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First, thank you all for you insight and experiences. I tried just about every remedy offered throughout the post. My top right molar way at the back is about half rotted. The pain spread throughout the right side of my upper and lower jaw. I tried to pull it pirate style (yes it was pushing my sanity) and immediately regretted the decision. I had some success with the ibuprofen, the tea bag, the warm and cold, toothache gel, and baking soda. The baking soda and tooth gel rank number two. Number one suggestion was Bacardi 151 improvised with stuffed cotton ball and a squirter to absorb and hold it in place. Got a couple pops out of it and remain to see if it's the nerve. I will probably give up eventually and go to the dentist but not right now :). So a strong solution of baking soda rinsed and swished as long as you can stand it followed by the Bacardi cotton ball offers complete relief for now. Thank you all again.


For early onset: Floss teeth. Rub effected area with cottonball and hydrogen peroxide topical solution for at least one minute.

Create a salt solution rinse with 1/4 tsp table salt dissolved in 1oz hot water. Swish salt rinse between effected teeth for 1 minute minimum. Brush normally.

Apply a black tea bag on abscess with moderate pressure. Let tea bag sit for at least 20 min to reduce swelling and sooth gums. Do not rinse or brush.

Use hydrogen peroxide, salt rinse, and tea bag at least every 3-4 hours. Brush after consuming anything besides water. Should clear up in 2-3 days. Ibuprofen can be used for pain and to reduce swelling. If it doesnt, the infection may be too advanced and should be treated by a dentist and antibiotics.


Tea Tree works great. You may also try clove, inexpensive, antiseptic, and numbs incredibly well.


800MG Motrin is the best thing for pain,obviousley you will need a antibiotic to get rid of infection but at times i have taken 1 800mg Motrin and within 25-30 minutes very minimal pain.

john k

if yo havea broken tooth do this
1.)goto walgrens bu dentemp os or the toothache gum.
2.)go gome, brush well, i know it hurts but you need to clean ir out first.
now use a qtip to dry the broken area of the tooth.
3.)here comes the pain, but its worth it in the end.pack your broken tooth with the dentemp os or tooth ache gum
4.)now it really hurts, i know that made it worse at least for now.
5.)use some clove oil and vanilla extact and oragel on your tooth until the nerve stops freaking out, also taking some ibuprofin will help along with excedrin back and body, because its an nsaid.
6.)in an hour or so you will notice you have to put less and less ora gel and clove oil to keep it from hurting.
this is because you filled the hole and the air and suction that were pissing ff your tooth's nerve now cannot.
just remember, dont go eating anything or it will hurt like hell since the dentemp os is now sitting onto of he nerve.but at least its not exposed!
next step call a damn dentist!


I forgot to add that you shouldnt forget to swallow the alachol as the more you drink the less you feel LOL. But Anyhing you can put in there (after making sure the germs are gone ) that resricts the amount of air flow to the tooth should ease the pain in a trumendous amount


I went searching for the alachol, tryed mouthwash and got short relief. The cavity i have is humongous and hurts worse than having a kid. So Theres this new alachol they have i usualy have a little voldka but Its called 99 bananas. it is 99 proof and i dont know what it is butit hurt for a seccond, but all pain is gone and i know its absecced. it tasts lie banana too:) In desperation i also cut off a peice of an old 'wife beater' shirt and soaked it in there and put it in there. now i may sleep and not cry like a baby.


This is sure to alleviate severe infections.

No sugar - this aids cellular respiration and promotes bacterial growth.

Dry brushing - Brush until the gum around the infected tooth bleeds. This can be painful but this is the body's way of draining the infection.

Salt water rinse - Salt causes osmosis in the bacterium and the loss of fluid stops the growth of bacteria and reproduction.

Ice pack - This is the key, keep it cool. This will keep the swelling down and the swelling is what causes the massive pressure against the tooth and the excruciating pain.

And sleep or rest upright - This slows the blood flow and reduces the blood pressure around the tooth and minimises the throbbing sensation.

Hope this can be helpful to someone.


This really really works. Get powdered activated charcoal capsules at any drug store. About $4 a box. They are usually sold in the stomach remedy section.
Split open 2 capsule in a small bowl. Becareful black powder can get everywhere. Add a bit of water until it's like tooth paste. Coat it all over the tooth and gums that hurt. Charcoal will pull out the toxins and bacteria that are making it throb and you'll be able to rest and sleep because the pain goes away. You still need to get to an endodontist though...because the it can't cure the root.


Try oxy continin dissolved in water than use cotton swab and put on teeth. Works great remedy

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