant difference in 2-3 days,if not get to a doctor as soon as possible. Jeff Gordon


Hi guys. Last Saterday, I got my teeth tightened(I have braces) and all my teeth got sore and such after that. So after all that pain went away and I could CHEW food, a few days after THAT, one of my teeth started to hurt.
Like HURT. It felt like it always did when it got sensitive when I breath in cold air around this tooth. This tooth was the only one thats sensitive like this in my mouth. But not it feels sensitive 24/7! Like I'm continuously breathing in cold air around it D:
Lately I would go to sleep and wake up an 1hour later because of the pain and get annoyed by it. It hurts, like in the inside. Using stuff like oralgel made the outside of my gum numb, but I could still feel the pain so I assumed it was withen my root.

Im not sure if it's an abcessed tooth though, it just happened all of the sudden. Maybe it might be my braces. Oh! A few years back, I've also had two fillings done on the same tooth, one of the side(with a bracket RIGHT ON IT) and one on the inside. Oh! And earliar that day, I was drinking juice like no tomorrow(like kool-aid and sunny d). I think that may have been the cause. Nothing is swollon, It only hurts inside the tooth where I cant reach it. Heeelllppppp plleeaaseee D:

I've only used simple 2 minute relieve things D: A few years back, I was suppose to get a root canal(for reasons unknown to me) but they canceled it because of my responses when they were seeing if I needed it. in to make it temp. Like using more pain to make it stop hurting. As in water and swish around infected area, hydro...something...eww okay that taste icky. I didn't taste it at first but...yea eww. if anyone could help me please, it hurts and I'll have to wait a week before I can see my dentist cause I need an overdued checkup >.> and it distracts me from studying .-.


I noticed an abscess starting the other day.I have had one before probably 8 years ago. Both times i've use the same remedy and ITS WORKED EACH TIME.
I feel your pain and know what your going through. Last night was night #2 and the pressure was unbearable.
The next morning i woke up at 630 and went to the local cvs
-green tea bags
-baking soda
take the advil first and put the dry tea bag right on the abscess. it will shrink it considerably in 15 minutes and form a head(white weak spot)
use a little peroxide and clean a pin/needle.. pop the head of the abcsess and push out the puss. --INSTANTLY RELIEVING THE PAIN--

next wet a cotton swab or something similar,(new advil bottle will have one inside) add peroxide and a half teaspoon of baking soda. and place it directly on the abscess. 10 or so minutes later rinse you mouth out with a mixture of table salt/grounded ginger(acts as an antibiotic((don't believe me look it up))/and warm water about 2or3 times a day and it won't even feel like you had one.

it will be completely deflated and NO PAIN! i literally did this hours ago.
Best of luck to you all.

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